Best resorts in Ranthambore for an amazing vacation

When you take advantage of the world’s most peaceful hotel options, the fun factor of wildlife tours increases. You can go and have pleasure in your trip without worrying about your bags, too. The finest thing is that it provides you with the most enjoyable post-safari entertainment.

In Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, there are several wonderful luxury resorts and hotels that offer first-rate amenities on par with international standards for the most opulent vacations.

First time travelling to Rajasthan? Not to worry. We have your back. We’ll go over how to go to Rajasthan, the best Ranthambore resorts you can find there that fit your budget, and the things you can do there. Even though certain resorts in Ranthambore might have different features, it’s best to check with each one independently before finalising your reservation.



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How do you get to Ranthambore?

By air: The Jaipur International Airport, located in the Sanganer neighbourhood of Jaipur, is the closest airport to Ranthambore Park. There are direct bus and taxi services from the airport to Sawai Madhopur, home of Ranthambore Park.


Rail: The quickest way to go to Ranthambore is via train. The one closest to Ranthambore Park is the one in Sawai Madhopur. The distance between the station and the park is about 11 kilometres, and guests can get there from Sawai Madhopur station by local bus, taxi, or cab.


By road: The highway provides direct access to Ranthambore Park from India’s major cities and towns.

Consider the resorts in Ranthambore

The Baagh Ananta Elite, a 3-Star Hotel in Ranthambore

Best resorts in Ranthambore for an amazing vacation

Price: Rs. 4599 per room, each night

Time to check in: 2:00 PM

Time to leave: 12:00 PM

The Baagh Ananta Elite is a wonderful location for all nature lovers and is near to the verdant Ranthambore National Park. With a sumptuous stay, experience the splendour of Rajasthan’s most popular wildlife adventure area.

There are five different accommodation types with upscale decor and timber furnishings that go well with the resort’s wildlife motif. During your visit, take pleasure in meals on the balcony, see the stunning views of the gardens and lush jungle from your accommodation, and unwind. The National Park offers wildlife safaris where you can view tigers. Take part in a variety of recreational pursuits, including swimming, spa treatments, candlelight meals, and indoor and outdoor games.

For a hassle-free stay, the resort provides all the modern comforts in the rooms and cottages in addition to amenities like parking, shuttles, and in-room dining. The two multi-cuisine restaurants inside the hotel, Oasis and Float, both serve delectable meals.


Safari: Visit the famed jungle safari and have an exhilarating journey while looking for tigers.

Ask for a candlelit meal for your loved ones if you want a romantic evening.

Important things

Safari to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve to discover more about the tigers and other species that live there

A dinner on an oasis boat

How to contact

The Baagh Ananta Elite is not far from the Ranthambore National Park.

Sawai Madhopur, which is 11 km away and can be reached in about 5 minutes by vehicle or cab, is the closest railroad station.

The closest airport is 178 kilometres away and can be reached there in around 3 hours by auto or cab from the Jaipur International Airport.



Ranthambore’s Nahargarh Resort

Best resorts in Ranthambore for an amazing vacation

4-Star Inn

Price: Rs. 19,900 per room, each night

Arrival Time: 2:00 PM

Check-out time is noon.

This resort in Ranthambore is in awe of the amazing animals in the vicinity. The wildlife of Ranthambore is well-known, especially the tigers that live there! The tiger reserve in Sawai Madhopur is not far from this lovely resort.

A regal, opulent lifestyle filled with luxury, comfort, and decadence is available at Nahargarh.

Nahargarh’s interiors and architecture are absolutely alluring and enchanting because to its careful consideration of the intricately detailed historical recollections of Rajasthan. Nahargarh Ranthambhore offers swimming pools, a variety of activities, and many more amenities! Your happiness and fulfilment are guaranteed to be fully met by Nahargarh at the end of your visit!



Amphitheatre: There is little doubt that the freshly constructed, spacious, and elegantly designed amphitheatre is a lure.

You can revitalise and rekindle your soul at the Tattva spa by taking advantage of its wide range of couples spa services.

Wildlife safari: Travel on a safari to experience the magnificent and wonderful world of the wild.

Visit Ranthambore Fort to discover more about the past of Indian history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chambal safari: Take a trip on the Chambal river to relax and take in the refreshing breeze. Finding aquatic species in the river is a great idea.

How to contact

Nahargarh can be reached via both public and private transportation.

The bus depot in the city, which is 12.6 kilometres from the Taj Mahal, is the closest stop.

The closest train station, Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, is 7 kilometres away from the property.

The closest airport is in Jaipur, which is around 176 kilometres away.


Vanyavilas Oberoi

Best resorts in Ranthambore for an amazing vacation

Five-Star Hotel

Price: Rs. 82,000 per room, 2 nights

Arrival: 2:00 PM

Check out is at noon

Travelers seeking a peaceful getaway near the limits of the Ranthambore National Park have long turned to The Oberoi Vanyavilas, a boutique resort in Sawai Madhopur hidden away in the centre of nature. The alluring Aravalli mountain ranges provide as the resort’s fascinating backdrop, and it is surrounded by rich flora.

Take advantage of the lavish tent accommodations brought to you by the imperial families’ lavish caravans. The tents are equipped with the best amenities and offer breathtaking views of Ranthambore. You may cool yourself while swimming amidst the flora in the hotel’s outdoor pool.

This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor eating, and the opulent spread will quench your appetite.



  • Jeep safari: Prepare to feel the true excitement as a tiger crosses your path. Explore the breathtaking views of the Ranthambore reserve sanctuary. This service carries an additional cost.
  • While bird watching, explore the many distinct habitats of birds in Ranthambore’s famed topography. It’s possible that this service won’t be offered or may cost more.
  • Experience the excitement of hot air ballooning in Ranthambore’s pristine skies to satisfy your sense of adventure. Enjoy the spectacular view from above to revitalise your senses. There might be an extra charge for this service.
  • Handicrafts: Look into local markets and crafts manufactured by women. Women from a community close to Sawai Madhopur handcraft beautiful objects.

How to contact

The resort is located 4 km from the city centre and is easily reachable by both private and public transportation.

  • The closest railroad station is located 3.9 kilometres away in Sawai Madhopur. From the major cities, trains are accessible.
  • With flights from all the main cities, Jaipur International Airport is the closest airport and is located 105 kilometres away.


3-Star Hotel Tree of Life Kipling Jungle Lounge

Price: Rs. 14,000 per room, 2 nights

Arrival: 2:00 PM

Check out :12 pm

Infinite Tree of Life Near Ranthambore lies one of the most beautiful national parks in all of India. When you first arrive at the resort, the stunning colonial-era decor will attract your attention. Every characteristic present there will be gently reflected in this decor. Due to the property’s proximity to a variety of diverse and rich flora, fauna, and wildlife, you can have a lovely time there.

The Unending Tree of Life Ranthambore’s architecture, nicely furnished interiors, manicured lawns, and quaint library bar evoke memories of a bygone period. The lavish and spacious suites offer secluded, romantic settings that make the journey unforgettable.


  • Wildlife safaris: Enjoy the fun safari and satisfy your desire to learn more about the wildlife and the environments in which the animals live.
  • Nature walk: Take a wander around the property to take in the beautiful environment.
  • Indoor and outdoor activities are available at the resort. Take advantage of them with your loved ones.

How to contact

The closest city, Sawai Madhopur, is only a short drive from the resort, which is situated on Ranthambore Road. It is easy to travel there using either public or private transportation.

  • Sawai Madhopur Junction, the closest train station to the resort, is 6.5 kilometres distant. Here, many trains halt.
  • The Jaipur International Airport, which is 174 kilometres distant, is the closest airport. However, there are several connections between this airport and other airports.


Resort in Sher Garh, Ranthambore

Best resorts in Ranthambore for an amazing vacation

Three-Star Inn

Price: Rs. 5000 per room, 2 nights

One of India’s most well-known tiger reserves, the Ranthambore National Park, is claimed to have a doorway in the Sher Garh Resort Ranthambore. The four-hectare property offers unobstructed views of the jungle and is surrounded by beautifully maintained grounds.

The hotel provides inviting rooms and lounge areas as well as a conference room for events and business meetings. The Sher Garh Resort is an inspiration for excessive excess and traditions of excellence, yet it tempers these with contemporary ingenuity. Additionally, it pays great attention to the meals provided to guests. You can also take some time to partake in numerous cultural activities unique to Rajasthan or embark on a jungle safari.


  • Visit the Jungle Safari in the Ranthambore National Park to observe animals such as lions, leopards, deer, barasinghas, nilgai, and crocodiles.
  • To pass the time with your loved ones, participate in one of the various indoor-outdoor games offered at the resort.
  • Cultural Activities: To improve your evening and better enable you to comprehend and appreciate Rajasthani tradition, the resort offers a wide variety of cultural activities.

Important things

  • Take pleasure in the one-of-a-kind crafts and artwork produced by rural women who are working under the wonderful concept of Village Women’s Craft.
  • For a taste you won’t soon forget, treat yourself to some of the finest Rajasthani food, such as dal bati churma, ker sangri, and mawa kachori.

How to contact

The Sher Garh Resort Ranthambore is near to the Ranthambore safari entry point. You can get there using both public and private transportation.

The closest bus stop, Rajasthan Roadways Bus Stand in Sawai Madhopur, is 11 kilometres away from Sher Garh Resort. There are numerous bus connections to this stop from adjacent cities.

The distance between the resort and Ranthambore Railway Station, where various trains stop, is 7.5 kilometres.

The Jaipur International Airport, which is the closest airport, is 180 kilometres away. There are various connections between this airport and other airports.


3-Star Rajbagh Jungle Resort Hotel

Cost: Rs. 7600/room, 2 nights

The Rajbagh Jungle Resort in Ranthambore offers all modern conveniences while being surrounded by nature and the Aravali Mountains’ foothills. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while seeing some wildlife. You’ll be enthralled by the neighbouring tourist attractions Ranthambore National Reserve Gate, Ranthambore Fort, Surwal Lake, Kachida Valley, and a village where you can see how the residents live simply.

It offers large, roomy gardens and grassy, undeveloped places. Sleep under a starry sky while experiencing a rainforest setting. The resort has upgraded the ways in which it cleans, sanitises, and handles food. The traditional restaurant at the hotel gives the perfect ambiance for patrons to enjoy scrumptious fare.


  • Campfire: Cherish the priceless moments of life spent around a bonfire with your loved ones as you take in the magnificent night sky. There can be an extra fee associated with this.
  • Go on a jungle excursion for an extra cost to discover the area’s unique flora and fauna.
  • Nature walk: You can explore the urban wilderness while being joined by chirping birds on a nature walk.
  • For an additional cost, boating is an option that will enable you to see the numerous elusive aquatic creatures.

How to contact

The distance to Ranthambore from the resort is 11.9 kilometres. There is no need to be concerned because it is simple to visit the location using either public or private transportation. From major cities, trains and aircraft can be used to travel to this location.

  • The closest train station, Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, is 10 kilometres away from the resort.
  • The resort is located 145 kilometres from Jaipur International Airport, which is the closest airport.


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