France Tourist Destinations

France draws tourists from all over the world because of its affluent heritage, delectable cuisine, royal palaces, & breathtaking scenery. A France has remained the top tourist destination in the world for more than 20 years, with 82 million foreign tourists on average each year. France draws tourists from all over the world because of its affluent heritage, delectable cuisine, royal palaces, & breathtaking scenery.

When people think of France, the capital city of Paris is frequently the first location that springs to mind. There is a lot more to see in the country, despite the fact that the capital city is a gorgeous metropolis with regal structures and recognizable icons like the Eiffel Tower.

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There are several ways to go to this lovely city, some of them are include here for your convenience.

By air: The various cities of France are connected to one another and the rest of the world by the country’s numerous domestic airports. The most well-known airline that can make such trips conceivable is Air France, but you might find a few more options that are easier on your wallet.

By train: From Paris, there are trains that travel across Europe to a variety of locations. Eurostar is one of these service providers, providing links between London and Paris as well as Brussels.

By road: You can travel throughout France from any country that borders it. Any of France’s neighbours could be use as a starting point for a tour inside of France.

Nevertheless, since there are so many locations to see and do in France, choosing where to go could be difficult. Here are a few of our top picks to help you focus your travel wish list.


Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, which lies in the heart of Paris, symbolizes the city’s historical and cultural sophistication and adds to the vibrant and alluring ambiance of the city. If you want to make the most of your trip, you must see Paris’ stunning Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was built from 18,000 separate pieces of iron, earning it the nickname “Iron Lady.”

France tourist destinations

One is treated to a beautiful view of the Parisian metropolis from the tower’s highest point, with the city’s skyline in the distance. You will be in amazement once more as the sun begins to drop by the breathtaking sight of the Eiffel Tower, which will be illuminated by a large number of lamps. Without a question, the tower is a marvel of structural engineering, and visiting it will be a memorable experience for the rest of one’s life.

The Paris Airport, which is easily accessed by vehicle, is situated around 31.5 kilometres from the Eiffel Tower. You’ll have quick access to the normal bus services after an hour of waiting. On the way there, the bus ride should take around an hour.


Louvre Museum

On the side of the fortification Philip Augustus constructed in the 12th century is where you can find the renowned Louvre Museum. One of the most visited museums in the world, its collection includes items from prehistoric civilizations until the middle of the 19th century.

France tourist destinations

On the banks of the River Seine in the city of Paris, the imposing castle and art gallery are adorned in a baroque manner. It is widely regarded as one of the most important tourist destinations throughout Europe, not only in France. The collection at the Louvre includes a wide range of items, some of which are list below: Egyptian antiquities, Greek and Roman sculptures, the French royal jewels, old master paintings, and artefacts once owned by French nobility. From the sixth century B.C. through the eighteenth century A.D., the collection is present. The museum often organizes exhibitions featuring more than 35,000 unique pieces.

The fastest method to get to the Louvre Museum from anywhere in Paris is to drive or take a cab. The museum’s entrance price, if you live close enough to it, is around 20 euros, as well as the trip there will take you around 10 minutes. For a set fee, you may rent a bike in Paris for a day trip or a week, and then explore the city at your own pace.


Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris stands out for its magnificent design and desirable location. For decades, the 70-meter-tall Notre Dame Cathedral has been one of Paris’s most significant and revered buildings. The cathedral is revered as a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture, and visitors who throng to its breathtaking grounds are right to think so.

It continues to be regarded as one of Paris’ most recognizable mediaeval landmarks. The Notre Dame Cathedral stands apart from all other historical buildings due to its pioneering mediaeval architecture. Gothic flying buttresses are a modern marvel, and this church is a shining example of its magnificence.

France tourist destinations

This stunning monument took about 200 years to complete, involving the labour of numerous architects, stonemasons, and craftsmen. The foundation stone was place in 1163. The magnificent stained glass windows absorb and filter all of the glorious light that penetrates the cathedral. When the votive lights are lit in the evening, the mystical atmosphere in this place is intensify.

The public has access to the cathedral’s two towers. You must enter through the main doors on the left and afterwards climb 387 stairs to reach the tower. You will be rewarded with an amazing view once you reach the peak.

A quick solution is to ride the train to Notre Dame de Paris. The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris is close to the Metro station St-Michel Notre Dame and Cité. To get to Notre Dame de Paris, you can either get off at the Cité station on the Metro’s Line 4 or the St. Michel Notre Dame station on the RER B or C Train Lines, depending on where you’re coming from.


Palace of Versailles

Outside of Paris, there is a lavish building known as the Palace of Versailles that was formerly a royal residence. The Palace of Versailles is located around 10 kilometres from Paris’ central business district. The structure is closely related to Paris’s past since it depicts a particular period during the rise of France to global prominence as a superpower and centre of culture.

This site has major connections to the French Revolution as it was one of the most populous metropolitan areas in France at the time. The Palace of Versailles was primarily use as a hunting lodge when it was first built, and members of the royal family would spend the night there if they couldn’t get back to Paris. More alterations and the acquisition of adjacent property for construction purposes started during Louis XII’s reign.

France tourist destinations

Using a variety of imported building materials and a fusion of many creative characteristics, this castle was construct in a futuristic style. 357 mirrors from Venice were use to create the Palace of Versailles’ reflection-filled passageways and statues and flowering plants were use to adorn the royal park. One of the first examples of European church building was the royal chapel at the Palace of Versailles.

You may get to the Palace of Versailles using any of the city’s metro trains. The RER C line makes it simple to get to this location. Using the local public transport system will also get you to the Palace. The journey to the palace from the centre of Paris should take you about 35 minutes.



Both children and adults will find Disneyland Paris, located in the Marne-la-Vallee district, to be a magical place. Get your picture taken with some of your favourite Disney characters by going to this site. In reality, it’s a magical place where visitors can be enchant by both the setting’s magic and their own feeling of wonder and awe.

The overall area of the paradise is 4,800 acres, and it provides a superb blend of exciting events and enjoyable activities. Due to the enormous number of attractions it offers, as well as the diversity of dining and shopping opportunities, Disneyland Paris constantly ranks as one of the most popular theme parks in Europe.

France tourist destinations

Kids may enjoy a variety of thrilling rides, including modern additions like Buzz Light-year’s Laser Blast as well as older favourite like Big Thunder Mountain & Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups. Adult visitors can ride some attractions like the Temple of Peril and the Indiana Jones-themed Daring Spins. Beyond that, taking a boat ride is a singular experience that is unique to our region.

You can book shuttle transportation services through the official website of Disneyland Paris. All you need to do to take advantage of this feature is make a reservation far in advance—at least two days. Additionally, in order to validate your reservation for this service if you make it online, you must print your e-voucher & bring it with you when you aboard the shuttle.


Arc De Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe, also known as the “Triumphal Arch of the Star,” is sometimes cited as the most well-known structure in Paris, France, and it most certainly doesn’t require any form of display. Long before the Eiffel Tower was complete; it was construct in 1806, thanks to the design work of Jean Chalgrinis.

The First World War Memorial is located below this architectural masterpiece. The initials of all French commanding officers, French victories, as well as motivational patriotic quotes and emotions, are paint on the building’s interior and exterior walls.

France tourist destinations

The Colosseum of Titus in Rome, Italy, served as inspiration for the enormous arch’s structure and style. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a structure that is incredibly recognizable and deserving of appreciation. Its measurements are 45 metres wide, 22 metres deep and 50 metres tall.

The metro stop that is the furthest away from the Arc de Triomphe is Charles de Gaulle Etoile. You can get there by using Metro Lines 1, 2, or 6. The RER’s red line provides further access.

The fame Arc de Triomphe can be reach by car or cab; however this is not the most practical option given that the arch is situate at one of Paris’ busiest intersections. However, if the right protocols and instructions for moving around the arch are follow, a person can approach the arch without leaving the comfort of their car.



There are several attractions in Montmartre, including the imposing Basilica and its bistros and studios for artists. Montmartre, which is one of Paris’s most recognizable neighbourhoods, is perches on a hill in the 18th arrondissement. In contrast to the customary rural setting that drew painters in the 20th & 19th centuries, the site has altered. Montmartre has been depict in both non-fictional and literary works. From here, one can view all of the city’s flashing lights.

The ideal location to discover a wide range of artistic expressions & musical genres is Montmartre. The best thing for visitors to do is to take a stroll through the city and see all of the art galleries, theatres, as well as other cultural venues. For a beautiful view of Paris, climb to the top of Sacre Coeur. The city’s most recognizable landmark as well as a magnificent example of Gothic architecture.

France Tourist Destinations

Visitors that come to the neighbourhood to investigate have a tendency of becoming mesmerized by the breathtaking vistas and orchards of Montmartre. Every traveler, but especially those on a tight budget, should make a point of visiting Montmartre at least once because of the city’s stunning beauty, exciting nightlife, rich artistic heritage, and impressive geological setting.

Renting a car or taking a bike from the airport is the two fastest ways to get to Montmartre. For a cost ranging from 70 to 80 euros, you may reserve a cab directly at CDG. Which will take you to the hill area in around 30 minutes. At the airport’s facilities, you may also hire cars and bicycles from a range of different businesses to use on your own. Costs will go down a little as a result of this.

Buses operated by Air France depart from CDG. Bus transportation from the airport to Montmartre will cost around the same and take about the same amount of time as taking the metro.


Place De La Concorde

A trip to Paris would not be complete without seeing the Place de la Concorde. Place de la Concorde ranks among the busiest parts of central Paris in terms of foot traffic. A few of the well-known Parisian sites that surround Place de la Concorde include the Champs-Elysees to the west as well as the Pont de la Concorde to the south.

The Place de la Concorde has a lengthy past that predates its founding. Ange-Jacques Gabriel, an architect, gave the structure its characteristic octagonal shape in 1755. The location is still refer to as Place Louis XV in honour of Louis XV, the last French king. The buildings in the eastern corner of the region were under the jurisdiction of the French Ministry of the Navy.

France Tourist Destinations

The Place de la Concorde has a long history that goes back before it was established. The building’s distinctive octagonal shape was given to it by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel in 1755. Place Louis XV is still use to refer to the area in honour of Louis XV, the final French king. The French Ministry of the Navy had control over the structures in the area’s easternmost corner.

All of the surrounding suburbs of Paris have direct road access from the Place de la Concorde, a huge public space. The bus routes 20, 73, 72, or 94 can take you to Place de la Concorde from many different locations in the city.



In addition to hosting some of the nation’s most precious cultural and historical attractions. Lyon is well recognize for its silk weaving. A number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as other significant sites in France may be found in Lyon. Which is situated on the banks of the confluence of the Rhône and Saone. Both for business and pleasure, it is the best location in France to spend a vacation.

France Tourist Destinations

In addition, it is frequently refer to as the French gastronomic capital. The attractive restaurants in the city offer the delectable Lyonnese cuisine, which is well known for its culinary delights. These eateries provide dishes that are utterly wonderful and come with perfectly topped sauces. Thanks to Lyon’s innovative urban design and environmentally Conscious Street planning. A traveler to France may have a truly unique experience.

For those arriving by air, Lyon’s Saint-Exupery Airport is the most practical point of entry. The airport is state-of-the-art, and planes from all across Europe land their daily. The airport itself is connect to a railroad station. 25 kilometres to the east of the city of Lyon is where you can find the Lyons Saint-Exupéry Airport.



Marseilles, France’s oldest and largest city is situated in the south of the country. The Mediterranean Sea coast is home to this multicultural and modern port city. Because of its diverse cultures and rich cultural legacy. Marseilles is frequently refer to as the “Capital of Culture” of Europe. The best place to relish in delectable cuisine, tranquil cruises, and distinctive cultural experiences is this city.

France Tourist Destinations

You can embark on a culinary tour, a taxi boat tour of the neighbourhood, a photography trip, a vintage car tour, or even a vintage car ride throughout Marseille. Because there are so many interesting things to do and see in Marseilles, you won’t soon forget your time there.

The closest airport to Marseille is the Marseille Provence Airport, which is also the fifth busiest airport in France. It is located 27 kilometres (km) northwest of Marseille. Although flights fly from all around Europe, 86 aircraft arrive from Paris each day.




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