Lodha Xperia Mall Thane – Food, Fun, and Shopping

Maharashtra’s Thane is a developing city that is advantageously located close to Mumbai’s downtown. As a result, many residents of Mumbai spend their weekends exploring Thane. This City of Lakes is well known for its landscape and buildings. Another notable feature of it is the Lodha Xperia mall.

Right off Kalyan-Shil Road in Palava City is where you’ll find Thane’s Lodha Xperia mall. The mall has a floor area of more than five lakh square feet, so there is a lot to do there. The offered entertainment alternatives can keep visitors entertained for the entire day.

The Lodha Group, the organisation behind the enormous Palava smart city, built the mall. The Lodha Xperia mall is home to PVR, one of the top multiplexes in the nation, along with more than 100 brands and 35 restaurants.


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At the Lodha Xperia Mall Thane, separate and practical parking spaces are offered for automobiles and two-wheelers in the basements. Wheelchairs are accessible on the mall’s property and are available for use. Every day of the week, from 10 AM to 11 PM, the mall is open.

The mall’s free Wi-Fi is also available to visitors. Even if you don’t have anything specific to buy, visiting the Lodha Xperia mall and taking a stroll around is enjoyable. The mall also has ATMs throughout the building, security and assistance on all floors, first aid kits, and digital floor guides to make navigation simple.


Quick Facts about Lodha Xperia Mall

Facts Details
Name Mall Lodha Xperia
Address Next to Lodha World School

Palava, Thane, Kalyan-Shilphata Road, 421204

Developer Lodha Contractors

mall hours

10 AM to 11 PM
Area 5,040,000 square feet
Number of stores 100+
Inside the mall, a multiplex PVR
how many screens there are in the multiplex Six
a place to park parking garage


Possibilities for shopping in the Lodha Xperia mall

The Lodha Xperia mall has more than 100 brands to select from, and by grouping like goods on the same level, shopping there is simple and convenient. Because they are all roomy and well-lit, the shops are simple to browse. View a few of the mall’s brand names for shopping.


  • Utsa
  • W
  • Dependence Trends
  • PeachMode
  • Pantaloons
  • Max
  • Levi’s
  • H&M
  • Mufti
  • Central
  • Cantabil


  • Puma
  • Trends Footwear
  • Speedo
  • Metro
  • Bata

Skincare and Cosmetics

  • The BodyShop
  • ColorBar
  • Revlon

Jewellery and Accessories

  • Baggit
  • VIP
  • Tuan
  • Titan
  • Just Watches
  • LensKart
  • Gangar Eye Nation
  • Enamor

In addition to all of these amenities, the mall offers a sizable hypermarket to its patrons. People can purchase everything at Smart Bazaar, including electronics, clothing, groceries, toys, and household goods.

Options for food and drinks in the Lodha Xperia mall

There are roughly 35 small and large eateries and kiosks in the food court at the Lodha Xperia Mall Thane, as well as a welcoming communal dining area where friends and family may enjoy dining together. View the mall’s selection of foods and drinks here.

  • The Biryani Culture
  • Burger King
  • Downtown China
  • Kailash Parbat
  • Kareem’s
  • King of Rolls and Momos
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Ministry of Eggs
  • Pop Tate’s
  • Tadka Nation
  • Subway
  • Sbarro
  • Taco Bell
  • Urban Tadka

The mall also has cafes and dessert bars in addition to these. The best options are:

  • Starbucks
  • Keventers
  • Mad Over Donuts
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Chaat Café
  • Shahi Durbar
  • The Big Squeeze

The Lodha Xperia mall’s Big Squeeze Entertainment options

The Lodha Xperia Mall Thane offers two entertainment options. These locations are fantastic for having a day out and quality time with loved ones.

PVR Cinemas:   One of the biggest multiplexes in the nation, PVR Cinemas offers fantastic screens and comfy seating. The six screens in this multiplex inside the Lodha Xperia mall include 7.1 Dolby Sound and 4K projection choices. The seats are luxury recliners. There is also an on-site beverage and food station.

Timezone:    Timezone has become one of the most popular entertainment zones in most malls in the country. There are many options to have fun in the place, like slides, ball pits, climbing frames, and more. There are several arcade games and video gaming options available too. The Timezone at Lodha Xperia mall also has a bowling alley. 

How to reach Lodha Xperia Mall Thane

The Lodha Xperia mall in Thane is located at the Kalyan Shil Road, Palava. The Palava City Bus Stop is right opposite the mall and is within walking distance from the mall. Buses 42-EL, 62-EL, 63-AC, 46, and 51 stop here.

The Lodha Xperia mall is 4 kilometres away from the projected Nilje Metro station. However, work is currently being done on this metro station. The closest operational stations to the mall are Sonapur and Thane RTO metro stations, which are both roughly 20 kilometres apart. Right outside the mall, on the Kalyan-Shilphata Road, are connections to the majority of other parts of the city.

Images of Lodha’s Xperia mall

The Lodha Xperia mall is renowned for its architecture in addition to its entertainment attractions. Even if you don’t want to spend money shopping, you can still have a good time inside the mall. Here are a few pictures of the mall.

Lodha Xperia Mall Thane - Food, Fun, and Shopping

Lodha Xperia Mall Thane - Food, Fun, and Shopping

Lodha Xperia Mall Thane - Food, Fun, and Shopping

Lodha Xperia Mall Thane - Food, Fun, and Shopping

Lodha Xperia Mall Thane’s conclusion

One of the most popular hangout spots in Thane and the surrounding areas is the Lodha Xperia mall. This mall offers plenty of parking for both two- and four-wheelers and is big enough to hold thousands of people at once. On holidays and important events, the mall’s shops provide special offers and discounts. For these events, the mall is decorated throughout.


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