Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade Circle Rate

It is essential for anyone seeking to invest here to understand circular rates. Cuffe Parade is the southernmost neighbourhood in Mumbai. One of the most significant residential and commercial districts in South Mumbai, Cuffe Parade is renowned for its sophisticated surroundings. The area is home to corporate offices, five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants, but its array of luxurious residential complexes is what attracts most visitors. Cuffe Parade is easily accessible by Mumbai’s local train system and well-maintained roads.

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For individuals in search of a place to live, nearby areas such as Malabar Hill & Colaba provide a range of options, from luxurious flats to charming bungalows. Cuffe Parade’s residential charm and convenient proximity to business districts and cultural attractions make it a desirable place to live and work.


What is circle rate?

The circle rate, sometimes known as the ready reckoner rate, guideline value, or both, is the minimal worth of a property at which a sale or transfer is record with the government. It is the predetermined price set by the local authority for various kinds of land and dwellings within a specific area. The circle rate is used as a guide when computing stamp duty and registration fees in real estate transactions.

The circle rates are determines by several factors such as the area’s infrastructure, amenities, and general features and are set by municipal revenue departments or other government entities.


How to calculate the circle rate?

Guiding values, sometimes known as circle rates, are the lowest prices set by the government for real estate transactions. These rates are location-specific & vary to determine the minimum value of a property for tax purposes.

To compute circle rates, use these standard operating procedures.


Online Procedures

Check out the Official Website here: Visit the official website of the tax department, municipal corporation, or local government body.

Locate the Property Section: Look for a section on property or real estate on the website. This area might contain information about circular rates.

Search for Circle Rates: Use the website’s search function to find exact information about circle rates. For this reason, certain websites provide a particular database or tool.

Choose Property Information: Enter the property’s details, including its size, kind, and location, if requested by the online tool or database.

View or download circle rate: The webpage provides the circular prices that are applicable to different regions. You may be able to see the price or download it.


Offline steps

Visit the office of local revenue: Proceed to your community’s sub-registrar’s office or local revenue office. Typically, this entity is in charge of property appraisal and registration.

Inquire at the Municipal Corporation: If you can’t find the circle rates at the revenue office, try asking at the municipal corporation or local government office. They might know what the worth of the properties are.

Talk with Officials: Speak with representatives of the revenue or valuation departments to learn more about the circle rates. They must have access to the relevant information.

Examine notice boards: Certain municipal offices may display printed copies or circle rates on bulletin boards. Check these sources to view the latest recent prices.

Consider Real Estate Experts: If you are not finding the information you need, try talking to valuers, real estate agents in your area, or property dealers. As of right moment, they may be aware of the circle rates.


Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade Circle Rate

Average price per square foot (Residential property) Average rent per square foot (Residential property)
Rs.52,301 Rs.100,000


Trends in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, real estate

Cuffe Parade, an upscale neighbourhood in South Mumbai, has seen substantial growth in both residential & commercial real estate. Better amenities, connectivity, and infrastructure have all aided in the area’s development. The developers of Cuffe Parade have deliberately sought to attract buyers by highlighting modern amenities and open spaces, which has contributed to the overall growth of the neighborhood’s real estate market.


Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade: its location and connectivity

One of the best internal connections is found in Cuffe Parade, a sought-after South Mumbai neighbourhood. The vast bus network in the area provides a multitude of efficient travel options. Cuffe Parade’s own railway station on the Mumbai suburban railway’s Central Line offers easy access to the city’s rail system. Additional nearby railway stations at Thane & Nahur enhance overall connection even further. A more integrate road network is made possible by the Eastern Express Highway, which facilitates easier travel to South Mumbai and the other suburbs. The Mulund-Thane Link Road improves accessibility and offers a useful route. Flying by air is simple from the nearby Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, which is around 20 kilometres away. Because of Cuffe Parade’s ideal location, a range of transport options are available for easy access to various parts of Mumbai.


Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade: Commercial properties

South Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade is renown for having a thriving business community. Cuffe Parade is no longer only a famous “computer market,” but a thriving hub for a range of sectors that include technology, banking, and retail. The well-known business complexes in the region, such as Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Marathon Max, and Nirmal Lifestyle Corporate Office, contribute to the vibrant business atmosphere. Cuffe Parade’s attraction is enhance by financial institutions and IT firms, which foster a vibrant business climate. Cuffe Parade is a highly sought-after location for a range of business operations, in addition to its commercial importance. It offers quick access to neighbouring business centres, including Powai, Bhandup, & Thane, all within a 7-kilometer radius.


Cuffe Parade Mumbai: Residential properties

Cuffe Parade is well recognise for its strong business sector, but the residential environment has increases tremendously as well. There are many different housing options in the neighbourhood, which seamlessly combines residential and commercial spaces. The neighbourhoods of Colaba, Malabar Hill, & Fort are included in Cuffe Parade’s residential development.  A growing number of inhabitants are opting for 2 and 3 BHK apartments among the luxurious apartments, single-family homes, & builder floors. Builder floors and independent homes are becoming more and more popular, which is a sign that residential tastes are evolving. A Cuffe Parade is gaining popularity as a place to live and work, in part because of the demand created by professionals working in the surrounding business districts.


Cuffe Parade: Is it Worth Investing?

Cuffe Parade is one of the wealthiest and most exclusive areas in Mumbai, both for residential and commercial use. However, it’s critical to keep in mind that the real estate market is dynamic and susceptible to a variety of external factors. The following are some justifications for why prospective investors may consider funding Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade.

Top Location: Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai is a well-located, upscale suburb. Transportation hubs, major business centres, and entertainment destinations are all conveniently located nearby. Properties near important areas may see an increase in value.

Luxurious Amenities: The neighbourhood is well-known for its lavish homes, five-star hotels, and other amenities. Property values might rise overall as a result of these qualities, which can attract affluent purchasers and tenants.

Seaside Views: Some residences in Cuffe Parade are well-known for their breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea. Waterfront homes are frequently considers premium real estate and might attract buyers looking for an extravagant lifestyle.

Infrastructure Development: Planned or ongoing infrastructure development, such as new roads, improved connectivity, or upgrades to the community’s public amenities, can drive up property values.

High Demand: Due to Cuffe Parade’s reputation and location, anyone looking to invest in premium residences, commercial buildings, and retail stores may do so on a frequent basis.


Factors influencing the cost of real estate in Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade

One of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Mumbai, India, is Cuffe Parade, home to some of the costliest real estate.

Cuffe Parade’s high property values are the result of a number of causes, including:

Location: Cuffe Parade is located in South Mumbai, the city’s main financial and business sector. Cuffe Parade has a prime position that attracts both residential and commercial buildings.

Limited supply: Due to Cuffe Parade’s compact nature, there isn’t much land available for new construction. This scarcity causes property values to soar.

High Requests: Living in Cuffe Parade is preferred by both Indian and foreign residents. High-net-worth individuals and businesses are driving up demand for properties, which is driving up prices.

Infrastructure & Amenities: Cuffe Parade is home to a number of high-end businesses, including restaurants, shops, and lodging facilities. The region has excellent infrastructure in addition to well-kept roads, public transport, and educational facilities.

View of the Sea: Several residences in Cuffe Parade have stunning views of the Arabian Sea. One reason why property price is high is because of this highly desired quality.

Prestige: Cuffe Parade is regarded as one of Mumbai’s most posh neighbourhoods. Owning real estate on Cuffe Parade is a status symbol, so many people are willing to pay more to live there.



The cost of properties in Cuffe Parade is determines by a number of factors, including the general health of the Mumbai economy. A strong economy increases demand for real estate, which could lead to more price increases. Conversely, a weak economy can lead to decreased demand for real estate, which might result in stagnant or even declining prices.



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