Nerul is a residential and commercial node that has almost 50 sectors and above that. Nerul east consists of odd sectors while that of west consists of even sectors. Along with Seawood is densely populated and is the second-largest developed node in Navi Mumbai. Nerul consists of brief segregation on its town planning. It is a linear planned township with grid-like roads.

There are separate places for Institution area, commercial area, religious area, residential area namely LIG, MIG, HIG and Public sector area. Apart from the CIDCO housing board where the water supply is 3-5 hrs per day (morning and evening) all other private housing societies receive 24 hrs of water supply. Again Nerul is also a fully landscaped area with an equal amount of trees and vegetation. Nerul has multi-purpose shopping markets and bazaars that provide all basic needs almost at every junction.

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img: Nerul Queen City of  NAVI MUMBAI

Nerul has become precisely famous due to its presence of DR. D. Y. Patil International Stadium where the sportsman and celebrities are often seen. This keeps the area at highly security check always. Nerul has no high rise structures. The maximum rise can be seen upto  6 to 7 floors only.

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Nerul has good schools and universities as well since these places were much before allotted with a separate institutional land zone.

  1. Apeejay School
  2. Sterling High School
  3. Terna High School
  4. St. Xavier’s High School
  5. MGM High School
  6. SBOA School
  7. Ryan international school
  8. Padm. Dr. D. Y. Patil University
  9. SIES College



Nerul station falls in harbour line and connects directly to CST and Thane stations. Nerul is also one of the terminal points for Thane trains.  Nerul station has got vegetable and fruit markets, multipurpose facility right outside the station. It is a well-developed node. Nerul station houses lots of institutions and small offices above the station complex. There is also bus stops in a huge frequency of bus available that takes you to different part of city.


Nerul has a bus depo within a distance of 300 mts from the station. Auto rickshaws run on meter basis on the east side and both meter and share basis on west side of nerul Navimumbai station. NMMT buses run within the 1 bhk flat for rent in nerul area BEST buses are available only from highways. Nerul Navimumbai has a huge area covering the residential area in the center part and the outer part runs with all heavy vehicles restricting it from entering the residential zone except for school buses and vans. This makes the residential area free from petrol pollution. Since nerul’s development has crossed 30 years and more, the roads are not wider as compared to other areas. 1 bhk flat for rent in nerul they are little congested and narrow at few areas making the driving really slow


New Mumbai Nerul has the most beautiful landscaped park with lush green vegetation named “The Rock Garden”. There are many gardens in Nerul. Navi Mumbai is a land of the temple, there are famous temple namely;

  1. Balaji temple
  2. Kamakshi temple
  3. Hanuman temple
  4. Ayyappa temple
  5. Karthik temple
  6. Shaneshwar temple
  7. Ganesh temple
  8. Krishna temple
  9. Sai baba temple
  10. Mother Mary church, etc.
  11. Jama Masjid (Mosque)


Property rate in Nerul for residential ranges between Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 36,242/- per sq.ft. The average price range is Rs, 19,000/- per sq.ft. Nerul has almost 60 percent of CIDCO housing with types NL-2,  NL-4, NL-5 and NL-6. These CIDCO houses are now going to undergo a redevelopment housing scheme. The petitions are passed and soon expected to go under construction in stage wise. This is going to leave behind Nerul as one of the most costliest real estate area in Navi Mumbai.

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