These Are Mumbai’s Most Luxurious Areas

The bulks of Mumbai’s upscale neighbourhoods are either close to the ocean or have a view of it. These upscale Mumbai neighbourhoods are exclusive and well-liked by locals due to the presence of Bollywood superstars, businessmen, & start-up entrepreneurs who own or rent residences there. Although South Mumbai used to be the most costly part of the city, these days even the suburbs of Juhu & Bandra are regarded as some of the most upscale neighbourhoods in Mumbai because of the high-end developments that are being built there and the growing interest of society’s elite. look at the most recent list of wealthy neighbourhoods in Mumbai.

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Below is a list of Mumbai’s posh neighbourhoods.


One of the most expensive parts of the city is Juhu, which is located in Mumbai’s west suburbs. Celebrities who own villas in Mumbai include Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, & Akshay Kumar. This is rare for a city the size of Mumbai. One of the simplest areas in Mumbai to measure, the neighbourhood includes a few notable land holdings in addition to a variety of low-rise structures with autonomous builder floor selections.

The glam factor of these places depends on a variety of elements. Infrastructure and opulent facilities are available in various locations, whether they are close to or far from the beach. Mumbai’s posh neighbourhoods rank among the wealthiest in the city. If you’re a tourist in Mumbai, you should go to these locations to look for your destination amid the bustling city life.


Sea Face, Worli

One of the best areas to measure in Mumbai is Worli, which has high-rise structures and several upscale housing complexes and is home to many celebrities. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli, and others have bought homes nearby for private usage. High-rise buildings in Worli offer breathtaking views of the Race Course, the Arabian Sea, and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. It is one of the easiest neighbourhoods in Mumbai for office workers because of the variety of economic institutions there, including retail malls, restaurants, and nightclubs.



South Mumbai’s Altamount Road, where Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, also resides, is a crucial thoroughfare that links the region’s major business hubs. Apart from Ambani’s property, Antilla, the most expensive private residence in India, Tardeo, a wealthy district of Mumbai, is home to numerous business facilities, including hospitals and schools. It is one of the most costly areas to measure in the city because there aren’t many residential options in this upscale part of Mumbai.



On the northern borders of Powai sits the affluent Hiranandani Complex. The township may serve as a paradigm for how a community might improve a failing suburb’s appearance. This has also been refer to as Mumbai’s most effective measuring area because of the financial progress it has helped the city experience. This area is filled with posh apartment buildings, designer shops, expansive gardens, reputable restaurants, and schools of the highest calibre.


Palli hill, Bandra

This upscale neighbourhood, name after the indigenous Pali settlement of Bandra, is ready a step above the other suburbs and really lives up to its reputation as one of Mumbai’s wealthy neighbourhoods. You can always spot a famous person riding or jogging up the sometimes-dangerous acclivity as you descend its winding slopes. Due to its mix of contemporary structures, traditional bungalows, and some of Mumbai’s most renown eateries, this area is very well-like. Because it is a market area with easy access to everything, Pali Hills is also the best location to measure in Mumbai.


Breach Candy

One of the most expensive neighbourhoods in South Mumbai is Breach Candy, a beachfront community. Renowned for being home to Mumbai’s only club with a saltwater pool, the Breach Candy Club! Another notable building in the neighbourhood and one of the well-regarded businesses there is The Breach Candy Hospital. Additionally, it has a number of vendors offering well-known street food. Several of Mumbai’s most famous schools and colleges are also located in Breach Candy. The Mahalaxmi Temple, which was constructed in the 18th century, honours the Hindu goddess of wealth and learning. It is a well-known temple in Mumbai that receives a large number of visitors and devotees each year.



Versova may be an upscale territorial dominion on the suburbs of Mumbai. Two of the most well-known characteristics of the town are the Versova Fort and the beach. The beach in Versova just underwent what has been labeled the largest beach clean-up in history. Like Andheri, Versova may be a residential neighbourhood where many sitcom actors and other celebrities call home. It is also easily accessible to Juhu and the central neighbourhood of Ghatkopar by the Mumbai Metro. The Versova beach is a fantastic area to work out in the evening while still seeing the neighborhood’s beauty.


Malabar Hill

Malabar Hill, with the majority of its residents being billionaires or millionaires, is not just Mumbai’s most affluent neighbourhood but also India’s most prestigious residential address. The hilltop area has a few iconic residences priced at Rs 300 crores and more in addition to opulent condos and penthouses. Mumbai’s southernmost point is home to Malabar Hill, which offers a three-sided view of the Arabian Sea. This area of Mumbai is notable for Hanging Gardens. A hillside park with hedges that have been carve into animal shapes. It is also frequently Mumbai’s priciest neighbourhood.


Cuff Parade

On the southernmost point of the city, next to Nariman Point, is the Central City area of Mumbai, which includes Cuffe Parade as one of its components. This upscale Mumbai neighbourhood. Where property values have reached outrageous heights, was develop by reclaiming 75,000 square metres of land on the western shore of Colaba. The opulent Mumbai region is next to the cantonment area. Which has restrict the height of high-rise buildings in Cuffe Parade, losing some attractiveness to Worli and Prabhadevi. This area is home to a number of five-star hotels.



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