Top 15 Tourist Destinations and Activities To Do In Chennai

The state capital and important commercial centre of Tamil Nadu is Chennai, which is conveniently close to the ocean. It is a well-known tourist destination in India and is home to several attractions for tourists and adventure seekers. There are plenty of attractions in Chennai for tourists to enjoy. You can use this list of tourist attractions in Chennai to help you create the perfect itinerary. With the exception of the summer, when it gets hotter, you can visit Chennai throughout the most of the year.

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Famous tourist attractions and activities in Chennai

The first place to go in Chennai is Marina Beach.

One of Chennai’s most well-known attractions and a must-see for travellers is Marina Beach. The shoreline is lined with parks and stores and stretches from Fort St. George to Foreshore Estate. You can stroll the beach and take in its breathtaking sunsets. Additionally, there are numerous snack stands on the beach where tourists can get Pani Puris and fritters. The different rides that are offer on the beach are also enjoyable for kids.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


Chennai Museum is the second popular tourist destination in the city.

A well-known museum that welcomes visitors is the Chennai Central Museum in Egmore. The second-oldest museum in India, the museum was founded in 1851. The museum is well-known for its collection of antique bronze idols and Roman artefacts. The exhibitions of ancient sculptures date as far back as 1000 BCE.

It is one of the best sites to visit in Chennai to study the artefacts, paintings, sculptures, and antiques that grace its walls. You can take a tour of the building and the galleries. Additionally, there is a gift and souvenir shop on the property that offers these things. You can shop here and buy gifts for your friends and family as a memento of your trip to Tamil Nadu.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


The third spot to go in Chennai is Breezy Beach.

One of the top attractions in Chennai is Breezy Beach, which is located in Valmiki Nagar. One of the top tourist destinations in Chennai is this tranquil beach. Photographers who want to capture beautiful images of the sea & its shore congregate here. You can visit this relatively empty location to take in the sunrise or rest after a demanding day. There are many hotels and resorts close by. Even if you live far away, you can still travel there via public transportation. To bring some mementos home for you, be sure to shoot some beautiful pictures at the tourist attraction.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the fourth place to visit in Chennai.

The Vandalur Zoo, also known as Arignar Anna Zoological Park (acronym AAZP), is situate in Vandalur, Chennai. It is only 31 kilometres from Chennai Central and a short trip from the major metropolis. The zoo was established in 1855 & was India’s first public zoo. The zoo, which is spread out across 1,490 acres, is home to numerous plants and animals. The Park is home to a wide range of mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds. There is a little entrance fee. Additionally, it is Chennai’s second-largest national park. Families with children who enjoy observing and learning about the zoo’s animals will find this to be the best spot to visit in Chennai.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


Valluvar Kottam is a well-known location in Chennai.

A large memorial honoring the traditional Tamil poet Valluvar is called Valluvar Kottam. This famous building serves as a cultural hub for Tamil Nadu and is accessible to all visitors. It was built in the 20th century is situated where the Village Road and Kodambakkam High Road meet in Chennai’s Nungambakkam neighbourhood. The towering, 39-meter-high stone automobile in this location is a visual treat and a fine example of Indian architecture.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


6th place to visit in Chennai: Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple.

Besant Nagar is where the Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple is situated in Chennai. The Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and abundance, is honor in this temple. The temple was built in the latter half of the 20th century, making it rather recent. The temple is available to visitors and followers, who are welcome to hold pujas there if they so choose. You can go to the temple to worship there or just to admire the architecture. The distance to Elliot’s Beach is short, making it accessible. You can make it a quick excursion and take in Besant Nagar’s serene atmosphere.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


7th location to visit in Chennai: Elliott’s Beach

A charming beach locate near Besant Nagar, just outside the main city, is known as Elliott’s Beach. Since it is quieter and less crowded than Marina Beach, this beach is very different from that one. People who wish to avoid crowds & do not like to go a great distance across the sand to reach the ocean will love the quiet, little beach. Public and private transportation are reasonably price options for getting to the beach. You can take a quick lunch to the beach and enjoy the calm and quiet of the evening and the setting sun. If you stay nearby at one of the hotels, you can even take a quick stroll to the beach in the morning to see the sunrise and experience the cooling sea wind.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


An 8th tourist attraction close to Chennai is VGP Golden Beach.

Only a short drive separates the main city from the Golden Beach. A resort sits right next to the beach, inviting visitors to stay and enjoy the entertainment. There are several rides and arcades on the property that can be use for an additional fee. Golden Beach can be visit as a day excursion where you can spend the day having fun with your family and unwinding on the beach at night. The VGP Golden Beach is unquestionably one of Chennai’s top locations, and both kids and adults will love it.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


Chennai’s ninth-highest attraction is the St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica.

Christians frequently visit Chennai’s St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica and Santhome Cathedral. Built in 72 AD, the Basilica is thought to be St. Thomas’ final resting place. The Portuguese or the British altered the ancient Church and increased its space to create the Basilica’s current neo-gothic edifice.

Hundreds of visitors flock to the basilica to pay their respects at the shrine. The Basilica is beautifully construct, with stained glass windows and chandeliers. You can go to the St. Thomas museum to look at the saint’s relics and to pray in the chapel that is hidden inside.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


10th tourist attraction in Chennai: Thousand Lights Mosque

Umdat ul-Umara built the Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai in the 19th century. The Mosque, which stands in Anna Salai, is a place of worship for Muslims and showcases Mughal architecture in India. The Mosque can be visit to take in its beauty and discover its historical significance. It is ideally situate inside the city and is reachable by road with ease. From anywhere in Chennai, you can choose a private vehicle and take a local auto to get there quickly.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


The eleventh attraction in Chennai is the Kapaleeswarar Temple.

One of the best places to visit in Chennai is the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore. The Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati are honoured at the Kapaleeswarar Temple. For Shaivites and Hindu pilgrims, the temple is a vital place of worship. The temple, which was build in the seventh century and features god and demon sculptures, is an outstanding example of Dravidian architecture.

The temple, a significant spiritual location in Chennai, holds many pujas that worshippers are welcome to attend. You can spend some time in the tranquil grounds of the temple as part of your trip to Chennai.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


Arulmigu Marundeeswarar Temple is the twelveth place to visit in Chennai.

Another Hindu religious site is Chennai’s Arulmigu Marundeeswarar Temple. Shiva worshippers known as Shaivites are well-known for visiting this temple. The exterior of the temple is stunning, and the interior is keep immaculately clean. Texts from the sixth century have meaning for the temple. A shrine to Rishi Valmiki, the author of the epic Ramayana, is also located on the temple grounds. You can tour the temple’s historic architecture, much of which was renovate using Chola Empire architectural practices.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


13th of the nearby tourist attractions is Kolli Hills.

Only a short drive separates Kolli Hills from Chennai. This location is one of the best tourist attractions nearby Chennai for people wishing to spend some time in the hills. The resort village, which features one of Tamil Nadu’s most scenic roads, should be at the top of your list of things to visit while in Chennai. The hill station, which is part of the Tiruchirapalli district, provides stunning views of the Eastern Ghats & the lush surroundings. You have a choice of staying in neighbouring hotels or visiting the village as part of a day excursion. Additionally, you can combine it with other nearby tourist attractions.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


14th tourist place to visit Chennai is shopping.

We suggest you to go shopping while you’re in Chennai. Chennai offers some fantastic markets and malls with a variety of stores selling branded and locally made handcrafted things. Top South Indian and Western brands are available for purchase at establishments like Express Avenue Mall, Forum Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, etc. For certain traditional South Indian goods like pattu sarees, Kanjivarams, kemp jewellery, gold jewellery, home décor, etc., one can visit the neighbourhood markets. You can also browse the market close to the Kapaleeswarar Temple and purchase some genuine jewellery and handicrafts there.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai


15th tourist attractions in Chennai: Local cuisine

Your vacation to Chennai should include a priority stop at a local restaurant in the south of India. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available in South Indian cuisine. Chennai is teeming with restaurants and food stands providing mouthwatering cuisines. When visiting Chennai, you must eat the seafood and seaside delicacies. For a full supper, visit one of Chennai’s premier restaurants or indulge in the fried treats from the street vendors along Marina beach. The Flying Elephant, Dakshin, The Waterfall Restaurant, Annalakshmi Restaurant, and Avartana are a few well-known restaurants.

Top 15 tourist destinations and activities to do in Chennai








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