Trekking Locations Near Mumbai

One of India’s most well-known cities is Mumbai. For the majority of individuals, travelling to Mumbai would be nearly like living a dream. There is little hope of discovering wilderness inside the confines of Mumbai, a highly built and renowned metropolis. However, if you are ready to venture a little bit, you will discover a number of amazing natural locations that are guaranteed to astound your mind and soothe your spirit. Nowadays, trekking is a very common activity that lots of people do to experience adventure, thrill, & serenity all at once. Therefore, if you enjoy trekking and are seeking for “trekking spots near me” in Mumbai, keep reading to learn about 10 interesting trekking locations close to Mumbai.

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Let’s look at how to get to Mumbai first, and then you can look at the trekking locations.

By Air:

From any location in India, you can fly domestically or internationally to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. The airport has two terminals, and the distance between the domestic and international airports is around 4.5 kilometres.

By road:

National highways & expressways connect Mumbai to other adjacent cities as well as other cities. The most cost-effective way to go to Mumbai would be by bus as opposed to the other two options. To get to the Mumbai Bus Terminal, which is in the heart of the city, you can use both public and private buses. You can also drive yourself or rent a car to the city, which are what most residents of the surrounding cities of Pune and Goa do.

By Train:

The main railway station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, is where you must go to travel to Mumbai by train. All of the major cities are well-connected to this station, which also connects tourists to local trains that make city commuting easier. You might go to Mumbai on the Mumbai Rajdhani, Konkan Kanya Express, or Mumbai Duronto, among other significant trains.


10 Exciting Trekking Locations near Mumbai

Trail to Kanheri Caves

Over 100 Hindu & Buddhist caves make up the historic Kanheri Caves, which are about 26 kilometres from Mumbai. There is a lot for you to experience & discover on this trek, one of the most well-liked hiking trails nearby Mumbai. The Kanheri Caves trek’s biggest feature is how simple it is to complete; even beginners can do it. The hike itself passes through a picturesque forest with a diverse range of flora and animals, and the caves of Kanheri are full of fascinating old history. This is the one where you should begin your experiences if you want to try trekking.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Yeoor Hills

Trekking the Yeoor hills will change your life if you want to step back for a second and simply look at the wider picture. These hills are in the Borivali neighbourhood of Mumbai, and adventurers love to walk through them. The view from the top of the hill is worth the trip, and both the ascent and descent are simple and suitable for beginners. You get to enjoy a stunning view of Thane’s urban environment, which is quite similar to San Francisco’s urban environment. Overall, it’s a fantastic journey and trek full of thrilling experiences that you will adore.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail of Shilonda

In contrast to the majority of the other routes you will see listed in this post, trekking the Shilonda path is a singular experience. Within Sanjay Gandhi National Park, there existed a tribal community known as the Shilonda trail. Before arriving at the apex, which is the farthest point in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park that can be reached by humans, the trip takes you through a variety of forests, from sparse to dense. This walk has a lot to offer adventurers because it is so long and involves climbing stairs, crossing streams, and traversing forests. However, because of how far this hike is, you should start getting ready right away if you haven’t done much long-distance walking before.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail of Chinchoti

For hikers, the Chinchoti Trail is an excellent training ground. Each of the several routes you might take to hike this trail has a distinct degree of difficulty. So, using various times and ways to traverse this same trail will allow you to develop your skills. Because there are so many challenges to overcome before you get there, this journey is incredibly gratifying. The hike’s destination includes a lovely waterfall as well as a pond where swimming is safe. So, after your hike, you can take it easy there before heading home.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Peb Trail

The Peb Trail Trek will change your life if you enjoy spectacular hikes that lead you to breathtaking locations with breathtaking natural beauty. The Peb trail, which is only about 50 kilometres from Mumbai, offers a variety of really daring activities. A small settlement would be the starting point of your journey into the forest and a few caverns. You must next cross into the Peb fort, an old fort where you can put an end to your journey. However, if you’re ready for a little more adventure, you may go up to the panoramic point, which is a trip of average effort, and enjoy the spellbinding vistas that are hard to find anywhere.    

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail of Tungareshwar

Because you can choose to cycle on the Tungareshwar trail instead of just walking up to the destination, this trail is unique. This widens the audience for the experience. You can choose between three endpoints on this walk, depending on your preferences. Just 4 kilometres from the beginning point is the Lord Shiva temple of Tungareshwar, where you can first pause. From there, you can carry on for another 3 miles to the Balayogi Ashram. You can ascend to the Vajreshwari springs, which provide breathtaking vistas along the way, if you’re up for a very arduous journey. The distance from Mumbai to this trail is 59 kilometres.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail to Garbett Point

The Garbett Point walk, which is about 70 kilometres from Mumbai, is among the most rewarding & difficult hikes you can undertake nearby. This 6-hour hike has a variety of difficulties, including steep slopes, constrained rocky sections, and streams. It becomes more challenging during the monsoon since the stream needs ropes to cross because the rains make it fairly forceful. You can choose to stop at the Garbett point or continue on to the Matheran, which is located 5 kilometres higher than the Garbett point. Overall, this journey is not recommended for beginners and will require some skill on your part to properly complete.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail to Kune Waterfalls

The proximity of the Kune Waterfalls walk to Khandala Railway Station—just two kilometres away—is its best feature. You should be aware that you won’t be hiking on this trail near the Kune waterfalls itself. You will climb a hill from which you can see the waterfalls well. This hike will enable you to experience & enjoy the greatest view imaginable of the Kune waterfalls, which are highly well-liked. The major difficulty in this hike is navigation, hence it is recommended that you go with a group or hire a guide to secure your safety.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail to Korigad Fort

The Korigad fort trail is an amazing hike that is both long and challenging but simple to complete, as the name says. The Korigad fort path, just over 100 kilometres from Mumbai, offers breathtaking natural scenery. The hike is easy because all you have to do is climb steps and follow a mud road. However, during the rainy season, it becomes more challenging, so if you plan to go during that time, make sure you are ready to trek through mud and on slippery steps.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai


Trail to Rajmachi Fort

With this expedition, you can decide on the level of difficulty you want to experience. You can choose to take the basic route, which would lead to an easy-to-follow, navigable path. Or, if you like to take the difficult route, you can travel through caves and other difficulties in order to get at your desired location, the ancient Rajmachi fort. From the top of the hill, you can take in stunning panoramic vistas in addition to the beauty of this fort. You can return numerous times to explore all of the various routes thanks to the trek’s varied degree of difficulty.

Trekking Locations near Mumbai




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