10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Independence Day Decoration: Every Indian looks forward to August. With India’s Independence Day approaching, the tricolour appears a little brighter. It is the most visible representation of our national pride and patriotism. Without the “tiranga,” no Independence Day display is complete.

Independence Day isn’t usually connect with getting together with friends. Celebrations are frequently held on a communal site where everyone may gather to see the flag being hoisted, wish each other, and revel in our nation’s pride. That being said, why not continue the celebrations at home with these Independence Day decoration ideas?


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10 Homemade Independence Day Decoration Ideas

Here are some patriotic Independence Day décor ideas for your house.


1. Decoration for Independence Day using the National Flower

Our national flower is the beautiful lotus. Although it grows in murky waters, the flowering flower is beautiful and fragrant. Bring home a couple lotus flowers this Independence Day and arrange them in a urli filled with water. This may be placed anyplace in the house, such as on a tabletop, by the entry, or in the living room. Fresh lotus flowers should remain for two to three days. At home, this is one of the most popular Independence Day décor ideas.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


2. Lovely cushions Independence Day décor

Changing pillows is the trick to changing the aesthetic of a space, according to every interior designer. This is most likely one of the easiest Independence Day decorations you can make at home. Bring in pillow covers in orange, white, and green to match the colours of the national flag. To bring your living space to life, combine solid and patterned cushion coverings.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


3. Decoration for Independence Day with Flower Arrangements

Flowers are an essential component of any celebratory décor. To liven up the environment, use a vase arrangement of fresh flowers or bring in a few flowering plants. Look for orange flowers, such as roses and gerberas, for Independence Day décor ideas at home. By adding a few ferns to a white vase, you may make little tricolour bouquets. Place these arrangements on your dining table or coffee table so that they can be seen from every angle of the room.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


3. Historical Independence Day Decorations

As a country, we are always looking ahead. But our history is our inheritance and source of pride. So be inspire by that to give your home an ethnic yet distinct appearance. Consider the old Indian games. Did you realise that Parcheesi came before Ludo? As a weekend DIY project, create your own parcheesi game board and use it to adorn your home for Independence Day.


5. Indian Weave Decoration for Independence Day

Our fabrics are well-known all over the world. Every region of India makes a distinct contribution to the world of Indian textiles. You most likely have dupattas and shawls made with traditional techniques at home. Use them as throws on your sofa instead of draping them around yourself for an exotic effect. Choose sturdier materials and avoid chiffon and organza dupattas if you want to preserve your décor for more than a day.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


6. Decoration for Independence Day with outside lanterns

Don’t restrict your Fourth of July decorations to your home. Bring the festivities outside to your garden and balcony. Kandee lanterns, as they are known in many areas, are lovely ways to add colour and create a theme aesthetic. Choose lanterns in the colours of the national flag and thread them in a row across your outside space for Independence Day.


7. Independence Day Digital Decoration

Is your living room equipped with a television? Or how about a digital photo frame? If so, here’s an interesting concept. Download an Indian tricolour screensaver and set it to play on these smart devices. It serves as a timely reminder to do good for your country. You can use a static picture or play a video without sound.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


8. Use ethnic handicrafts to decorate on Independence Day.

Independence Day decorations do not always have to be in red, white, and green. Patriotism is about appreciating your nation for all that it has to give. Handcrafted items are popular in India. There’s so much to admire here, from carved wooden curios to embroidered soft furnishings. Bring your handcraft souvenirs out of the cabinets and utilise them in your décor for Independence Day.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


9. Rangoli Decoration for Independence Day

A rangoli is one of India’s earliest forms of ornamentation. A rangoli may be made by anybody because it does not always have to be complicated. Rangolis are constructed from rice flour, colour rice grains, or flower petals. If you’re not confident in your drawing abilities, attempt a geometric line drawing rangoli. Making a rangoli is also a terrific way to get the whole family involve in an activity.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home



10. Independence Day Decoration with Table Settings

This is a terrific décor option if you prefer arranging the table in a theme that matches the joyful mood of your house. Use an orange runner and green table mats to dress up a plain white tablecloth. Alternatively, you might use orange and green tableware. There are also some paper napkins in the colours of our flag.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home


What to Do and What Not to Do When Hoisting the Tricolor as an Independence Day Decoration

On Independence Day, hoisting the Indian tricolour is a terrific way to display your patriotism. It is also one of the best Independence Day decoration ideas to attempt at home. Anyone can hoist a flag, but there are some guidelines to follow to ensure that the flag is treate with respect. Here are a few things you should be aware of.


  • ·         Never fly a flag that has been damaged.
  • ·         The flag deserves a position of honour.
  • ·         saffron band must always be at the top of the flag.
  • ·         The bands must be horizontal if the flag is placed flat on a wall.
  • ·         There should be no other flag higher than the Indian tricolour.
  • ·         The flag must not come into contact with the ground or leave a trail in the water.
  • ·         The flag may not be used to make bunting.
  • ·         The flag must not bear any type of inscription.


10 Simple Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Your Home



The year 2022 commemorates the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. Our independence now is the result of our forebears’ hard labour. This is not a day to snooze. It is a day to honour their sacrifices and to celebrate our love for our nation. Use these Independence Day décor ideas to set the tone for the holiday.






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