10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

Kuber Vastu: In Indian mythology, Lord Kuber is a god of riches and success who represents opulence and money. Lord Kuber controls the northeast, therefore obstructions or places where evil energy gathers, including commodes, shoe racks, and large furniture, must be quickly removed.

Here are 10 aspects about Kuber Vastu that you should be aware of:

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Configure Kuber Yantra

Lord Kuber, the deity of prosperity and success, is a symbol of splendour and richness in Indian mythology. Lord Kuber rules the north-east direction, thus it’s important to get rid of any obstacles or places that attract bad energy as quickly as possible, such commodes, shoe racks, and large pieces of furniture. For best energy flow, keep your home’s northeast uncluttered. The centrepiece of Kuber Vastu is the Kuber Yantra.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

No-Clutter Zone

Maintain your home’s cleanliness, orderliness, and lack of clutter as well as unnecessary household items and decorations, according to Vastu principles. Make sure your living room’s main area is clutter-free since your home’s energy affects how you manage your relationships, health, and money.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

Small aquariums & Water Fountains

Small water accessories put in the north-east corner of the home might attract good fortune and vitality there. An aquarium or small water feature is considere to be particularly water. Cleaning water periodically is necessary to prevent it from becoming unclean or stagnant, as this might hinder financial growth.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu


Water tanker locations

Placement of a major water feature, such as a water truck or stage, in the northeast or southeast corner of the home can cause a number of problems, such as severe headaches, chest pain, heart and stomach problems, and declining mental health.


Water Leaks must be prevented

Any water leak, whether it is in your bathroom, kitchen, basin, or elsewhere, is a metaphor for money leaking and a sign of financial losses. This must be taken into account, particularly during the monsoon season. It is imperative to address any faulty plumbing or water leaks from the walls right away since they might result in substantial financial loss.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu
Leakage Of Water From Stainless Steel Pipe On Gray Background


Toilet and Bathroom Location

Let’s say that the Vastu Shastra principles are not follow while designing and placing bathrooms and toilets. In that instance, it may lead to monetary losses, monetary instability, health issues, and sleep disruptions. Bathrooms and toilets should be construct separately and place on the north-west or north-east side of the house, if at all possible.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

Kuber Vastu: Aim towards the North Zone

The Vastu zone in the north of your home should be paint blue. The washing machine, the garbage can, and the mixer-grinder should all be kept out of this area and kept clean.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

Get a statue of Buddha

A Buddha statue adds an exotic touch to your decor while also bringing peace and tranquilly. It would look fantastic in the yard, kitchen, or living room. Life-size sculptures might be use to provide aesthetic appeal to a large space. Additionally, a statue attracts more positive energy the larger it is.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

Kuber Vastu: The Plant of “Money”

One of the most popular indoor plants, money plants are seen in many different types of residences and workplaces. Pothos, which goes by the names Devil’s Ivy and Money Plant, is a creeper with enormous leaves in the shape of hearts and aerial roots that sprout at each node. Money Plant is the collective name for all members of the Epipremnum, Pothos, and Scindapsus families of plants.

10 Things You Should Know About Kuber Vastu

Kuber Vastu: Additional Kuber Vastu advice

  • Ensure that everything is set up so that the house receives adequate sunshine. Maintaining clean windows and mirrors will help your home get adequate natural light. Negative energy will only be present in a dark environment.
  • Always make an effort to create a huge and stunning entrance. The main entrance is where Goddess Laxmi enters the house, according to Kuber Vastu Shastra. Therefore, it is crucial to make the area beautiful for her arrival.
  • Vastu states that any home may become a kuber place by scattering fortunate idols everywhere. You will get prosperity and peace from the smiling Buddha, the wealth ship, and the jewel trees.
  • You are able to construct a statue of Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth, in the North Zone. Your financial luck will increase as a result. He doesn’t require your prayers, but he should still be honoure. You may keep Lord Kuber in your locker as well. You may use this to attract riches to your safe deposit box. 5. A water feature in the north also increases your likelihood of success financially. Verify that the bedroom is not where the fountain is store. The drinking fountain should always face your house. Water that is flowing often denotes riches.
  • By using Kuber Vastu, you may boost your home’s financial stability by adhering to these suggestions & methods. No matter if you’re a house buyer or an existing homeowner considering renovations. Understanding the Kuber Vastu Shastra will make it simple for you to entice abundant money energy into your property. Before beginning the remodelling or development, discuss your vastu requirements with your design and décor expert.






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