7 Documents You Must Verify Before Buying Ready-To-Move Flats

Buying Ready-To-Move Flats: Recently, there has been an increased demand for ready-to-move apartments due to the growing delays in ongoing development projects. They are more expensive, but they avoid the hazards associated with possession. However, before purchasing a house that is ready to move into, purchasers must be aware of the critical checks. Before making a purchase, check the property documentation listed on navimumbaihouses.com.

Due to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016 (RERA), purchasers are hesitant to put their hard-earned money into housing developments that are still under construction. The demand for ready-to-move apartments has multiplied as a result of ongoing project delays damaging the reputation of unfinished developments.

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Having the option to move in whenever you want or rent it out for rental income is another advantage of purchasing a home that is ready for possession. A ready-to-move house will enable you to save money on current living expenses, which can then be utilised to make mortgage instalments, in contrast to an under-construction property.

However, experts advise that before making a purchasing decision, potential purchasers should be informed of specific protocols and standards. purchasers need to be familiar with the documentation needed to purchase a home.

Buyers who are applying for a house loan must examine specific paperwork to guarantee a valid title of ownership and government permissions in addition to providing information and documentation to the bank and the government and bank.



What documentation should be examined before purchasing a ready-to-move apartment?

The following list of important papers must be examined before buying a home that is ready to be moved into:


Deed of sale

When checking documentation for your new house, a sale deed is at the top of the list. It is the primary legally binding document that serves as evidence of the sale and transfer of the property. Before signing the deed, it is essential to read the small print and review all the terms and conditions.


Occupancy/Completion Certificate

When the project is finished, the local authorities issue a Completion Certificate (CC). When a project is finished and declared appropriate for habitation, a local government body issues an occupancy certificate (OC). According to this certificate, the building was constructed in line with recognised codes and other rules, making it appropriate for habitation. Both of these documents are required when asking for a loan from a bank or other financial institution or when requesting a connection to the water, sewage, and electrical systems.



Structure plan

Another document that has to be double-checked before a property acquisition is the building plan. A building plan is often authorised by the neighbourhood municipal body. This document, which is often referred to as a site plan, will show the arrangement of the project’s equipment and utilities. Buyers must confirm that the building’s or project’s design has received proper local authority approval. Any extra or unauthorised building stands the danger of being destroyed or refused occupancy in the future.


Obligation certificate

It’s crucial to confirm that the property has no outstanding debts. A purchaser must examine the encumbrance certificate for this. An encumbrance certificate serves as proof that your property is free and clear of any financial and legal obligations. The sub-office registrar’s where the property has been registered is where the certificate may be received.


Buying Ready-To-Move Flats- Certificate of Mutation

The property owner is identified in public records by the property mutation document, which also specifies their tax obligations.

The “Possession Letter or Certificate” is another common name for the Mutation Certificate. It lays forth the procedure for transferring the property’s “title” to the new owner. Being a knowledgeable property buyer is essential since it will prevent legal issues in the future. A legal expert’s assistance is urged by buyers in order to thoroughly examine all paperwork.



Buying Ready-To-Move Flats- Power of Attorney General

A buyer must determine if the property was previously sold or bought using a general power of attorney (GPA). To confirm that the sale or purchase was done by an authorized individual, a copy of the document is required if the transaction was handled by GPA.


No Objection Certificate

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued by several government agencies and departments, such as electricity, safety, gas, and water boards, to certify that the builder or seller has received all required clearances. A certificate of this kind gives the buyer the assurance that the property has been regularised and that no claims of acquisition or demolition are pending.


Buying Ready-To-Move Flats – Conclusion

The dangers associated with owning property have caused purchasers’ attention to turn toward ready-to-move apartments. However, the hazards can be avoided by thoroughly verifying the aforementioned papers. When making a substantial real estate investment, one must ensure the legal paperwork procedure.




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