A Simple Guide to Establishing a Vastu Compliant Pooja space in a home

If you take a look at older residences, there is constantly a different nook or perhaps a separate space for prayer. Currently, as space constraints overcome us, many modern residences skip out on having a pooja space.

This is a really critical space in a home, one of the most positive energy originates from below. Flats in Kharghar for Buy however, if you make mistakes with the pooja space, this will affect the power that you are bringing right into your residence. In order to see the most effective outcomes, keep these points in mind-

a Vastu tips for pooja room

  • Your pooja space needs to constantly be in the North, East, or the Northeast side of the house.
  • The roofing system of the pooja room ought to resemble a gopura or pyramid-structure. This shape is said to boost the concentration of favorable power in the room.
  • If you have a home with numerous floors, the pooja space needs to be at the very beginning. It is not advised to have it in the cellar or on the top floors.
  • A pooja area must never ever be made in a bedroom or on a wall beside a room.
  • Don’t have a pooja space under stairways.
  • Pooja rooms require to generate a feeling of tranquility, that’s why it’s better to opt for colors like white, pale yellow or light blue for the walls. Stay clear of dark, vibrant, and brilliant colors below.
  • You need to have a two-shutter door for the pooja space, this has to be made from top-notch wood. The doorway must have a threshold to make sure that pests do not enter into this spiritual area.
  • Any kind of idol you place in the pooja space can’t be put straight before the entryway door of the pooja space.
  • The excellent height of the idol must not be more than 9 inches and also less than 2 inches. If you can stay clear of positioning an idol, that is also better.
  • The idol also needs to be a minimum of 6 inches in the air, and also an inch far from the wall. There need to not be anything stored over the idol.
  • Don’t have pictures of a dead relative, war, and also fatality in the pooja room.
  • Don’t maintain anything that is barged in the pooja area, if an idolizer or photo breaks, then replace it promptly.
  • When you’re hoping, or meditating, you need to be encountering the East or North.
  • Fire offerings must be made facing the East and the lamp ought to be on the Southeast edge of the pooja area.
  • Have a home window in the northeast direction so that there is even more light right here. Although there is light coming from your light as well as Diya, you can always include synthetic light to this space.


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