A Simple Way To Calculating Stairs For House Construction

What you need to know about stair calculators is provided below. For information on how to calculate stairs when building a house, refer to this page. Stairs are a vital feature of a house or any structure. Building codes, aside from characteristics and calculations relating to staircase length, width, and height, as well as door location, must be taken into account when building a staircase. When considering various factors linked to stair construction, a stair calculator is helpful. Here is a how-to.

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A stair calculator: what is it?

A digital tool called a “stair calculator” is used to compute the unit rise & run of stairs, the stair elevation angle, the length of the stringers, the step height, the tread depth, and the number of steps necessary for a specific run of stairs.

A Simple Way To Calculating Stairs For House Construction


How to calculate stairs with a stair calculator

For purposes of calculating stairs, let’s assume a 600 mm floor to floor height. For instance, the riser height that is permit ranges from 150 mm to 220 mm in accordance with building requirements.

Minimum riser height = 150 mm

Total level change (overall climb) divided by the lowest riser height, or 600/150, is the number of steps.


Thus, we can build the staircase with four risers, or steps.

*A single flight of stairs can be calculated using the rise & run calculator. Every flight must be taken into account separately when considering a landing.


Calculator for stairs: standard mount vs. flush mount

Determining whether the staircase will be install on a flush mount or a standard mount is also crucial. The last tread of stairs is one step lower than the floor level in a standard mount, while it will be at the same height as the floor level in a flush mount.

You can figure out the remaining characteristics using the rise and run values for a step.


How is the run calculated?

The total rise divided by the rise gives the number of stairs. When estimating stairs, the height of the first step must be taken into consideration if it is different.

Now, the total run = run x number of stairs

You must subtract one from the amount of stairs for a regular mount.


Calculator for stair stringers

The Pythagorean Theorem is use to calculate the length of the stringer.

i.e., stringer length² = total run² + stinger height²

The stringer height = total rise in case of the flush mount to total rise in a standard mount.


Calculator for stair angles

The following is the mathematical formula for calculating the stair angle:

Angle = arcsin (stringer height / stringer length)


Staircase terminology

It is a stairway component that a person steps on when climbing stairs. The distance between a step’s outer edges, including the nosing and the vertical surface known as the rise is known as the run or tread. When determining the overall run of a staircase, the length of the tread above the last riser is exclude.



Nosing is the protrusion at a tread’s edge that extends over the lower level riser. When measuring the tread’s length, the nosing is taken into account. When there is nosing, the total run cannot be determine using the sum of the tread length because the overhang it causes must be deduct from the overall run.


Ariser or rise

The riser is the height of the step measure from one tread’s top to the next tread’s top. The tread’s thickness is not include. The number of staircase steps is compute based on the riser count.


Stair stringer

Supporting the treads & risers is a structural part of a staircase. A staircase typically has three stringers: one in the middle, one on each side, and one at the top.


Staircase width

Perpendicular to the length of the tread, the width is determine from one edge to the next on each side of the tread. It does not include handrails in the calculation. In staircases, the wider side is typically longer.



Headroom is the measurement of height from the top of a stairway to the ceiling. The headroom is crucial because it gives individuals adequate room to manoeuvre comfortably up and down stairs.



A handrail is the railing that runs up the incline of a staircase and is intend to support people as they safely ascend or descend the stairway.



The platform that links two flights of stairs is refer to as the landing.




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