What Exactly Is BU & Why Is It Crucial?

To guarantee genuine land and property utilization in a certain area, the local regulatory authority issues BU permissions, also known as building usage permits. It is a legally binding document that might be needed when applying for an occupancy certificate. At the moment, customers cannot apply for it online; instead, they must manually submit all the required paperwork to the government office. Know all about it.

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Building Usage Permission, or BU permission, is a document that the local government issues in response to a request made by the owner of a building. The owner will need to specifically indicate in the application the building’s intended use and the factors that led to its development.

The owner will be able to register the new building under the relevant category by indicating the facility’s usage. In addition, accurate information entrance into the public domain will facilitate future real estate transactions.


Why is BU consent required?

The primary goal of the municipal or state development authority is reflected in the documentation of the BU authorization format. The governing bodies seek to develop a set of administrative rules for the cities and towns to which every construction entity must follow. These rules will be based on construction, usage, & performance.

Additionally, it will help the developers adhere to a uniform state-wide construction permission system. Furthermore, if the usage is stated, selling and buying real estate will also be simpler.


What are the fundamental rules that must be followed?

According to the most recent revision, the local authority requires an affidavit in addition to a list of papers when constructing buildings with a total area greater than 125 square metres. If the area of the building being constructed is less than 125 square metres, no prior authorization is necessary; the local authority can provide it later.


What documentation is needed for BU approval?

The following documents are typically needed when requesting BU permission:

  • Application for a development permit Zoning certificate
  • No objection certificate required by the local government for specific reasons
  • Legal authority
  • Land sales documents
  • If necessary, a road agreement
  • copies of the registration certificates for a structural designer, an engineer, a developer, and other relevant organisations
  • Report on structural stability
  • Certificates of inspection for internal features such as fire safety and lifts
  • certificate of environmental compliance
  • Owner’s identity document with a photo
  • among other things, building plan documents and layout plan approval

The owner of a building must submit this specific BU authorization paperwork to describe the use of structures and land for construction. However, different states have different requirements for these documents.



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