All about Commencement Certificate

A commencement certificate is a document that attests to the legitimacy of a real estate project. It is granted by the local municipal authority, enabling the project’s developer to get going. The beginning certificate is only issued by the authorities when the developers have complied with all legal criteria. Additionally, they must acquire all required approvals for the building’s design and layout.

A commencement certificate is given in accordance with the RERA Act. It enables the builder or developer to start the building process. A project has to obtain a valid beginning certificate in order to be deemed authorized.

Before starting work on a new project or building, a developer must get a commencement certificate. The municipal government has the certificate on hand. Developers are also require to submit a project proposal. Before issuing a beginning certificate, the local authority will conduct a number of preparatory inspections.

The Commencement Certificate is essential for both homeowners and developers. It guarantees that developers won’t take advantage of homeowners who appreciate the importance of a Commencement Certificate. Every homeowner should be aware that a developer must get a Commencement Certificate before they can start building on a real estate project.

As a result, purchasers or investors should be cautious of such a project if a developer does not have the Commencement Certificate. Buyers of real estate and investors alike should examine the developer’s commencement certificate. It ought to mention the floor they intend to purchase.

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Getting a Certificate of Commencement: The Process

All about Commencement Certificate

It’s easy to obtain the beginning certificate from the local government. The following phases must be complete by the builder:

Step 1: The builder or developer to submit the project plan and NOC (No Objection Certificate). Several government agencies, including those in charge of fire, sanitization, water, and power, must provide you their NOC.

Step 2: The process of issuing a commencement certificate involves two steps. When construction reaches the plinth area is the first milestone, and when the superstructure is finish is the second.

Documents Needed to Obtain a Certificate of Commencement

The following paperwork must be supply with the occupancy application form:

  • A form of application
  • A replica of the authorize plans
  • Pictures of the structures
  • A certificate of structural stability from an experience structural engineer is require.
  • A declaration that the tree planting complies with regulations, signed by the landowner or developer.
  • A qualified structural engineer issues a beginning certificate.

The Value of a Commencement Certificate

  • Every document or certificate in the real estate industry is valuable to both the buyer and the seller. Checking all of the paperwork is essential before making a purchase. If you don’t, you can end up paying dearly in the long term.
  • A commencement certificate is still require for home purchasers in addition to the developer. Construction work cannot start for a developer unless he has the Commencement Certificate. As a result, a buyer of real estate should stay away from projects that the local government has not yet given its approval to.
  • You might lose a lot of money if you don’t have even one legal document. Home purchasers should thus exercise caution and double-check all property papers before finalizing a sale. The purchaser of the home runs the danger of becoming the owner of the unlawful property if the developer fails to submit the beginning certificate. The house’s legal title is impact by this. Additionally, it implies that the buyer of the property will face government penalties for doing so. Your graduation certificate will always keep you out of legal problems.
  • If there isn’t a commencement certificate, you’re likely purchasing an unlawful structure or contested land.
  • This certificate serves as proof that you are the property’s legitimate owner and that all relate fees and taxes have been paid. You should ask the developer to provide you the graduation certificate. The unit of local government should issue it.
  • You must immediately terminate the agreement if the developer refuses to reveal the CC to you.

Obtaining the developer’s Commencement Certificate is crucial for a number of other reasons:

  • The legitimacy of the property is confirm by the presence of a Commencement Certificate. Additionally, it guarantees that the land is unencumbered.
  • The certificate attests to your status as the property’s legitimate owner, free and clear of any liens or other encumbrances.
  • The owner of the unlawful property is subject to sanctions from the participating authorities. The Commencement Certificate shields you from any future legal repercussions that could be conceivable.
  • The Commencement Certificate’s listing of a residential unit serves as proof that the property you’re purchasing is legitimate.

Planning and Procedures for the Issuance of a Certificate of Commencement

Depending on the local authorities, different processes and plans are use to provide the commencement certificate. The primary process is as follows, though:

  • The local municipal authority will receive the Commencement Certificate application together with a plan drawn to a 1:100 scale. The dimensions of the property and the size of the propose building are shown in this design. Additionally, it displays the land schedules, the position of the building on the parcel, and the pertinent documents.
  • The municipal government will offer an acknowledgment receipt. After receiving the commencement certificate application, it is issue.
  • Next, the application and supporting materials will be examine. To determine if the propose structure conforms to applicable laws and regulations in the area.
  • The relevant authority may grant or refuse the commencement certificate upon the completion of the verification.
  • It will be necessary for the applicants to pay the require fees. If the neighborhood authorities find that the submit building plan corresponds with neighborhood laws and plot records, it must be paid.
  • The proper authorities will provide the Commencement Certificate if the payments have been paid.

How to Register a Business Beginning Certificate?

The actions list below must be follow by a business if it intends to submit a declaration for the commencement of operations:

All about Commencement Certificate

  • The MCA Services tab’s ‘Company forms Download’ option should be chosen.
  • Forms from the company will appear on a new screen. Locate Form INC-20A, which is use to announce the beginning of a business, by scrolling down.
  • Now that the form is available for download, you may decide whether to complete it with or without the Instruction Kit.
  • Embrace the list with the attachments. The Box for Attachments contains a list of the attachments.
  • Give your DIN number on the Declaration and complete it.
  • After completing the form, verify it again, and then click “Pre-scrutiny.”
  • With the DSCs of the Directors and the Certifying Professional, complete the form.
  • E-form uploads to MCA Services tab.
  • You must pay the costs when you’ve finished the upload. When the payment is successful, SRN will be generate.

Format for a Commencement Certificate

  • You must include the CIN and GLN of your firm in accordance with the structure of the graduation certificate.
  • In accordance with the start certificate format, it must also include your company’s address and email address.
  • Last but not least, the director’s digital signature is require in accordance with the format of the starting certificate.

Which companies do not need to submit a Business Commencement Certificate?

Businesses list below are not require to submit a Business Commencement Certificate to the Registrar:

  • Organizations created before to November 2, 2018
  • Organizations created after November 2, 2018, but without a share capital.

Differences: Occupancy Certificate vs. Commencement

The Planning Authority’s Completion Certificate and Occupancy Certificate are necessary for every construction, per the legislation. Both Occupancy certificates and Commencement are well-known ideas. Certificate and Commencement Certificate are well-known concepts. The difference between the Commencement Certificate and the Occupancy Certificate is unknown to the great majority of building owners.

Commencement Certificate

Municipal governments can issue a Commencement Certificate, sometimes referred to as a CC, which is a legal document. Before a project can be develop, one of the most important clearances must be secure. It confirms that the builder has obtain all necessary departmental clearances. Additionally, it gives a builder permission to start work on the property. The authorities will confirm that the building was built in line with the authorize construction plan before giving the certificate. Additionally, it determines whether any additional licenses are require.

Occupancy Certificate

It is a document publish by a planning or local governmental body. It is given out when the contract construction phase of a new project is over. A building must be erect in accordance with the rules and local laws, and the certificate attests to the fact that the project was built in accordance with the applicable building requirements. Also remember that the buyer must get the OC. The municipal authority issues it after verifying all supplementary documentation. Only after obtaining the CC is it possible to get the OC.

Failure to submit a Certificate of Business Beginnings may result in penalties.

The penalties you might incur for failing to submit a certificate of business beginning are list below.

Specified Punishments

If the corporation violates the provisions of this section, it might be fine up to 5,000 rupees, according to section 11(2). Each day that an officer’s default continues might result in a punishment of up to 1,000 rupees.

Removing a Company’s Name from the Corporate Register

There are situations, according to Section 11(3), in which no declaration is submit to the Registrar within 180 days of the company’s registration date. The Registrar then has grounds to think that the firm isn’t running any activities or businesses. He has the authority to take steps to strike the business’ name from the list of registered businesses under Chapter XVIII.


Make sure the project you’re investing in has a commencement certificate as a buyer. It confirms your ownership of the property and safeguards you against conceivable legal problems.




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