All You Need To Know About Tile Prices In India

Tile Prices In India : Ceramic tiles are increasingly being used in the construction of buildings and homes in India. They are used not only to decorate walls and floors, but also to strengthen them. A wide range of options, low maintenance, and reasonable prices are increasing their acceptance in a value-conscious market like India. navimumbaihouses provides information on tiles available in India as well as their prices.

Tile manufacturers in India have evolved their manufacturing techniques as well as the raw materials used to make tiles. This also changes the properties of the tile, which now has multiple applications.

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Tiles have replaced other construction materials because they are cost effective and a fantastic cosmetic option for beautifying homes. Homeowners nowadays design their bathrooms and walls with the help of stylish designer tiles, which serve a greater functional purpose while also looking stunning. breaks down the cost of tiling your floors and walls in this guide.

“India is the world’s second-largest manufacturer and exporter of tiles, and this gives the Indian consumer the advantage of choosing a variety of tiles at affordable prices.”  Tile prices typically vary due to factors such as the raw material used (ceramic, vitrified, etc.), the size of the tile (larger tiles are more expensive than smaller ones), and, most importantly, the manufacturer’s brand.”



How much does a tile cost?

Tile prices can vary depending on the brand, size, and quality. A larger brand may charge a higher price for a higher-quality tile, or vice versa. Furthermore, a larger-sized tile may cost the buyer more. Ceramic tiles start at Rs 25 per sq ft in India, and better quality vitrified tiles can cost up to Rs 35 per sq ft. Because of the wide range of tiles available in the market, premium finish tiles can cost up to Rs 1,000 per sq ft.


The Benefits of Tiles

  • There are numerous designs and sizes to choose from.
  • High tensile strength
  • resistant to stains
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Low application and installation costs


Tile Prices In India: Tariffs for tiles

Ceramic tiles are currently subject to a 28 percent GST. To correctly calculate the cost of tiles, one should take into account the most recent taxation rates.




Tile Prices In India: Other expenses

Along with tiles, you may need to purchase materials such as river sand or cement. The prices of such materials would be determined by local markets. A qualified contractor would be able to provide a list of the additional materials needed to lay the tiles.


Tile sizes available on the market

Tiles come in a variety of sizes, which is one of the many reasons for their popularity. Popular wall tile sizes are 30×60 cm, 30×45 cm, and 25×35 cm. Floor tiles in sizes ranging from 80x80cm to 30x60cm are the most popular.



Tile Prices In India : India’s tile manufacturers

Some well-known tile manufacturers in India include Vitero, Nitco, H & R Johnson, Oriental Tiles, and Kajaria.

Even though India is catching up in manufacturing, China still leads the world in tile production. High fuel and raw material prices are driving up the cost of manufacturing tiles, but they are still less expensive than marble or granite.




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