Before Cancelling an Apartment Booking, There are a Few Things you Should Know

For causes beyond their control, before house purchasers may be compelled to abruptly stop their home-buying adventure. The recent past, there have been multiple instances where purchasers have had to cancel flats they had reserved owing to a sudden lack of income due to the Corona virus outbreak. In other circumstances, a buyer may alter their mind after discovering a flaw in the home. In any case, they must cancel the apartment reservation. This is a scenario that every buyer should think about before beginning their property search.


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What happens if you reject a flat reservation?

The terms and circumstances of the builder-buyer agreement, as well as whether or not the builder-buyer agreement has legal validity – that is, whether or not the builder-buyer agreement has been registered – will determine what happens when you decide to cancel the booking of a property. If you purchased the property from an individual seller, the terms and conditions set out in the sale agreement will apply. It is worth noting that all terms and conditions of a registered builder-buyer agreement or agreement to sell will be lawful, even if they are skewed in favor of the selling party. This is why it is critical to read the sales agreement as well as the builder-buyer agreement.

Reservation of a flat is cancelled, and the token money is refunded

A buyer often pays a portion of the transaction value as ‘token money,’ in India. When the buyer and seller agree an in-principle acceptance to the deal. The buyer usually pays at least 1% of the deal value as token money to the seller or builder. The paperwork has yet to begin at this time.

When purchasing a brand new apartment from a builder in an under-construction project, the buyer must arrange for another portion of the additional payment, which is normally 10% of the property’s worth, before the paperwork is register for legal validity. If you are purchasing a resale home, keep in mind that the payment plan will be different. In this circumstance, purchasers are often require to pay in two installments.

The seller cannot take any money from the additional payment as long as the agreement isn’t register. If the customer can successfully bargain, he may be able to have his entire purchase price back.

After the builder-buyer agreement has been record, you can cancel it

Cancellation at this stage is expensive from the buyer’s perspective. The seller has the legal ability to lose a part of the purchase money after the building company agreement is register. Every builder-buyer agreement is written differently, and depending on the terms and circumstances indicate in the agreement. The buyer will have to let up of a part of the whole sum.

Before cancelling an apartment booking,  There are a few things you should know

Real estate developers do not need customers to lose the whole booking amount as it is a buyers’ market right now. This is done as part of their brand-building strategy and in order to win consumer confidence.

The right to a return for a flat cancellation is protect by law

If a buyer is dissatisfies with the developer’s actions regarding money refunds. They can file a complaint with their state’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority. The seller is a developer and the apartment being acquire is still under construction, this is possible. Purchase a resale house from an individual seller, you will need to file a complaint with the consumer court.

These processes take time, and it is preferable for the buyer to talk quietly with the seller in order to reach a satisfying solution for all sides.

Excess income is tax differently

The Mumbai Bench of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) has declare, that if a buyer receives more money as an earnest deposit than he really paid. They must pay tax on the difference. While the extra money will not be treat the same as capital receipts. It will be treat the same as capital profits, according to the tribunal.

The Mumbai tax tribunal’s decision might open the way for other Indian courts to follow suit when dealing with similar situations. The IRS had rule that the buyer’s extra earnings are “income from other sources” and should be regard as such for tax reasons.

Consider the following points:

  • Until the builder-buyer agreement is record, the buyer has no legal rights to the property. This is why it’s critical to maintain everything in writing and on file.
  • Take a receipt from the vendor for every transaction and keep all copies safe with you.
  • Read the cancellation provision carefully and request that it be alter. If you think it to be significantly in favor of the vendor.
  • To limit the risks of making a mistake, hire a legal counsel to guide you through the procedure.




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