Benefits & Characteristics Of Clay Roof Tiles

KhargharSale Clay Roof Tiles : Since ancient times, clay roof tiles have been a common covering substance for houses. Here is all the information you require about clay roof tiles.

An age-old roofing material that has endured is clay roof panels. These bricks, which are made of natural clay, have a distinctive aesthetic allure and are strong and long-lasting. Clay roof tiles have been in use for millennia, but they are still useful today because of their many advantages. They are a secure option for households and companies because they offer excellent insulation, which lowers energy costs, and are fire resistant. Clay roof tiles are also eco-friendly because they can be made sustainably and using reusable materials.


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Clay roof tiles: Specifications

Clay roof tiles, which are produced from natural clay, are a popular substance for covering because of their tensile strength, fire resilience, and aesthetic appeal. Following are a few of the tangible qualities of clay roof tiles:

  • Clay roof stones are weighty; the average brick weighs between 7 and 14 pounds. This weight helps keep the tiles firmly in position, which is beneficial in areas subject to strong gusts.
  • Hardness: Clay roof tiles are tough, resilient, and able to endure harsh weather conditions like hail, torrential rain, and powerful winds.
  • Clay roof shingles are permeable, which allows them to collect water. In cold regions, it may render them susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Clay roof tiles are fire-resistant, which means they won’t catch fire readily and will help contain it once it starts.
  • Color: A variety of colors, including red, orange, and brown, are available for clay roof tiles. Natural colours are added to the clay concoction before firing to create the hue.
  • Clay roof tiles have a traditional, ageless look that can improve any building’s aesthetic allure.
  • Clay roof panels have a lengthy lifespan and, with appropriate care, can last for decades. They become a more affordable choice in the long run because of this.
  • Environmental friendliness: Clay roof tiles are an ecologically responsible choice for roofing because they are made of natural materials and can be recycled after their useful lifetimes.


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Clay roofing tiles: production

The following processes are usually involved in the production of clay tiles:

  • Clay preparation: To make a uniform mixture, clay is dug from pits and combined with water. After that, the clay mixture is screened to remove impurities and kept in sizable tanks so that the water can drain.
  • Using a hydraulic press or extruder, the clay slurry is moulded into the desired form and size.
  • Drying: After being put in a drying location, the moulded tiles are left to lose some of their moisture. Depending on the size and weight of the tiles, drying is a slow procedure that can take days or weeks.
  • In order to solidify the desiccated tiles, they are then fired in a kiln at a moderate temperature (roughly 800-1000 °C). “Biscuit firing” is the name given to this procedure.
  • Glazing: The tiles’ surface can optionally be coated with glaze to enhance both their longevity and look. In order to use the enamel, the tiles are typically dipped in a glaze wash and then fired again.
  • Final firing: To finish the production process, the glazed or unglazed tiles are then fired in a kiln at a high temperature (roughly 1050°–1250°C). The tiles are hardened during this process, giving them the required power and tenacity.
  • Last but not least, the tiles are quality-checked and packed for client delivery.



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KhargharSale Clay Roof Tiles : Benefits

  • Durability: Clay tiles are renowned for their lengthy lifetime and, with proper maintenance, can last up to 50 years or more.
  • Clay tiles are a better choice for houses and structures because they are inherently fire resistant.
  • Energy savings: Clay pavers can help a building’s interior climate be controlled, keeping it warmer in the winter and colder in the summer.
  • Clay tiles are excellent for regions with severe temperatures because they can endure bad weather, such as heavy rain and strong gusts.
  • Aesthetics: Clay tiles come in a wide range of hues and designs, letting you select the ideal appearance for your house or structure.




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KhargharSale Clay Roof Tiles: Drawbacks 

  • Cost: Compared to roofing products like asphalt shingles, clay tiles may be more costly.
  • Weight: Compared to other rooftop materials, clay tiles are heavier, so the building’s framework may need to be strengthened.
  • Clay roof tiles might need more upkeep than other roofing materials, like routine washing and coating to stop splitting and fading.
  • Installation: Compared to other roofing materials, installing clay tiles can be more difficult and time-consuming, necessitating the help of an expert contractor.
  • Availability: Clay tiles might only be widely accessible in a few locations and might need to be shipped. Which would raise the expense of the endeavour.







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