Benefits, Importance, and Growing Instructions for Mango Tree

We are aware of the different flowers and plants associated with each God. Another plant that is just as crucial as the other plants and flowers are mango trees, especially their leaves. But when it comes to mangoes, we always focus on the fruit alone. The significance of the tree and its leaves is overlook because we are so focus on the fruit.

Among the most rever and lucky plants in Hinduism are the mango tree, peepal tree, bel tree, and tulsi plant. The benefits of mango leaves are likewise not widely known. Mango tree leaves have a variety of health advantages that shouldn’t be disregard. They’re employed to address a variety of contemporary health problems and lifestyle disorders.

The leaves are quite high in antioxidant properties. Because of its advantages in the culinary business in addition to medicinal, they are consumed in South East Asia. The leaves include phenol, flavonoids, vitamins A, B, and C.


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Ten Advantages of Mango Tree Leaves

Mango tree leaves are nourishing and equally important for your health as the fruit is. Mango tree leaves have long been employed for their medicinal properties in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. These leaves can be use in many ways and are healthy. The numerous benefits of mango tree leaves are also heavily emphasised in eastern medicine.

Mango tree leaves are an excellent remedy for hair problems:

The easiest way to speed up hair development is to use mango tree leaves. It is a time-tested technique that also gives the hair a healthy sheen. The vitamin C and A-rich leaves promote the production of collagen, which is necessary for having healthy hair.

Additionally, mango tree leaves aid in repairing chemically harmed hair. They have flavonoids, which can naturally blacken hair. Mango leaves can be used to form a fine paste. After 15 minutes, rinse the paste from the hair with ordinary water.

Reduces agitation:

Unfortunately, anxiety has become one of the conditions that young people experience most frequently. Anxiety leads to restlessness, which both the person experiencing it and those around them find annoying. Mango tree leaves can be consum as a natural remedy for restlessness. To ease restlessness, add two to three cups of mango leaf tea to the bath water.

Blood sugar level control:

Mango tree leaves are surprisingly good in regulating blood sugar levels. Anthocyanidins, a type of tannin included in these leaves, are useful in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. Additionally, it contains 3beta taraxerol and ethyl acetate, which treat hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar levels).

Just bring a cup of water and 10 to 15 mango leaves to a boil. Drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach after letting it cool overnight.

treating dysentery

These leaves can be use to treat bleeding dysentery. The leaves can be dry in the shade and ground into powder. Eat the combination two to three times per day to prevent dysentery.

Mango tree leaves are use to heal stomach ulcers and hiccups and have been since the dawn of time. Hiccups can occasionally be stubborn and challenging to stop. These leaves do wonders in these circumstances.

Mango leaves can be burn, and you can inhale the smoke. Hiccups will be reduce to a minimum by the smoke. Mix the leaves with warm water, and drink the mixture frequently to treat stomach ulcers.

uses mango leaf powder to treat kidney and gallstones:

Mango leaf powder is use to treat kidney and gallstones. It facilitates the stones’ dissolution and helps the body remove them through urination. They are also appropriate for removing toxins from the body.

Several mango leaves are dry and ground. Every morning on an empty stomach, you can mix the powder with water and consume the resulting liquid.

Has anti-inflammatory properties:

Mango leaves have been shown in experiments to have an anti-inflammatory impact on animals. This suggests that they could be able to shield your brain from diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Tea made from mango leaf extract reduces inflammation.

Mango tree leaves Help with weight loss:

Research shows that mango tree leaves help with weight loss by reducing the amount of body fat deposited. Additionally, it aids in managing diabetes, which may cause a high metabolic rate that prevents weight gain.

Boil 150ml of water with a few mango leaves to brew tea as part of your weight loss diet. Take this tea daily and observe the effects for yourself. Use mango leaf powder or extract as an alternative if fresh leaves are hard to find.

The Meaning Of Mango Tree Leaves In Religion

A intriguing religion from India has strong ties to the natural world. Numerous references to plants and animals are found across many sacre texts for a variety of reasons. They are all highly prize for their distinctive qualities and have deep ties to the Gods. Mango leaves are a representation of love and the goddess Mahalakshmi. These are a few spiritual applications for mango tree leaves.

During auspicious rites and pujas, mango tree leaves are used to complete a “Purnakumbha.” For the puja foundation, an earthen pot is kept. The coconut represents spiritual consciousness, the water represents life’s source, the pot represents Mother Earth, and the mango leaves represent life. The entire “Purnakumbha” is a representation of Goddess Lakshmi and abundance.

The gods Murugan and Ganesh, sons of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, are also associate with mangoes. Both gods have a special fondness for mangoes. A legend states that Lord Murugan once advised his devotees to tie mango leaves together to symbolise fertility and wealth.

Indian households have garland or strings made of mango tree leaves that hang from the windows and entryway. The leaves encourage good karma and deflect negative spiritual energy.

The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Puranas are only a few Hindu texts that mention the mango as a fertility symbol. They also have a connection to Kamadeva, the God of love.

Mango leaves are also use at religious occasions with sizable attendees. Due to their ability to simultaneously encourage the free passage of oxygen and absorb excess carbon dioxide, they have a scientific basis.

Mango Tree Pictures

Benefits, Importance, and Growing Instructions for Mango Trees

Benefits, Importance, and Growing Instructions for Mango Trees

The best way to grow mango trees in your garden

There are two techniques to grow mango trees.

1. Saplings:  Get a mango plant sapling from a nearby nursery and transplant it to the ground or a pot.

2. Seed: Carefully remove the pit from a mango seed’s hard seed coating. Transfer the inner seed to the soil after drying it in the dark and out of the sun. The seed will begin to grow after two to three weeks.


Before planting the mango tree, adhere to the crucial instructions listed below.

The best time to grow a mango tree is in the spring while the weather is still comfortable. To make sure it won’t be expose to any frost, though.

The ideal planting location for these trees is a sunny region with loose, well-draining soil. The mature size of the tree and the site’s proximity to other plants and structures should both be taken into account when choosing a location for planting. Mango trees of smaller varieties can be cultivate in pots.


Depending on the type of tree you are growing, depth, support, and spacing are all important. Make sure your tree has enough room to grow by measuring the height and width of the mature canopy. When planting the saplings in their nursery container, make sure to use the exact depth at which they grow. Plant the seeds about half an inch deep. To support saplings as they grow, staking may be require, especially in windy places.

Summary of Mango Tree

The mango plant not only produces mouthwatering fruits but also has a significant impact on our tradition and culture. Many Hindu festivities and pujas in India feature mango trees and their leaves. It is use to ornament the Kalash pot and as a festoon or Torana. The main reason mango leaves are prefer over other leaves is that they last longer. The leaves’ therapeutic qualities and several health advantages make them safe for consumption.


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