Benefits of home checks for purchasers & sellers

We discuss what a home inspection entails and how it can help buyers and property sellers in India.

In the developed real estate markets of the west, home inspections are a typical occurrence. However, following the sustained slowdown in the residential segment beginning in 2014 that compelled sellers in India to see the merits of home inspections, this idea is increasingly making its way into emerging housing markets such as India. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, this pattern has gathered traction.

Benefits of home checks for purchasers & sellers

And how so? As the condition began to worsen in the midst of the economic meltdown triggered by the coronavirus, India’s secondary housing market demand plummeted, especially in view of the fact that India’s eight prime residential markets had over 7.32 lakh new unsold homes*.

As home protection is a primary area of concern for buyers since the spread of the Coronavirus, pre-listing home inspections will help sellers locate a buyer even earlier than they would if they had to list a property for sale without it.


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What is an inspection at home?

In order to carry out a detailed inspection of the premises to locate any structural and technical faults with it, the home inspection includes engaging the assistance of specialist organizations or accredited persons.

Usually, a home inspection will reveal some big defects, safety hazards, dysfunctionality, and the approaching end of the service life of the different materials used to create it. The home inspection process would also show any faults with the house and the area around it that are missing, faulty, or unsafe.

According to home inspection service provider PropCheckup, which has a presence in the markets of Mumbai and Pune, a home inspection is a full health and safety inspection of real estate properties, including walls, ceilings, floors, doors, ventilation, electrical and plumbing appliances, as well as humidity, filtration and moisture controls. For starters, professionals from Bangalore-based HomeInspeKtor conduct 100+ tests across eight categories of inspection.

Many of the primary areas to be concentrated on by home inspectors include:

Structural considerations

Harm to the roof

Damaged electrical installations

Troubles of plumbing

Harm attributable to water

Faults in the processes of heating or cooling

An infestation of Mosquitoes and Rodents

Woodwork review

Appliances & furniture analysis, etc.

The purpose of a home inspection is to assist buyers to receive a certification of the homeowner’s liability.

What is not covered by home inspections?

The aim of the home inspection exercise is to recognize problems that could pose threats to residents’ lives and safety. It has little to do with the degradation of the house’s architectural appearance or any cosmetic improvements it might have experienced unless it contributes to the house’s future safety concerns. For eg, the peeling-off of paint in the drawing-room is not a cause of concern for the inspector and will not be stated in the study.

However, a defective switchboard will definitely have a connection in the study. The same holds true with faucets, unclean chimneys, and loud air-conditioners that are leaked or clogged. Any defects that may lead to a degradation of the health and safety of the property in the long term would be reported in a home inspection report.

Benefits of home checks for purchasers & sellers

Is that the same for the home inspection and home valuation?

Home inspections and valuations for houses are not the same. Although home inspections allow the owner to detect any apparent structural or technical flaws in the house, home valuations mainly help the vendors to consider the asset’s market value and its ability to manage a particular expense in the open market. However, all of these methods allow sellers to locate customers more easily and finish the sale quickly.

Big service providers for a home inspection in India

In India, home inspection services are yet to gain momentum, as stated earlier. However, in the past half-a-decade, a certain number of service providers have entered the industry, despite growing knowledge of property protection and risk management.

MACJ India, HomeInspeKtor, CheckMyProp, e-Ghar, Nemmadi, PropCheckup (formerly Measurements), etc., are among the service providers currently participating in this group. Any of these firms, Home Inspection Association Corporations, are members of the industry-specific body.

Established in 2018, Home Inspection Association Firms now recommend requirements that each certified home inspector adheres to during the home inspection process in order to increase awareness of home inspection trade across the nation.”


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Price of inspection at home

In this market, there are only a handful of players despite low demand. Consequently, the cost of home inspection remains reasonably modest. For home inspection, the buyer or the seller can have to pay somewhere between Rs 2,500 and Rs 20,000, depending on the size of the house.

E-Ghar charges Rs 3,250 for special inspection in mega built-up areas of up to 500 sq ft, for example. The firm charges Rs 20,000 for micro-inspection of super built-up areas between 1,500 and 1,999 sq ft.

Home inspection advantages for home buyers

Given that real estate is a capital-intensive commodity, any difficulties with its construction or mechanics may lead to huge sums of money being invested on a newly purchased asset by the buyer.

Even though home checks raise the purchase cost of the house, before finalizing the contract, a buyer must get it finished. He should undoubtedly rethink his decision to make the purchase if the report points to significant concerns related to the protection of the house.

He might ask the seller to repair the problems as well. To make the purchase before continuing. A home inspection often offers consumers a chance to discuss the price of their home. If the report shows even small drawbacks in the property and the seller is in a rush to close the sale, you might get a discount on the final offer.

Also in the agreement to sell paper, a provision on this front must be specified. Although it is not optional to do a home inspection in the case of a resale home, the customer must still have the exercise done, even though he is purchasing a new unit. This is because there is still space for a home inspection to assess the standard of the building.

 Benefits of home review from buyers of properties

If the exercise needs spending capital, sellers in India frequently disregard any recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the properties they intend to sell. Nevertheless, the approach of owners is evolving with property selling being difficult in the current times.

If the seller has his home assessed by experts, he will be able to overcome any disputes with the house and apply this price to the overall price of the property. The final inspection note, along with the maintenance receipts, will serve as confirmation that all is in order. This could serve as a unique selling point for the listing of your property and also save valuable time, allowing the seller to close the transaction more efficiently.


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