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BMC Mumbai, one of India’s wealthiest public corporations, is a well-known name when it comes to Mumbai’s top civic organisations. According to the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act of 1888, it was founded. The administration and development of the city’s infrastructure is handled by this governing body. BMC Mumbai, also known as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, is responsible for ensuring the infrastructure of the city is improved. Its main sources of income are taxes on real estate, professionals, and entertainment.

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However, how does BMC Mumbai operate? Why is it India’s wealthiest municipal corporation? What are the advantages of the BMC website for a typical resident, above all? Let’s look at the responses to each of these BMC Mumbai-related queries:


BMC Mumbai: Administration, Functions, & History

The metropolitan area of Mumbai is well known for being the centre of this nation’s international trade and business. However, Mumbai’s financial boom actually began during the British colonial era, when it was known as “Bombay.” Since then, both the city and BMC Mumbai have advanced significantly, currently encompassing an area larger than 480 sq. km all through the city.

Typically, an IAS officer serving as a “Municipal Commissioner” is in charge of BMC Mumbai. Its legislature also has 227 members, with “The Mayor” serving as the speaker of the chamber. Elections were also held by BMC Mumbai to select its corporators. These corporators also have basic civic infrastructure responsibilities.

Other online services pertaining to public health & welfare are also available on the BMC website. The following is a list of some of the most popular online services provided by BMC Mumbai:

  • Online Property Tax Payment
  • Online Water Bill Payment
  • Mumbai Real Estate Card
  • Aadhaar Card Enrollment Online
  • Ration Card Application Online
  • Plans for buildings are approved


Building Plan Approvals by BMC Mumbai are now digitally processed.

14 additional departments are integrated into the BMC Mumbai website. Additionally, comprehensive online form submissions for building plan approvals are accepted on the BMC website.

The unnecessary amount of time is reduced by the BMC’s AutoDCR platform. Additionally, it increases transparency. For instance, using offline means, the Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) procedure took about 30 to 45 days. However, the same procedure takes just 15–21 days using the AutoDCR method on the BMC website.

The BMC of Mumbai’s online site enables regular people to check the status of their approvals and licences. They can also look up the NOCs that are listed for their property. It is essential to confirm the legitimacy or legality of a structure. Citizens may quickly verify this on the BMC Mumbai website by looking for the building’s approval. To upload or update their construction blueprints, developers also share a User ID and Password. They can upload more documents as necessary.


Process for Approving Building Plans via the BMC Website

The time factor has been improved on the BMC website. It also guarantees that any building plan approval process only needs to follow the barest minimum of guidelines. Let’s carefully examine some of the important phases listed on the BMC Mumbai website in order to grasp the process more fully:


Application Form Submission

This is the initial and most important step. Submit a straightforward application form via CAF (Common Application Form). Any citizen or architect who wants to participate in this process must first register on the BMC Mumbai website. An email address is used for it. They are able to start downloading the Author Tool after successfully registering and authenticating their account. Along with the drawing for review, you must also fill out the required information. They can then upload the APZ file created by the system. After paying the application fee, wait until your application is processed.


A Signal of Disapproval (IOD)

The next step in this procedure. The Intimation of Disapproval is what it is known as. It shows whether or not the building conforms to all the necessary phases. There are now roughly 40 IOD requirements that a building must meet. In order to advance in the approval process, this is necessary. Sewage Department and the Tree Authority are parties to certain of the restrictions and authorizations. Additionally, authorizations from the CFO, the Environmental Department, the Hydraulic Department, and the Structural Plan Approval are needed. Unexpectedly, this procedure used to take between 30 and 45 days. However, the processing period has already been shortened to 21–28 days thanks to the BMC website and its AutoDCR technology.


Obtaining a certificate of graduation

This is the next action following the IOD approval. The citizen or builder must acquire beginning certificates for their structure. These credentials typically fall into one of two categories. The Plinth Commencement comes first, followed by the Further Commencement. The developer can begin building the plinth area after they have the previous certificate. The officers of BMC Mumbai must first confirm the plinth lines. After that, the building as a whole can easily receive the latter certification.


Joint Site Inspection and the Completion Request Form

Here is what to do after the building is finished. The developer or builder may request a certificate of completion. It is accomplished by submitting an online form of request. Following that, the BMC officers go to the location. They check to see if the finished construction upheld all the criteria or not. In the past, this process may easily take 15 to 20 days. The BMC website now makes it simple for builders to submit a request form. Therefore, the identical process now usually takes 7-8 business days to complete.


Occupancy Certificate & Building Completion Certificate Requesting and Obtaining

The last stages of the building approval procedure are the Occupancy Certificate (OC) and Building Completion Certificate (BCC). After the site inspection procedure, if there are no inconsistencies, the builder or developer can submit requests for both the OC and BCC certificates via the BMC Mumbai website. Again, the BMC issues both certificates within 7-8 days of confirming every aspect of the building proposal and its construction.


Advice from Bombay HC to BMC Mumbai

The Bombay High Court has stated that it will consider ordering BMC Mumbai to post documents of all development projects online. There is an increasing need to review the legislation as the problem of unauthorized construction grows. The Bombay High Court further said that it will attempt to reexamine the statutes definitively while concentrating on the same subject.

Justices Gautam Patel & Gauri Gods made mention of the need to post each and every document to the BMC website while hearing to the petition about the Daulat House in Bandra. Additionally, if this proposal is approved and moves forward successfully, BMC Mumbai’s Citizen Portal will make every aspect of every building project it manages publicly accessible.




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