Budget 2022: The Real Estate Sector’s Expectations and Challenges

Budget 2022: Prior to each Union Budget, real estate stakeholders convene to create a narrative that may influence fiscal policy. They are aware that fiscal policy has a greater impact on the real estate industry than the periodic monetary policy that influences the outcome of floating interest rates.

Budget 2022: The Real Estate Sector's Expectations and Challenges


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1 What does the Union Budget for 2022-23 have in store for the sector?

2 Has the industry learned to cope with the reality of want-to-need gaps?

3 Have the stakeholders’ budget expectations grown more realistic?

4 Is the real estate industry aware that it cannot develop unless the concerns of the most important stakeholder – house purchasers – are addressed?

At first glance, the industry narrative ahead of Budget 2022 appears to be more balanced, addressing the concerns of all stakeholders. As a consequence, demands such as industry status, single-window clearance, project finance ease, and so on are not as loud as they were in earlier years. Instead, there is a desire to see the tax deduction ceiling raised.

Budget-2022 projections for the real estate industry:-

 industry is expecting big announcements and policy support from the upcoming budget, and that the industry is anticipating big announcements and policy support that can not only revive the sector but also change the future of the real estate sector.

More tax breaks and lower mortgage rates would entice a larger range of house purchasers and investors to participate in real estate.  To boost buyer confidence, Budget 2022  the present tax exemption on home loans should be increased. A unique demand for income tax reduction on a second house exists, which will greatly assist home purchasers while also stimulating the real estate market.

“The budget may also help the business by ensuring that compliance difficulties are reduced. It should also reinforce current finance institutions to offer liquidity, since developers want a steady stream of funds to keep their projects moving forward. We also hope for GST changes, which will lower total property costs and increase demand for homes, as well as the designation of the real estate sector as an industry and the adoption of single window clearing, among other things. We also anticipate future announcements to make it easier for developers to conduct

Expanding tax breaks for affordable housing:-

India, feels that expanding tax breaks for affordable housing, raising the tax set-off for housing loan interest payments under sections 24 and 80EE, and especially boosting the standard deduction, might help taxpayers save more money. These, together with more targeted measures like as reducing the long-term capital gains period for REITs and increasing the total deduction available under 80C, where the home loan principal repayment deduction is allowed, would boost real estate investment.

“The budget should focus on putting all housing sectors under a single GST slab  Budget 2022 while also giving extra benefits to affordable house purchasers through tax discounts, ensuring that the momentum is maintained.” for affordable housing while also increasing growth in other housing segments through GST relief to developers,”

Income tax reductions on house loans in Budget 2022:-

House loan principle in stalments are deductible under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Section 80C, in addition to house loans, allows for deductions for a variety of other costs and investments. These deductions are now restricted to Rs 1.5 lakhs. We expect this restriction will be increased because it has been unchanged for a long time. The government might create a new provision under Section 80C that allows for a deduction of Rs 1.5 lakhs from home loan principal instalments.

Middle-income taxpayers typically use up their rebates on investments such as PF, PPF, and life insurance, restricting their ability to claim tax savings on loan principal payments. However, if someone borrows more than Rs. 30 lakhs, they would not be able to deduct the entire amount of interest paid in the first few years. Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act limits interest rate deductions to a maximum of 2 lakhs per year. The sector wants a minimum tax rebate of Rs 5 lakh, up from the present maximum of Rs 2 lakh.

How might the Union Budget of 2022 help to increase housing demand?

The demands this year,  Go beyond the typical expectations of single-window approval and industry prominence. End users’ appetites must be reignited through focused demand-side strategies. Personal tax relief Budget 2022, whether in the form of reduced tax rates or revised tax slabs. Urgent necessity that has been long overdue.  To promote consumer spending in this sector. The government should focus on giving more liquidity to taxpayers by lifting the cap on the home loan interest refund.

“We also expect a GST credit for developers, as well as a drop in stamp duty, which has already occurred in numerous states, and registration fees, which add a significant amount to the cost of a project, improving house buyers’ emotion and encouraging them to acquire property.”  According to Sastry, “there is a need to redefine ‘affordable housing’ to Rs 50-60 lakhs since this will broaden the advantages for house purchasers and hence enhance end-user demand.”


Budget 2022: The Real Estate Sector's Expectations and Challenges

Budget 2022 2023 and international real estate investments:-

 The government has re-calibrated its approach to remobilizing. The economy and implemented various reforms to ensure adequate liquidity in the system. Such as keeping interest rates low and providing additional liquidity support to NBFCs and HFCs. 

RBI’s accommodating posture for such a long time.  Also aided in mitigating the effects of Covid-19 on companies and was crucial to real estate and the general economy’s revival. In the long run, these measures have shown to be beneficial to the economy.

“With the government’s handling of the Covid situation. Budget 2022 the prognosis for India’s economic development in the next years appears to be extremely favourable. The 2019 budget must be more appealing to foreign investors. Since it will serve as the last platform for announcing further incentives to entice more foreign investment into the sector. Given the rupee’s recent lacklustre performance. This budget presents a perfect opportunity for measures aimed at increasing foreign inflows into India.

We anticipate the government lowering interest income taxes, which will aid in the acceleration of capital inflows into India. Another widely anticipated step is the liberalisation of foreign investment regulations in real estate.

What do house buyers and developers want in the 2018 budget?

The finance minister present a budget that benefits both house purchasers and developers? Budget 2022 In advance of the Union Budget for 2018-19, we examine the demands of both divisions. 31 January 2018: Everyone wishes for a budget that is both flexible and affordable.

As the Union Budget for 2018-19 approaches, the issue arises as to whether the budget should be buyer-friendly or builder-friendly. And whether both parties are on the same page this time. Let’s take a look at each segment’s wish list to see how this works.

Budget 2022: Budget 2018’s expectations for home purchasers

1 Income tax slabs are being reduced.

2  Home loan interest rates are lower.

3 Goods and Services Tax (GST) reduction (GST).

4  Stamp duty reduction.

5  Interest and principal deductions are now subject to a higher ceiling.

6 Limitation on the amount of money that can be lost on a residence.

Budget 2022: Budget 2022 2018 is expected to meet the expectations

1 Real estate is in a good place right now.

2 Land investment capital for the affordable housing segment. 

3 Clearance through a single window/simplified approval process.

4 REITs’ long-term capital gains holding time is being shortened.




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