Building Vastu Plan : Complete Understanding Of Construction Layout

Building Vastu Plan : When constructing or renovating a building, expert’s advice taking into account the principles of Vastu Shastra because houses that follow these principles are more likely to draw good fortune, wealth, and good health. Vastu is notable for having items for every crevice and cranny. To prevent any misfortune, it is strongly advised to contact a professional who is knowledgeable about the standards of the conventional Indian system of building.

Vastu Shastra is an old Indian science of construction that offers instructions for creating domestic structures. Important for domestic structures because it can produce a peaceful, balanced atmosphere.

Vastu Shastra, on the other hand, is extremely varied and has something for every room in your house. To guarantee wholesome and nourishing food, Vastu advises building the kitchen in the southeast direction. The living area, the bedroom, and other spaces have all been urged to follow the same guidelines. Vastu concepts are incorporated into domestic structures to help create an aura that promotes mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


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Vastu construction: Choosing the ideal site for your home’s construction

Considerations for selecting the best plan

Here are some things to think about when selecting the best plot:


  • Shape and dimensions: The plot’s size and shape should be uniform, ideally square or rectangle. This helps to make sure that the building has a balanced energy movement. Experts advise choosing areas that are broader in the front and narrower on the back.
  • Experts claim that areas with a slope toward the north or east are very lucky, while those with a slope toward the south or west should be avoided.
  • road heading: Plots ideally positioned to the north or east tend to draw luck and wealth.


Vastu recommendations for choosing a property

The advice of Vastu for selecting a property are as follows:

  • The location of the plot of land should be in a tidy and tranquil area, ideally in the north or east.
  • Negative vibes may be drawn to plots close to a graveyard, a hospital, or an electric transformer.
  • A plot near a body of water, such as a lake or waterway, is more likely to be lucky and prosperous.
  • Too many trees or boulders close to a piece of land harm the Vastu of the house and can cause conflict between the occupants.
  • Roads on all four corners of a property are known to improve indoor air quality.


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Designing the layout of your home structure using Vastu principles

Vastu recommendations for the design

The following rules should be adhered to when planning the arrangement of your domestic building:

  • Always position the primary entrance door in an east, north, or northeasterly orientation to encourage luck and good fortune.
  • The ideal location for the sitting room is in the north, east, or northeast corner of the home.
  • The kitchen should always be situated in the home’s southeast area. To guarantee the residents’ health and wealth, the kitchen stove should also face east.
  • The main chamber of the home should be built with the southwest as it encourages stability and good energy.


Guidelines for creating the perfect arrangement

The following are hints for creating the perfect layout:

  • Always keep in mind that spaces must serve their intended purposes for inhabitants.
  • Location, temperature, and weather direction should all be taken into consideration when planning the orientation of the structure to guarantee adequate ventilation.
  • Think of the transportation flow: Avoid creating confined areas that restrict people’s mobility because crowded places tend to magnify negativity.
  • Include natural elements: Plants and water are crucial for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the home.
  • Vastu regulations: Following Vastu principles when designing the plan encourages luck and good fortune


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Building Vastu: Tips for each room in your residential building

Vastu for bedrooms

Vastu has provided numerous instructions for planning the bedroom. Choosing the color scheme, as well as the location of bedrooms and doorways, are some of them. Maintaining all of these in accordance with Vastu keeps the area tranquil and revitalized. The southwest portion of the space is where the bed should go. Also, watch out for gloomy background colors. Bedroom walls should be painted in gentle hues like pastel pink, lilac, and blue. A mirror in the boudoir should be avoided because it projects bad energy.


Vastu for bathrooms

Another area that should be built according to Vastu principles is the restroom. The restroom should always be well-ventilated and positioned in the north or northwest corner of the home. It is best to avoid using the restroom in the northeast area because it attracts bad energy. Notably, the toilet bowl should be positioned in the bathroom’s west or south direction.


Kitchen Vastu

The southeast path is the best position for the kitchen. The southeast and northeast areas are the ideal locations for the kitchen sink and range. A restroom, bedroom, or puja area should not be under or above the kitchen as this increases the passage of bad energy. Prosperity can be attracted by painting the kitchen walls a light color and keeping the space tidy and uncluttered.


Building Vastu Plan : Vastu for living room

Whenever possible, the sitting area should face either the north or the east of the home. Additionally, windows and doorways facing east or north enable plenty of fresh air and natural light to enter the space. Positivity is aided by placing furnishings in the southwest or west corner of the living room, such as sofas and seats. A calming and positive ambiance can be cultivated by painting the walls of the sitting room with soft colors and adding natural elements like plants.


Building Vastu Plan : Vastu for study room

Vastu states that the northeast or east side of the home is the best path for a study area.  Concentration, focus, and originality are all enhanced when study rooms are painted in calming colors with minimal illumination fixtures. Distractions can be avoided by keeping the study area neat and uncluttered, and by staying away from a bed or television.


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Vastu advice for the colors and decorations in your home

Building Vastu Plan: Importance of colors in Vastu

It is thought that colors affect the atmosphere of the home. Because of this, they are regarded as one of the most important factors when planning a residential structure. By choosing the right color scheme for your home, you can easily fend off pessimism. Making the area visually pleasing requires combining Vastu principles with personal preference.


Building Vastu Plan: Guidelines from Vastu for choosing colors

  • Avoid using gloomy indoor colors like black, grey, and brown because they can draw bad energy.
  • Using pale colors like white, ivory, light blue, and light green can help to produce a serene atmosphere.
  • Avoid using red, orange, and yellow in the bedroom because they can disrupt slumber and cause unrest.
  • Use calming colors in the bedroom, such as delicate hues, light blue, and green. These hues encourage sound slumber and ward off agitation.
  • Use pleasant, vibrant colors in the kitchen, such as orange, red, and yellow, as they tend to increase hunger.


Building Vastu Plan: Vastu guidelines for decorations

If done correctly and according to Vastu, decorations not only enhance the beauty of your furnishings but also draw good energy. Here are a few short Vastu design suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Use natural components to decorate your house, such as actual plants and blossoms. You can also choose interior plants like pothos, peace flowers, and snake plants.
  • Paintings and other works of art that feature scenes from nature or lovely scenery have a calming impact and encourage rest.
  • Use of pointed or sharp-edged décor should be avoided as it is thought that they generate bad energy.
  • Keep lucky symbols like Swastikas, Oms, or Lord Ganesha’s idols on display at your home’s entryway because they are believed to bring success and wealth.
  • You can make your house feel calm and welcoming by keeping it organized and cleaning frequently.


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Vastu advice for residential structure development and upkeep

Vastu principles for the building procedure

If you’re planning to create a new structure, make sure your builder adheres to the Vastu principles:

  • When picking the location for the construction, exercise caution. According to specialists, property that is fertile, close to water supplies, and located in these areas is very auspicious.
  • The building’s direction should encourage the most ventilation and sunshine possible. To ensure that there is enough optimism and wealth in the house, keep the front entryway facing east or north at all times.
  • Avoid maintaining a large main entrance because it tends to cause health issues for the residents.


Vastu guidelines for maintenance and repair

Here are some Vastu principles you can adhere to if you decide to get a repair:

  • Cleanliness and a clutter-free environment promote good energy flow in the house.
  • Proper illumination, particularly from natural sources, is crucial for creating a cheerful and lively atmosphere. Make sure the window surfaces are intact and clear of cracks.
  • Utilize color to improve the Vastu of your house. Choose softer colors like white or pastels to promote optimism. Red or golden walls are favored in the south or southeast, while white or light-colored walls are preferred in the northeast.
  • It is highly advised to make sure that any type of water problem is fixed right away to create a healthy and peaceful house.
  • Get clear of the junk you are no longer using because it attracts negative energy.


Building Vastu Plan : Conclusion

Vastu was used in the past to build shrines in particular. However, due to the extensive advantages of ancient Indian architecture science, it is now extensively used in contemporary homes, workplaces, schools, and institutions around the world.





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