Can Vastu Principles Be Used In Higher-Floor Apartments?

Vastu Principles Be Used Apartments: Vastu Shastra is a traditional study of architectural science that guarantees the peace, prosperity, happiness, and success of the occupants of a building. When the set of Vastu principles are followed, the home has good energy, which contributes to the occupants’ overall wellbeing. The Vastu principles for residences on higher stories are examined by

Many of us take into account a property’s Vastu compliance while buying or renting a house. Along with other factors like the unit’s orientation and location, an apartment’s height is an important consideration. Due to a lack of available land and persistently strong demand, many Indian towns are expanding vertically.

As a result, developers are building high-rises to appeal to customers in all price ranges, including luxury and inexpensive. There are Vastu rules for flats on higher levels, however occasionally a homebuyer is unsure about which floor to buy a residence on.

“Most of the time, individuals invest their whole life savings to buy an apartment, thus they are concerned about even the tiniest aspects, whether it the facilities or the building’s architecture,” It is a well-known fact that the Vastu Shastra science may be used everywhere, regardless of the floor’s level or the style of residence—whether an apartment or a standalone mansion.



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Does the Vastu Shastra apply to apartments?

Whether Vastu applies to high-rise apartments is a common question. The ancient discipline of Vastu Shastra makes no mention of towering structures in particular. So how is Vastu used in apartments? Vastu compliance is investigated for every building plot. Similar to this, every flat is regarded as having its own Vastu. To ascertain whether the Vastu of the land and each individual house is in accordance with ancient knowledge, one should look at both.


The layout of the dwelling unit’s land

According to Vastu, one should consider the shape of the apartment building’s plot while purchasing a new apartment. It is recommended that the form be square or rectangular. Make sure the land is not tapered, round, or triangular in form.


Vastu Principles: First entrance

The apartment complex’s entrance should ideally be on the north or east side of the property. Additionally, the entrance to your unit should have the biggest door in the building. If the door opens inward and if it has two doors, they are considered favourable omens.



Vastu Principles Be Used Apartments: Location of the kitchen

The location of the kitchen is crucial whether you’re purchasing or renting a property in a high-rise structure.

The kitchen should not be located in the northeast or southwest zones of the apartment since it symbolises the fire element. Having a kitchen in a suitable location is not always doable in apartments. The owner should still try positioning the stove in the northwest, south, or southeast corner.

The south wall of the kitchen is the best spot for any heavy almirahs or cabinets.


Vastu for apartments’ bedrooms

Southwest is the perfect direction for a master bedroom. Try to position the bed along the south wall of the room if a bedroom is not accessible in that direction. The best direction for guest bedrooms is supposedly north-west.



Vastu Principles Be Used Apartments : Vastu for balconies

According to Vastu Shastra, open terraces and balconies in high-rise apartments are crucial for balancing the energies inside the home. These areas provide the home with ventilation and natural light, thus their placement is crucial for the flow of energy. Your ideal new apartment would have a balcony facing east, northeast, or north. Additionally, compared to wrought iron furniture, hardwood furniture is proven to promote higher happiness.


Advice for enhancing the Vastu in your residence

  • Avoid placing the kitchen stove in front of the front entrance.
  • Always keep your home’s corners clean and well-lit.
  • Avoid buying apartments in home developments with water features in the southwest corner.

A Vastu-compliant home enhances the well-being and prosperity of its people in addition to providing them with a comfortable environment. One can even profit from the principles of Vastu in high-rise residences with the proper application of the science.






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