Certificate of Possession and its meaning

The custody certificate guarantees that the title of a property is effectively passed from one owner to another.

If you fail, 4 bhk flat for rent in kharghar, that might land you in legal trouble. So as an educated buyer, when purchasing a home, it is imperative you have this certificate done in your favour.

Certificate of Possession and its meaning

Possession Certificate is a legal instrument that transfers possession of the land from the first owner to the seller, indicating that the property has now been sold to the purchaser for payment of a certain sum charge, along with interest on the property. An significant factor in the purchasing of a house is the certificate of ownership. This suggests that the land has been legitimately sold and that all the property rights are now held by the buyer.

The buyer does not hold any control over the property without any valid certification and identification certificate, and the title of the property legally resides in the hands of the builder. In such a situation, the builder, with the support of civil authorities, still has the right to vacate the occupant.

The Certificate of Occupancy will be given within 30 days if the building has been built in accordance with approved plans, construction criteria and fire safety criteria, as well as the construction certificate. The relevant legislation differs largely from one state to another, and it is therefore necessary to know about the local certificate keeping regulations.

Material of a Certificate of Ownership

A Custody Document specifying the change of ownership is given by the buyer. The possession certificate indicates that the ownership of the land is passed over to the buyer. This means the buyer is now completely involved in the house. All parties are needed to apply with the same property i.e. the developer is required to sign the above-mentioned document that the property is no longer with him and the owner is required to sign the sign to take over the property. The certificate shall also contain the interpretation and required additional features as provided for in the purchase agreement, such as the parking room, garage, etc.

Also the verification of the document with the date of possession mentioned in it is another significant feature of the possession certificate.

What is a Certificate for Conditional Possession?

The purchasing parties may in some cases accept the ownership of this property but are not satisfied due to one or more factors, such as defective buildings and pending maintenance projects, bad construction standards, the use of various building materials as expected, or the waiting delivery of an occupancy certificate or the possession certificate.

A Conditional Possession Letter is accepted by the vendors and specifies all requirements for a conditional letter to be approved by the vendor. In addition, in the case of any delays in the construction, the customer should mention responsibility for the end of the contractor which can be taken legally in extreme circumstances if necessary.

Certificate of Possession and its meaning

Required Records

The following documentation should be produced to receive the Custody Certificate.

  • Copy of contract of sale deed
  • Proof of identity and signature of the claimant
  • Certificate of burden
  • Copy of the purchase arrangement recorded                                

Powers of the Holder of an Ownership Certificate

It gives the buyer full authority over the property and will continue to do whatever he wants with the property.

  • Holds access to the property’s resale.
  • The buyer has the option of making some changes or raising the value of the land.
  • The buyer will rent out the property and earn the property’s income.
  • No property profits may be asserted by the purchaser of the property.
  • If the seller refuses to allow delivery of the items, the buyer shall bill the property and the seller for all money spent in advance of delivery.
  • In addition, in situations where the purchaser has not delivered the land, the buyer is also entitled to obtain a refund of the value of the money and the expenses awarded to him in court to enforce the particular performance of the contract.
  • The purchaser is entitled to receive descriptions of the proposals accepted by the respective authority, the timetable of the same kind, the full structure plans and other related documents.

The distinction between the certificate of occupation, the certificate of completion, and the certificate of possession

One of the most relevant certificates given by the developer to the customer with an indication of the date of ownership is the Possession Certificate.  And on the grounds of the original document will a home loan be received. However a certificate of ownership clearly would not count without an occupancy certificate for the rightful owner of the land.

Once building is finished, the contractor must request a completion certificate (CC) from the local authorities. The authorities then ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with the building approval plan and that it complies with other building laws such as the resistance layout to earthquakes, the overall height of the building, the ventilation system and the collection of precipitation water, etc. After successful tests, the City Authority awards a Certificate of Completion.

The Occupation Certificate is a permit issued by the municipal authority or planning authorities after the implementation of a project. The inclusion of the manual confirms that all relevant building codes and regulations are complied with by the system and that it is safe for customers.


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