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Land Records In India: Every industry has been influenced by digitization, which has completely changed real estate. The Tahsildar administered and kept all land-related facts manually before land records were digitised. Land records were not kept up to date, which led to property fraud, lawsuits, and property disputes. The government chose to digitise land records as a solution to this problem.

You may read more about land record digitization and its advantages in this page. Links to state-specific online land records portals are also available. Let’s first examine what land records are and how they are converted to digital form.


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What are Land Records?

The word “land records” refers to information on properties, such as ownership details and transactional information as well as locational details. Documents like Property Registration, Mutation Register, Records of Rights (RoRs), Disputed Case Register, and others are included in land records.

In the past, people would verify land records at the offices of the Sub-Registrars. The procedure of examining land records hasn’t been digitised in the majority of states, nevertheless. Using the specialised internet portal, one may quickly access the land records of their desired property by entering their name, the kind of property, and the location.





The National Land Records Modernization Program was replaced by the Digital India Land Record Modernization Program (DILRMP) by the Indian government in 2008. (NLRMP). This initiative was started to digitise land records and combat fraud involving real estate. Under the government-sponsored DILPMP initiative, Land Records, Cadastral Maps (BhuNaksha), Land Records Registration, and Land Records Mutation are all digitised. To prevent land disputes, settlement documents pertaining to the property are also updated online.

In India, about 90% of the states have digitalized their land records, and the other states are in the process of doing the same. By surveying property parcels, the government regularly updates these land records.

Indian individuals may now browse and download land records from any state from anywhere at any time thanks to digitization. People can avoid the inconvenience and time-consuming process of visiting government offices and standing in line to obtain the necessary information by checking land records online.

Continue reading to find out what information is contained in the online land record of a particular land lot.


Details Available in Digitised Land Records

Here are a few major details that you can find in the land records of a specific piece of property.

  • Area of the property
  • Location of the property
  • Size of the property
  • Records of Rights
  • Mutation Register
  • Register of Lands
  • Tenancy information
  • Disputed case register
  • Crop inspection register (in case of agricultural land)




List of Land Records in India: State-Wise Online Portals

To fetch any details related to land across various states in India one can log in to the below-mentioned websites –

State Land Record Name Website Link
Karnataka Bhoomi
Andhra Pradesh Meebhoomi
Bihar Bhulekh
Jharkhand Jharbhoomi
Gujarat AnyRoR
Punjab Punjab Land Record Society
Rajasthan Apna Katha/E-Dharti
Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta
Haryana Jamabandi
Himachal Pradesh Himbhoomi
Delhi Bhulekh
Maharashtra Bhulekh Mahabhumi
West Bengal Banglabhumi
Kerala E-Rekha
Telangana Dharani
Uttarakhand Bhulekh/Devbhoomi
Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh
Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh
Odisha Bhulekh
Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan
Assam Dharitree
Goa Goa Land Records
Manipur Louchapathap
Tripura Jami Tripura
Sikkim Land Revenue and Disaster Management


It is simpler for the government to acquire property for industrialisation and other improvements inside the state now that there are precise facts regarding land ownership thanks to digitalization. Every state’s revenue agency updates and maintains the information on all properties in India.


How to Check Digitised Land Records Using a Dedicated Online Portal

Here are a few simple steps to help you check digitised land records using a dedicated land records portal based on the location of your property.

  • Step 1: Most states have launched their online land records portals. You can visit the suitable online portal as per the location of your property.
  • Look for Online Land Records option available on the portal homepage.
  • Provide the required property-related information such as the district, tehsil, or village name.
  • Click on the Search or Find button to get the required land records information for your property.





Find below a few major benefits of digitalising land records in different states.

  • Transparency is maintained as the land records are available online, which has reduced fraudulent activities.
  • Digitization has made paying property tax mandatory every year
  • Ownership details are easily available and have given clarity over who is the rightful owner of the property.
  • Occupancy certificates and plan approvals can easily be done online.
  • The authenticity of the property can be checked easily, which has helped the buyer and developer. This has eased doing business in real estate.
  • It acts as a single window to maintain and handle land records, registration of properties, and updating geo maps.


The Bottom Line on Digitised Land Records

The digitization of land records makes it simple for property owners to quickly locate information about their land. Property purchasers may verify the information about their preferred properties before completing any transactions thanks to the procedure. This prevents them from engaging in any unauthorised real estate transactions.

If you intend to buy or rent a property, be sure to visit the appropriate land records portal and examine the digitised land records. This aids in your ability to make wise financial decisions.








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