Citronella Plant : Tips To Care For This Plant Naturally

Kharghar Citronella Plant : A citronella plant’s lovely pink blooms and lacy, green leaves make it the perfect choice for window boxes or outdoor pots.

Although Pelargonium citrosum, the citronella plant, shares its moniker with the grassy plant used to fend off mosquitoes, it is truly a fragrant geranium. One source of citronella oil is the citronella shrub. Although the scent of the citronella plant is distinctively comparable to that of grass, it is more lemony than green.

If you’re looking for a new plant for your yard this year, consider buying a citronella plant. Spring through early summer is the ideal time to arrange your potted plants. The citronella plant is ideal for window boxes or outdoor planters because of its lovely pink blooms and lacy, green foliage.


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Citronella plant: Key facts

Scientific name Pelargonium citrosum
Common name Citronella plant
Height 24 inches
Sunlight Full sun or part shade
Usage Bed borders, gardens, containers
Propagation Softwood cutting in spring, summer, autumn
Toxicity Toxic to dogs, cats, horses
Plant diseases Vine weevil, aphids glasshouse fly, root mealybugs



Citronella plant: Description

The geranium family plant, citronella, has a citrus fragrance in its foliage. The oil is wonderful to scent and may assist in naturally repelling insects when the leaves are pulverized and applied to the skin. (The plant itself has no repellent effect on pests.) Plants get their medium-green hue from lacy foliage. Growing erect to 2 to 3 feet in height, they can be used as a summer border or as one of several different textures in a garden arrangement or a sizable mixed pot.


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Growing Citronella plants

  • Choose where to trim. Use a set of shears or pruners to remove two to three centimeters from a healthy stem. The chopping process benefits from having two components. (the bumps that grow stems, leaves, and buds).
  • Take out all leaves but two. To enable the stalk to root, only two leaves should be left on the stem, preferably near the cutting’s tip.
  • The cutting should be placed lower end first in a small container of dirt. Maintain the leaves’ moisture by misting them frequently or by covering the clipping with a cherry tomato container’s top to produce a greenhouse effect. Plant germination is aided by an atmosphere that is adequately moist. You ought to have roots in a month!


Citronella plant: Maintenance

The citronella plant can be maintained indoors in a container, but it thrives outside more often than not. You should bring it indoors for the season if you reside in a colder climate.



More sunshine is beneficial for citronella plants because they can become lanky without it. Proper lighting results in a stronger shrub with more blooms. They are tolerant of direct sunshine but prefer bright, filtered light, which they can find, for example, in the shade of a tree or on the west side of your home, where the sun won’t be visible all day.



Citronella trees do well in a range of soil types. Pick a planting medium that keeps the roots wet between waterings, like one that contains peat moss. Growth can also be aided by a perlite, peat moss, and yard soil combination.


Humidity and temperature

Because they are hardy, citronella plants can endure temps between the upper 30s and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring the plant inside if it is below zero or over 90 degrees outside. Both situations carry the risk of doing the plant damage. According to Saltiel, they can also decay from high wetness levels; they prefer humidity levels between 40% and 70%.


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Watering and feeding Citronella plants

Kharghar Citronella Plant: Water

Do not depend on weather to hydrate your citronella plant, even if it is outside. Check the dirt frequently, and when the upper few inches appear dry, correctly water it. Don’t wait too long to do it. In conditions of severe dryness, the lower foliage will turn yellow and the elder leaves will drop off.



Kharghar Citronella Plant: Fertiliser

Summer flowering can be promoted by maintaining a thriving plant with fertilizer. It suggests fertilizing citronella plants once every month when they are vigorously developing in the spring and summer. Fertilizing should stop in the autumn. Choose a balanced fertilizer with magnesium for optimal growth.


How to overwinter Citronella plant

Moving your citronella plant indoors when the nighttime lows reach around 7 degrees Celsius is a good idea if you want to overwinter it because if you leave it outside below this temperature, it won’t be able to properly adapt to the interior growth techniques. Keep the plant in an area with abundant light when indoors. When the upper soil of the citronella plant becomes dry, water it. When nighttime temps rise above 7 degrees Celsius, remove the plant.


Citronella plants versus the citronella grass

There is a difference between citronella grass and citronella rose. Pelargonium citrosum is the plant name for citronella geranium, and Cymbopogon nardus or Cymbopogon winterianus is the technical name for citronella grass.

When fully grown, citronella grass can reach heights of six feet and a width of four feet. It forms in clusters. It has tall, erect leaves with a lance-like form that mimic grass blades.


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Kharghar Citronella Plant : Citronella plant: Uses

It has various uses as follows: –

  • As an insect deterrent
  • As a fungicidal agent
  • Deal with parasite diseases
  • To aid in wound healing
  • Improve mood or combat weariness


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