Decorations For Makar Sankranti At Home

Decorations For Makar Sankranti: Consider using these Sankranti decoration ideas at home to add even more distinctive touches to your holiday.

One of the most important holidays in the Hindu calendar, Makar Sankranti, commonly known as Sankranti, is dedicated to the Sun god. The start of a shift in climate occurs on this day, when the sun’s rays become more intense. It is a harvest celebration that marks the beginning of spring. One of the few holidays observed in harmony with the solar cycle, Makar Sankranti marks the sun’s arrival into the makar or Capricorn horoscope. This year, Makar Sankranti will be observed on January 14 and 15, when the sun enters Capricorn at the fortunate time of 8.21 p.m. on January 14,2023.



During this holiday, people get the chance to mingle, spread joy, and rejoice with loved ones. To give your property a nice appearance, you may employ a range of decorations.


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4 house decorations for Makar Sankranti


Decorating using rangoli for Makar Sankranti

Sanskrit for “a variety of colours” is “rangoli.” It is thought to elicit good fortune, success, and pleasure in the house as well as welcome guests. With time, rangoli art has also included originality and innovation. Making a rangoli pattern in front of your house for the specific festival occasion of Makar Sankranti would be one of the best Sankranti decorating ideas at home. Kite designs, geometric patterns, floral patterns, and other designs may all be made with rangoli in a number of ways.

Decorations For Makar Sankranti At Home

Making kites as decorations for Makar Sankranti

Using paper crafts, you may enhance the appearance of your home during the Sankranti festival. Colorful sheets may be use to make kites, or you can just bring additional kites for decoration. The front entrance, house walls, terrace walls, stair rails, dining room tables, etc. may all be used as mounting points for these kites. Additionally, you may create paper kite torans to hang from ceilings or roofs. Just remember to utilise other decoration ideas as well and to not go crazy with the kite theme.

Decorations For Makar Sankranti At Home



Flowers to decorate

For the Sankranti festival, utilise flowers to adorn the front porch and terrace of the house since they provide a highly colourful and entrancing appearance. Flowers may be utilise in a number of ways to adorn a room, such as to create flowering arches over doorways or to create rangoli patterns that resemble kites by mixing different colour flowers. Flowers may be use to spruce up the windows and railings within the home.

Decorations For Makar Sankranti At Home

Gift basket and a sweet thali.

Buy a beautiful thali, then fill it with presents, candy, and other goodies. Decorate them with flowers or little paper kites to make them seem more appealing. Maintain these thalis in a tidy manner. This is a practical suggestion since you may give these thalis as welcome gifts to home guests.

Decorations For Makar Sankranti At Home

First Makar Sankranti decoration

With these house décor ideas for Makar Sankranti, you can make your first festivities extra special. To start beautifying your living space, hang some drapes made from curtains, sarees, dupattas, or any other fabric. Choose a pattern or design that goes nicely with the holiday theme. It will be a beautiful setting for the puja. To improve the appearance, add flowers, lighting choices, and balloons.



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