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Property Card: By using property cards, the government has digitalized the department of land records. These digital cards give the precise information about the property owner as well as the ownership and transaction history related to it. By fulfilling the registration requirements on the state-owned land record website, one can obtain their property cards.

An electronic document with 16 MB of capacity called a “Property card” is used to hold important property-related data. This comprises, among other things, information on all previous transactions for a piece of land, prior owners, the survey number, the name of the community, and the lease rate. The smart card was introduced in order to increase transparency in land administration in general and to make the ownership title of a specific parcel of land more clear.

The innovative measure is anticipated to reduce fraud in real estate transactions and stop property encroachment. Additionally, it is view as a tool for reducing the amount of paperwork required for real estate transactions, which encourages individuals to spend generously in homes and land. Continue reading to learn more about the Property card and its importance.



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What is a Property card?

An individual’s land holdings are list on a Property card, an electronic card that is provide by the government. It was once known as ownership certificates, and only the particular magistrate office can issue them. The individuals may now, however, access the document via the relevant State government’s land record online.

The Property cards typically include information about the owner, the property’s area, the plot number, the district, taluka, and village, as well as any pending legal disputes. The paper was first made available to metropolitan regions only as a test project. The SWAMITVA programme, which stands for Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Regions, was nonetheless introduce by the Central Government in 2020 for rural areas as well.



The value of a property card

The State governments have created Property cards in response to the growing need for property information in digital format. This has emerged as one of the simplest methods for determining both a person’s status and the assets they own. Continue reading to see why a property card is important:

  • Due to the advent of Property Cards, land records are now easily accessible online with just one click, revolutionising the real estate industry.
  • The Property card also indicates whether the item is the subject of a legal proceeding, avoiding record-tampering.
  • One can also learn about the property’s prior transactions or ownership transfers.
  • This serves as admissible proof in court proceedings and protects the landowner from needless legal difficulty.


Is a Property card available online?

By enrolling on the applicable State government’s land registry or revenue website, anyone can get the Property card. To do this, one must sign in to the official website and register using their name, address, and birthdate.

The kind of land, type and sub-type of the property, colony location, block number, plot number, lease number. Information of the encumbrance certificate, and category of the property must all be entere after that. The system creates the property card a few days after submission.






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