Don’t they go home this Diwali due to COVID-19?

Here’s how you can have an epic diwali already

Diwali is a festival that gives each and every part of the family enthusiasm. 3 bhk flat for sale in kharghar, Diwali preparation starts weeks earlier, and entails too much love and togetherness for a few days. In major cities, we all live busy lives, and almost everyone looks forward to the Diwali festivities.

Don't they go home this Diwali due to COVID-19

It is impossible to ignore all the cheers in the air with this festival of lights nearly upon us. For others, it could cause fleeting feelings of isolation with lit-up streets, home delicacies, rangoli, diyas, and cards, particularly if you stay away from home.

But hey, don’t be scared! And without kin, there are still a lot of things you can do to have an epic Diwali. So let’s see, without any more delay, what all you can do to make this Diwali solo happen.

Decorate your house-Yeah, during Diwali, we know that decoration is a family affair, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it alone. The comprehensive decoration of your rental home will, in fact, instantly cheer you up. Go shopping, purchase some diyas, discover the colours of rangoli, change curtains, etc. The sky for this one is the limit!

The more you try to observe the traditional Diwali rituals, the less you can feel alone. Follow the rituals. Do you recall the Diwali puja at home, led by your parents? Even, do the same on your own. A perfect way to get into the emotions of Diwali!

Let food be your rescue-will you ever forget about Diwali’s lip-smacking delicacies? Get your favourite desserts and dishes, and on this day, don’t think about the calories added. Try to do better about it? Why not try cooking with your hands to making your own baked sweets?

Host a card party-Why not host your mates a little card party? Again, it is a very necessary Diwali tradition, and on this day, you will have some business. No Diwali solo evening for you anymore.

Don't they go home this Diwali due to COVID-19

Spread smiles to strangers-It certainly leaves you with more time than normal not to be with relatives. So, why not use this auspicious day to make the faces of complete people smile? Donate sweets to an NGO, clothing, or even money. For the underprivileged, express your blessings.

You have no idea how much dressing up would change the mood for you. Don’t forget to dress up. Buy yourself a new holiday outfit and a doll for the evening. Do spend a little time finalising your dress, lipstick, etc. During this festive season, it’s the most known hack to make the spirits fly high.

Spend time with friends-If you spend a significant amount of time outside your house, you’re sure to have a wide network of friends. Organize a little get-together, name them. This is what Diwali needs for fun-laughter, company, and good food.

Get into the groove-you know how much music tends to fill the uncomfortable void if you’ve been alone for a long time. Play your music of choice and let it blend with the atmosphere of your house. Diyas for darkness, and silence for song!

Make Rangoli-Without the colourful Rangoli, no Diwali is complete. Rather than buying a stencil frame or sticker, we strongly recommend making one yourself. It is a time-consuming job too, but it uplifts the mood. Let Rangoli’s colours fill your spirit, too!

Call your family-Call your family, last but not least. Make a call with a recording. How about calling them while you are at home doing your mini pooja? These little movements are big enough to drive away all the emotions of longing at home.

There are plenty of us who may not be able to go back home for Diwali, considering the present pandemic situation. Let’s not dampen our spirits, as the homecoming tradition synonymous with this festival is on hold. Granted, as we do back home, we won’t be able to make it perfect, but still, a happy one for sure!


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