During The Monsoons, How To Prevent Pet Odour In Your Home

Pet odour is a common problem for many who have pets at home, and it can get stronger and be more obvious during the rainy season. We examine various low-tech solutions to prevent this and maintain a fresh scent in your home all year long.

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Due to dampness & moisture in the air, a foul odour frequently permeates many homes during the rainy season. The smell will only get worse if you have a pet in your house. Account of saving a puppy from urchins who were abusing it.

There are various safe solutions to deal with pet odour at home. Not just during the monsoon season but all year round, for pet owners who are faced with this issue. However, throughout the monsoon season, they remained moaning about the persistent pet odour.

During the monsoons, how to prevent pet odour in your home


Simmering remedies to eliminate pet odour

“An easy, sustainable technique to improve the air quality in your house is to simmer aromatic spices, herbs, flowers, or fruits in a pot on the stove. Simply place fruit peels, such as apple, lemon, or cinnamon sticks, along with any other preferred spices or herbs, into a pot of boiling water. Allowing the smell to fill your home, lower the flame and then let it simmer.


Remove pet odour with a spray.

Essential oils can also be used to easily add aroma to any room’s air. Just a few drops of an essential oil can be added to a spray bottle of water. And then the mixture is sprayed around. As an alternative, you can lay wads of cotton or pieces of cloth inside the rooms after soaking them in water that has been prepared with an essential oil.

During The Monsoons, How To Prevent Pet Odour In Your Home


Maintain proper pet grooming

While using the scent of fragrant herbs and flowers to mask or lessen the overpowering pet odour may be acceptable. It is more crucial to maintain the pet clean and healthy. Pet hair has a smell, and it also contains oil, which draws dirt to the fabric on which it is placed. Therefore, it’s crucial to frequently brush, bathe, and clip your cat’s nails in order to keep both your pet & the environment clean. To remove pet hair, dust & clean your furniture every day. To make sure there isn’t an underlying health issue that is the source of the odour, have your veterinarian examine your pet on a regular basis.


Other age-old remedies for a fragrance house

Other quick and easy ways to keep your home clean, fresh and smelling good. While maintaining a safe environment for your family and pets include:

  • Traditional herbs are burned for the same reason in rural Maharashtra. You can burn some charcoal in a heavy cast iron frying pan and then spread fragrant dried herbs, seeds, roots, or powders that are readily available nearby. Alternately, put your choice in a skillet and heat it over a strong flame.
  • A hot tawa is used in many traditional Indian homes. To burn a mixture of one spoon each of neem, tulsi, dhoop, vavding, and chandan powders.
  • In cities, dried herbs like rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, and lavender are chosen over fresh plants like myrrh, frankincense, musk, and sandalwood for airing out a home.

During The Monsoons, How To Prevent Pet Odour In Your Home






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