Eight Documents That Must Be Included in Your Home Buying Process

Purchasing a home is more than a pipe dream for the majority of people. An individual devotes a large portion of their life to the purchase of a house. However, the home-buying process can be more difficult in practice, Your Home Buying Process, particularly for first-time home buyers. The documentation needed to vary depending on the type of property you choose to purchase. As a result, this article serves as a home buyer’s guide for those of you who are embarking on your first home purchase.

Your Home Buying Process

–  The Sale Deed

The Selling Deed is a necessary legal document that provides proof of the sale and transfer of property from the builder to the individual. Many times, years after purchasing a property, the individual can decide to sell the house[PK1] [WU2] for a variety of reasons, in which case, this paper is critical. The selling deed is normally executed before the sale agreement only after the parties involved have agreed to the terms and conditions detailed in the sale agreement.


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–  The Mother Deed

The Mother Deed is a valuable document that traces land ownership. When a buyer obtains a loan against a home, banks typically demand this paper. When developing this text, a person can seek assistance from local authorities.


– The Sale and Purchase Agreement

The Sale and Purchase Agreement includes a list of terms and conditions that both the buyer and seller have agreed to. The bargaining for the price of the flat is an outstanding example of this. The deal will include the agreed-upon price for the flat by both the buyer and the seller.


– The Building Approval Plan

Before starting work, the contractor must obtain the requisite sanctions under the terms of the Building Bylaws, Master Plan, and Local Body Acts. This sanction is comprised of two components: A) the Building Plan and B) the Layout Approval. One common error made by first-time homebuyers is failing to ensure that the architect follows the terms and conditions of the Building Plan and Layout Approval before purchasing the property. Noncompliance with the terms and conditions can result in negative consequences if the local authorities conduct spot checks, which are very normal in newer buildings.


– The Possession Letter

The Possession letter is a document created by the builder that specifies the date on which the buyers will take possession of the land. This record is produced in the builder’s name after receiving the Completion Certificate. This letter, however, does not constitute evidence of possession of the land. To do so, the home buyer must obtain an Occupancy Certificate.

Important Documents for home buying

– The Completion Certificate

The Construction Certificate (or Occupancy Certificate) is a paper that specifies that the structure was assessed upon completion and that it complies with all public corporation or local government authority regulations. This paper is necessary in order to obtain services such as water, power, and drainage. It is not suitable for first-time homebuyers to purchase a property without a Completion Certificate because the house would not be complete.

is considered criminal and can result in a conviction or even expulsion. In the event that the contractor fails to obtain a Completion Certificate, the buyer will contact the local corporation and request one.


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– The Khata Certificate

A Khata is basically a revenue paper that includes information about the land, such as its dimensions, location, and the area on which it is constructed, in order to pay property taxes. It is often used as identification and is needed when applying for a home loan. It is important to include the Khata Certificate in the home buying process since it is used to apply for electricity and water supply.


– The Allotment Letter

If you want to book a home that is still under renovation, you must have an Allotment Letter. It contains all of the information about the payment of the flat as well as any additional payments that you will have to pay for any additional services. This letter is important when applying for a bank loan since it specifies the price that the lender would pay.



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