Everything About Converting Agricultural Land To Residential Use

According to Indian land law, fertile land can only be used for agriculture. It is necessary to obtain permission from the authorities before using it for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. navimumbaihouses.com highlights the process of converting agricultural land for residential use in India.

Construction on agricultural land, regardless of who owns it, is only permitted after the land has been converted from agricultural to non-agricultural use. However, it is important to note that each state has its own set of land laws. Depending on the state, you must approach either the city planning authority or the revenue department to convert your agricultural land. Residents of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh, for example, must approach the revenue departments of their respective cities in order to convert agricultural land to residential use.

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Agricultural Land To Residential Use : What is the land conversion process?

Once you’ve decided to convert your land, the first and most important step is to file an application with the Commissioner of Land Revenue of the respective city authority. You must specify the purpose of the conversion in the application. Also ensure that the land is free of all encumbrances.


You must submit a copy of the following documents with your application:


  • Map of Identity Proof Surveys
  • In the event of inheritance, the RTC, i.e., the record of rights, tenancy, and crops, is used.
  • Documents on Mutation
  • Payment of land revenue received

If you do not have any of the documents, you can go to your city’s revenue department. Which keeps all of these records.


What is the time required for land conversion?

Only when the Deputy Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner issues a conversion order stating whether the land has been converted for residential, industrial, commercial, public, or semi-public use is the land said to be converted. In addition to the conversion order, the applicant must obtain a conversion certificate from the Tehsildar. Which confirms the order and the conversion conditions stated in the order.

When you submit the required paperwork. The collector verifies the documents’ authenticity and issues an order for a physical inspection of the site. This is typically a time-consuming process. In the absence of any strict time limits, it could take up to six months to receive conversion approval. However, according to the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966, you can obtain the conversion certificate within 90 days.

“Conversion of land from agriculture to non-agriculture can take anywhere between 3-6 months.” If the land is in a high-traffic area of the city. The process could take up to a year to complete. While converting agricultural land to industrial use takes relatively little time. Converting land to residential/commercial use can take a long time depending on the zone. It is critical to remember that land in the city’s green zone is reserved for forest purposes and cannot be converted.”


Agricultural Land To Residential Use : What are the fees associated with land conversion?

The conversion fee is determined by the type of property, its location, and the surrounding area. The conversion charges differ from one state to the next based on these factors. In Andhra Pradesh, for example. The conversion fee is three percent of the land value in order to obtain the land conversion certificate. In Haryana, however, the applicant must pay Rs 10 per square metre in conversion fees. Similarly, in Rajasthan, the conversion fee for agricultural land to residential land ranges between Rs 60 and Rs 200 per square yard. In Delhi, the conversion fee ranges from Rs 14,328 to Rs 24,777 per square metre. The conversion charge for purchasing a property in Bihar is 10% of the property value. As a reminder, you must keep the payment receipt for future reference.

It is also critical to understand that if any encumbrances are involved. A conversion application for agricultural land to non-agricultural (NA) land will be rejected immediately. If the land is to be converted, all dues and mortgages must be paid. Moreover, Furthermore, the applicant must keep in mind that converting agricultural land to residential use is not permitted if it falls within a zone designated for commercial development in the city’s master plan.




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