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Section 194J: The deduction of tax at source, often known as TDS, has shown to be a useful strategy for improving tax collection. TDS helps taxpayers by easing the burden of filing income tax returns and paying taxes. This is so that they can claim a credit for tax deductions at the source when filing their tax returns.

Paying for professional or technical services is one of the most common and significant sorts of payments for a business. Professional fees include phrases like legal fees, medical expenses, engineering fees, architectural fees, chartered accountant fees, interior designer fees, and advertising charges. Technological services include things like management, technical, and consulting services.

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Forms of Payments Covered By Section 194J

Financial assist in the following categories is thought to be cover under this section:

Services for Professionals

It describes the work that an individual engaged in the professions of architecture, engineering, medicine, or law does out in their official capacity. Accounting, interior design, marketing, technical consultation, and any other profession recognized by the Board in line with Section 44AA constitute additional services.

The types of professionals whose labor may be pay under Section 44AA include film artists, business secretaries, and authorize agents.

Along with athletes and event management, it also comprises presenters, hosts, officials, therapists, team doctors, and sports columnists.

Technical Support

It describes the managerial, consulting, or technical support services that a person offers to clients.

Technical services are not thought to encompass operations like assembling goods, working in mines, or constructing buildings because the earnings from these jobs would be add to the recipient’s overall pay.

Non-Compete Costs

According to Section 194J, non-compete fees are any financial or intangible compensation receive in exchange for a contract that forbids the disclosure of any patent, license, limit partnership, copyright laws, know-how, or other professional or business rights, procedure, or documentary evidence that is likely to be apply elsewhere for the purpose of the production process, ability to handle, or any other preliminary service.


The term “royalty” as used in this section refers to payment for the following:

  • Process of transferring legal ownership of a patent, an invention, a prototype, a design, or other intellectual property.
  • Use of anything, including inventions, models, and patents.
  • Any information regarding the use of technology, a patent, or a formula, among other things.
  • The ability to use the facilities for industrial, educational, or commercial purposes or the use of the technology for such purposes.
  • Transfer of rights to a work of literature, scientific discoveries, motion pictures, or video recordings for radio broadcast without payment for its sale, exhibition, or distribution.

Particular Section 194J Cases

According to the department’s case laws and circulars, the following situations may also qualify for a TDS deduction under Section 194J:

  • Services that hospitals offer in the area of medicine
  • Professional fees are taken from advertising businesses by in-demand film artists.
  • The sum paid to recruiting businesses and HR consultancy companies.
  • The sum that businesses pay registrars in exchange for their services.

Important Components of Section 194J

The most that may be apply to any single item or payment is 30,000 Indian Rupees, as state in Section 194J.

TDS must be deduct from commissions, bonuses, or fees paid to a director of a company even if the amount is not regard as a portion of that person’s primary income. The ceiling of Rs. 30,000 does not apply in cases like these.

Applying For TDS at A Discounted Fee

The person receiving payment may, in line with Section 197. Request a reduction in the TDS rate by filling Form 13 and sending it to the evaluate authority. Before a certificate is issue to the assesses stating a decrease in the TDS, the official evaluates the request and determines whether or not to accept it.

Section 194J Time Period For TDS Deposits

The following time restriction guidelines for the deposit of TDS must be follow in line with the section’s requirements:

  • Any TDS deduct in accordance with Section 194J must be deposit on the same day as the deduction.
  • TDS may be sent to the bank less than a week following the end of the month in which the tax deduction happen.
  • If a payment is made on the last day of the fiscal year, it must be paid within 2 months after that date.
  • The assessing officer may approve quarterly TDS deductions depending on the situation.

Consequences of a Late TDS Deduction

The following are the effects of failing to deduct the tax or deducting it after the deadline:

Deduction of a Percentage of the Cost

In accordance with this new regulation, 30% of all expenses will be disallow. But 30% of those that are prohibit will be entitle to refund when the TDS is pay.

Interest Collected Up Until the Payment Date

If tax is not pay on time, TDS and extra must be pay to the government combine. The procedure used to determine the interest rate is as follows:

  • If no tax breaks have been made, interest is due at a rate of 1% per month or portion thereof. Starting on the day that the tax was require to be deductible and extending until the day that real deductions have been made.
  • Interest must be pay at a rate of 1.5% per month or part of a month. Commencing on the day that the tax was delay and extending. Until the date that payment is made to the government. Where it has been withheld but not paid to the government. From the time the tax was delay until the payment is pay, this rule is in effect.






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