Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Tree Vastu

Crystal Tree Vastu: Vastu is a traditional Indian method for designing a peaceful environment in your house or place of business. And employing a crystal tree is one of the most well-liked methods to infuse your environment with uplifting energy.


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+ What is a Gem or Crystal Tree?
+ Gemstone Tree Benefits
+ Where to Put the Gem Tree?
+ Which Crystal Tree is Best for Home?
+ Wealth Tree
+ Citrine Crystal Tree
+ Red Jasper Tree
+ Amethyst Crystal Tree
+ Seven Chakra Crystal Tree
+ Green Aventurine Tree
+ Labradorite Crystal Tree
+ Red Carnelian Tee
+ Gomti Chakra Tree
+ Evil Eye Tree
+ Black Tourmaline Tree

We’ll discuss what a crystal tree vastu is, its advantages, and where to place one in your house or workplace in this blog article. So let’s get started and learn more about crystal tree vastu’s power.


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What is a Gem or Crystal Tree?

A current trend in home design is the crystal tree, often known as a gem or gemstone tree. They often have a wire frame that is decorated with different healing crystals, jewels, and precious stones. Many civilizations have employed crystal trees for thousands of years for their therapeutic and spiritual benefits.

A tremendous energy field may be created around crystal trees, according to the theory underlying them, and this energy field can be utilised to balance the energies in any given area.


Crystal Tree Vastu

These potent energies are said to draw wealth, success, and fortune into your life. Crystal trees also assist in removing unwelcome energy and promoting harmony and tranquilly in your house or place of business.

Gemstone trees provide a potent energy source of protection and healing energy by fusing various gems. Multiple crystal varieties combined together in a tree shape produce a potent energy field surrounding them because each type of crystal has distinct metaphysical capabilities.

Finding a crystal tree produced from genuine gems and stones is crucial while looking for one since fake ones provide a different amount of protection or energy augmentation than those created from real gems and stones.

Additionally, the size of the tree should be taken into account because larger pieces will provide stronger energy than smaller ones. If you intend to use your tree for Vastu reasons, it’s crucial to make sure you purchase from a reliable supplier who is familiar with the Vastu concepts.





Gemstone Tree Benefits

Gemstone trees are the perfect ornamental item for any house or company since they provide a number of advantages. Additionally, it is said that the healing qualities of gemstones are magnified when coupled with a tree.

Gemstone trees may encourage good vibes, foster a welcoming environment, and shield against bad vibes.

Crystal Tree Vastu

  • Ability to draw riches and abundance-It’s claimed that crystals and jewels have potent energy-attracting properties that can help you attract money and success into your life. You may promote good vibrations that will aid in the manifestation of your desires by planting a gemstone tree in your residence or place of business.
  • Crystals are recognised for their purifying and protecting properties, which help remove fear, anxiety, anger, stress, and other types of negativity from a room. They also have the ability to bring peace and harmony into a location. They also encourage peace, tranquilly, and relaxation, which contribute to the environmental balance.
  • Additionally for Vastu—the age-old Indian practise that uses the principles of environmental design to promote optimum health. Finding a crystal tree composed of real stones and purchasing from a reliable merchant who is familiar with Vastu principles are essential when looking for one for Vastu reasons.

As a result of its many advantages, gemstone trees are an ideal ornamental piece for any office or home environment. They have the ability to cleanse bad energy, create environmental harmony, and, if desired, support Vastu practises in addition to attracting riches and prosperity into one’s life.



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Where to Put the Gem Tree?

Vastu principles and your specific requirements should both be taken into account while planting a crystal tree in your residence or place of work. The Vastu philosophy emphasises the importance of object placement in achieving a balance between the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

A stunning and potent talisman that may bring luck and prosperity into your life is the Feng Shui crystal tree. To enhance the crystal tree’s beneficial energy, it is crucial to first arrange it correctly.

It is generally believed that a crystal tree should be put in a room or workplace where its healing energy would be most beneficial. They may, for instance, position their gemstone tree in their wealth corner (also known as the north-east corner) to attract money and abundance. An energy-purifying gemstone tree, on the other hand, need to be positioned in the middle of the building.

It is advised to put the crystal tree there on a table, desk, or shelf. For optimal advantage, keep the tree clear of obstacles and visible.


Crystal Tree Vastu

The crystal tree may also be positioned in your workstation, office, or bedroom. If used in the right spot, it might give the person a sense of prosperity and richness. Make sure the tree is in the corner of the room you’ve picked, but keep it away from the bed.

A crystal tree’s good energy and vibration may also be increased by putting it next to windows, doors, and mirrors.

When choosing a location for your crystal tree, it’s crucial to take your emotions into account. The location of your gemstone tree may be appropriate if, for instance, some portions of your room make you feel more at peace and calm than others.

A crystal tree may also assist produce pleasant vibes in any locations that you avoid due to low energy or other problems, such as clutter.



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Which crystal tree is ideal for your home?

The crystal tree is a well-liked choice for combining the usage of crystals in your house. These ornamental items are available in a range of sizes and forms, and each type has special qualities that make it suitable for a range of uses. Here are the top five choices to assist you choose the ideal crystal tree for your house.


Wealth Tree

It’s stated that this lush tree will fill your home with success and plenty. When positioned next to a doorway or entryway, this tree made of jade leaves and citrine stones is thought to draw riches and success.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Tree Vastu


Citrine Crystal Tree

The Citrine Crystal Tree is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to infuse their home with uplifting energy. It has yellow light-emitting citrine stones that are naturally occurring and can assist to inspire optimism and self-assurance while bringing joy into your life.




Red Jasper Tree 

According to legend, red jasper trees have grounding properties that provide equilibrium in any space they are put in. Red Jasper is a great choice if you need more inspiration or motivation because it also stabilises emotions while fostering creativity.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Tree Vastu




Amethyst Crystal Tree

Because of their well-known relaxing effects, amethyst trees are ideal for bedrooms or other places where stress alleviation is required. Their lavender colour helps to keep you calm and at peace while also preventing bad energy from entering your environment.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Tree Vastu


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Seven Chakra Crystal Tree

This unusual tree has seven chakras along its trunk, which stand for the energy centres in our body. This crystal tree may be placed in any area and will assist to create harmony in your house by balancing your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and other bodies.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Tree Vastu



Green Aventurine Tree

Because of its relaxing influence and capacity to foster equilibrium in the house, this evergreen stands out. When maintained in the bedroom or living space, it is thought to draw success and wealth and decrease stress. This kind of crystal tree is perfect for big families since it also fosters communication among family members.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Tree Vastu


Labradorite Crystal Tree

They are renowned for their healing abilities, which aid in displacing bad energy in the house with constructive ones. When positioned in specific parts of the home, they are also said to improve psychic powers and intuition. Because labradorite crystals are blue-grey in colour, they complement other crystals on display beautifully.





Red Carnelian Tree

It stands for bravery, fortitude, and safety—all traits necessary for a peaceful home atmosphere. Carnelian is also renowned for its anchoring energy, which aids in maintaining people’s concentration on attaining their goals without becoming deterred by other influences or challenges.

This crystal tree, when planted throughout your home, will provide protection from bad energy while fostering harmony and stability.



Red Carnelian Tree

It has a spiral of small discs that resemble coins, and it’s thought to draw good energy into the space. This kind of crystal tree is frequently utilised to defend against bad energies or to cleanse them from certain areas. Additionally, it is a stunning complement to any home’s décor because of how attention-grabbing and energising its vivid hues are.



Evil Eye Tree

Another popular option for individuals seeking to ward against ill fortune and infuse their homes with more uplifting energy. Multiple eyes that peer down from the branches of this unusual structure are intended to guard off harmful influences from the outside world.

The Evil Eye Tree also has some spiritual advantages since it may facilitate connection between you and higher spiritual entities, who can then direct you in life.



Crystal Tree Vastu : Black Tourmaline Tree

They are renowned for having the capacity to insulate and defend against harmful energy. It is claimed to be incredibly beneficial for both physical and mental well-being while detoxifying one’s environment.

A ancient Indian approach to architecture and design known as Crystal Tree Vastu encourages balance and harmony in buildings such as residences, offices, and other constructions. Unlike many other types of architecture, it takes into account the environment’s spiritual energy and aims to design a place that promotes the flow of good energy.

It highlights the significance of harmony-creating concepts including symmetry, proportion, and direction.





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