Everything You Need To Know About Hardwood & Its Features

Hardwood & Its Features: As the name implies, hardwood is the strongest type of naturally growing wood. In comparison to softwood, these are more durable and will last for decades. The only disadvantage is that it is less resistant to moisture and termites. Popular hardwood trees such as oak, walnut, maple, and mahogany are the primary raw materials used in the global furniture industry.

Hardwood is the most commonly used raw material in the furniture industry. Because of their closely-knit cell structure, which provides density and hardness, these are preferred over other wooden materials. However, due to overcutting, hardwood trees have begun to deplete, resulting in an ecological imbalance. Learn more about the uses and costs of hardwood:

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What exactly is hardwood?

Hardwood is an angiosperm tree-derived organic natural wood. The hard trunk and branches of hardwood trees are used to make this wood. To provide toughness, the cells within the wood are densely packed, and the grain structure is also very close-knit. The larger the heartwood, the tougher the tree. The hardwood is derived from deciduous trees like oak, walnut, and teak. The main reason for calling it hardwood is its hard structure, which makes it an excellent choice for the furniture industry.



What’s the distinction between hardwood and softwood?

Here are some key distinctions between hardwood and softwood:

Parameters Hardwood Softwood
Origin Obtained from angiosperms that have broad leaves and are categorised as deciduous trees. Obtained from gymnosperms whose leaves are needle-shaped.
Internal structure Heartwood covers a large area and sapwood is small. Heartwood covers a small area and sapwood is comparatively large.
Sustainability These cause more damage as the trees do not grow straight. The trees grow straight and tall, thus leading to low wastage.
Toughness These are hard and tough, thereby making them difficult to cut or split These are soft and less dense as compared to hardwood, which makes them easy to cut.
Durability Owing to its strength, it is used to produce durable furniture that is highly resistant to fire. These are less durable and thus used to make thin boards, and paper, among others
Cost As they have high durability, these are the most expensive. These are quite affordable.


Hardwood & Its Features: What exactly are hardwood trees?

Hardwoods are a type of tree that is botanically classified as an evergreen angiosperm. When it comes to characteristics, these are fruit and flower-bearing trees with broader leaves. These, unlike their softwood counterparts, go dormant in the winter. Some popular hardwood tree species, such as teak, oak, maple, and mahogany, are also deciduous.

When it comes to the internal structure, the heartwood is extensive. They have vessels and pores that allow for easy movement within the cells. These trees grow at a much slower rate than softwoods, and they never grow straight and tall.



Hardwood prices in India

Here is the price list for the different types of hardwood:

Hardwood type Price in India
Satin wood Rs 1,500 per cu ft
Teak Rs 2,900 per cu ft
Sal wood Rs 1,500 per cu ft
Mahogany Rs 2,500 per cu ft
Mulberry wood Rs 2,500 per cu ft
Deodar Rs 2,500 per cu ft


Hardwood & Its Features: Uses of hardwood

Hardwood is commonly use for the following purposes:

  • The most common application of hardwood is to create furniture with royal aesthetics.
  • It is preferred for flooring due to its durability and tough finish.
  • Hardwoods like mahogany and oak are also use to make musical instruments like acoustic guitars.
  • Mahogany, oak, and maple are some of the best hardwoods for designing kitchen cabinets.






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