Everything You Should Know About Property Disputes & How To Avoid Them

Property conflicts are common in India, particularly in areas such as Chennai, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Bengaluru, where property rights have increased and will continue to grow. Similarly, the frequency of conflicts waged for money has climbed over decades, from low-income households to the higher echelons. Such conflicts take time and frequently result in litigation (property line disputes), with each case varying in difficulty.


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What exactly are property disputes?

A property dispute is a type of legal argument about real estate. Property conflicts are sometimes cause by disagreements about property lines (boundaries), liabilities for construction repairs, obstructed views, lawful ownership, zoning problems, and who is at responsible for property damage.

A property dispute might involve any type of real estate, from houses and apartments to vacant lots and roads. Property disputes can include a wide range of persons, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Tenants\Neighbours
  • Visitors and trespassers on the land
  • The family’s members
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Governmental agencies


Typical sorts of property conflicts

When real estate is acquire, sold (conflict property for sale), or lease, a contract is involve (disputes between landlord and tenant). Tenants agree to pay their rent on time and in accordance with the lease terms; landlords agree to provide upkeep and enable the tenant to use the property; and purchasers agree to pay a certain fee to the seller in return for the property’s rights under property dispute law. If someone fails to fulfil their duties, they may be held in breach of contract, and the other party may seek compensation for their losses.

Everything You Should Know About Property Disputes & How to Avoid Them

Real Estate Fraud Property Disputes

Fraud may occur in any industry, including real estate. When one party to a deal falsely advertises their property and injures another party, such as by concealing details about the property’s condition, this is referre to as real estate fraud. Make an effort to avoid any contested property.

Boundary Disputes – Boundary disputes with neighbours

Neighbors sometimes get into disputes when they differ about where the property line is. Frequently, property lines are not demarcated, or a practical property limit surpasses the legal line. Continue reading to learn more about the land conflict between brothers.


Conflicts Between Co-Owners (Joint property ownership disputes – family disputes over property)

In India, land disputes between brothers are widespread. Some real estate is owne by more than one individual. When co-tenants, joint tenants (property disagreement between siblings and sisters), or partners disagree on a property issue, a co-owner conflict might arise. If the property is sold, a co-owner who pays more than their fair share of property expenditures (for example, a property dispute between husband and wife) may be entitled to seek a lien on the other co-interest owner. At all costs, joint property conflicts must be avoided.


Disagreements concerning certain performance characteristics

A particular performance property dispute (land conflict law) may arise when a party to a real estate transaction fails to perform a substantial activity stated in the contract. Unlike other forms of contract disputes, specific performance compels the breaching party to fulfil their commitments rather than seeking to settle the issue with money. Courts typically accept particular performance where the topic of the contract is unique or the exact amount of damage is uncertain.


Property Disputes: Property conflict causes

Family property conflicts may take many forms. The majority of the centre of the dispute on the title to immovable property. The statement “a person has excellent title to the property” refers to the individual’s right to enjoy the property’s rights or interests, such as ownership, usage, and rental revenue. To prove the property’s title, you must submit relevant documentary proof.

Claims from legal heirs (family land disputes), co-owners, easement rights conflicts, false representation by the seller, insufficient description of the land in the title deed, and other causes can all lead to property troubles.

A conflict may also arise if one of the transaction’s parties refuses to execute his or her share of the contract after receiving the earnest money or advance money and contacts another buyer for consideration. In this instance, the preceding purchaser may file a lawsuit to challenge the property’s title. Disagreements may also arise as a result of developer delays in delivering apartments to customers.

Another typical source of contention arises when property is acquire through a gift or a will. In such cases, a party may allege that the procedure of transferring property by will or gift is illegal. Problems might arise when a purchaser purchases an inherited property without being aware that it is an inherited property.

Inherited property may be subject to the terms of the will, probate, letters of administration, or succession certificate. Land dispute legislation exists to protect law and order in every scenario.

Everything You Should Know About Property Disputes & How to Avoid Them

How may property conflicts be avoided?

Property Disputes: Look for a title.

Before acquiring a property, do a thorough verification and research of its title records for at least 30 years. The title search and property verification are normally carry out by an advocate or a qualify title investigator. Another way to confirm that the property is legally sound is to see whether it has been authorised by major banks. Banks will only approve properties that have legal permissions and adequate documentation.


Plans that have received approval

You should ask the builder for the authorised plan and compare it to the actual built-up area. This is important since, in many circumstances, the approved plan does not match to the built area, making such a construction unlawful.


Property Disputes: Inheritance

Before investing in inherited property, ensure that the beneficiary’s name is change in the relevant government or revenue records, depending on the kind of property. Ascertain that such a property was conveyed by will, probate, letter of administration, or succession certificate, or by any mutual agreement. If there is no will, ensure that the property is distribute in accordance with the applicable succession rules.


Dates for the sale agreement

Check that the date on the stamp papers matches the date of the title document transfer.


Property Disputes: Municipal approvals

Ascertain that your house plan has gotten all of the essential licences from the various departments of the municipal corporation. Check with the appropriate departments to determine whether any licences are necessary.


Property Disputes: How do you settle a property dispute?

Property issues can be settle by mutual understanding and discussion or through litigation. The following are some ways for preventing or settling a property dispute:


Make use of signage or construct obstacles.

If you live in an area with a lot of open space, you may help by erecting fence or putting up a sign that reads “private property.” These locations may be encroached upon in the future. Tags or constructing fences around your property might deter intruders from entering without authorisation. This would also reduce the possibility of a conflict.


You might call any land surveyor.

A land surveyor has greater expertise than the typical person and can help you understand your property borders better. A land surveyor may assist you in determining the precise length of your property line so that you and your neighbour do not end up in court.


5 Property Investment Elements in India

The number of property conflicts in India is astounding. Only roughly 66% of the cases ongoing in India’s civil courts are related to property disputes. Three-quarters of all cases handled by India’s highest court are related to the same issue. Finding solutions to this problem is critical for us as a nation since land is so fundamental to the growth of a developing country like India, which also happens to be the world’s second-most populated country. A lot may be done if a person is cautious when engaging in real estate transactions.


Financial Capacity And Risk Profile

It is critical to select an investing plan based on your long-term investment goals. To do so, first assess your financial status and ability to acquire an investment property, as well as the degree of risk you are willing to accept as an investor.

It is recommende that you seek the assistance of a knowledgeable financial investment professional. Obtaining counsel at a low cost might sometimes be expensive in the long term. Spending substantial time studying a property is essential for making a more sophisticated, trustworthy, and sensible investment.


Property Disputes: Property Investing Organization

A successful property investing strategy and portfolio need a great deal of combined expertise. The significance of locating property investors with a personal track record cannot be emphasise. Investment advisers include accountants, financial advisers, and mortgage brokers.

People who do not share your interests should be avoide. Property promoters and so-called experts are frequently unaware of market fundamentals, which can have a substantial influence on your investment.


Property Disputes: Property Market of Preference

Once you’ve settled on your investment strategy, you’ll need to determine what sort of neighbourhood would be appropriate for purchasing your dream house. While there are many properties on the market at any one moment, they may not be the ideal investment for your home in terms of location. Certain locations must be picked base on geography, possible capital, and demographic composition. Never buy a home solely based on whether or not you intend to live there.


Make the finest possible property investment.

After you’ve decided on a location, think about the sort of property that would best suit your investment plan. Remember that no two roads or lanes are alike. Properties near hospitals, lakes, schools, metro stations, and other amenities will be in higher demand and thus dominate in the future when it comes to selling. When spending huge sums of money in a new neighbourhood, for example, two factors must be considere: walkability and ease of access to needs.


Property Disputes : Property worth

You must also make certain that you do not overpay for your home after identifying the necessary parameters. The best option is to employ a real estate investment professional who is knowledgeable with the region and can give you an estimate of how much the property is worth.

Successful real estate investors recognise that their research of the land does not end after they have acquired it; rather, they must do a yearly evaluation of their performance to ensure there are no possible threats. This section includes information on how to create your investment ownership and manage investment debt.

The most prevalent types of property disputes arise from dissatisfy beneficiary who may have gotten a lesser piece of the property. Property obtained by illegal means, such as coercive possessions, complaints and litigation, forgeries, and so on, might give rise to problems. The only option to resolve such a situation is to go to court. Property conflicts (real estate litigation) on the other hand, can linger in the courts for years or even decades, from the lowest to the highest levels. To some extent, finding an agreed arrangement will assist to handle such problems. Do you require additional information on this subject? 


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