Explore Gandhi Market In Bombay To Indulge In Some Retail Therapy.

Gandhi Market In Bombay: Mumbai’s Gandhi Market is a well-known place to buy. To get all the information, keep reading.

There are a number of renowned retail districts in Mumbai with affordable rates. The Gandhi Bazaar is one such marketplace. You can find a large selection of ready-made clothing in the Gandhi Market. The finest items to choose from this store are those for women. Go through this piece to learn all the specifics about this well-known market in Bombay if you want to explore it.


What makes Gandhi Market so well-known?

The Gandhi Market is renowned for its astounding selection of ready-made clothing. There is a wide selection of affordable women’s trendy clothing on the market.


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Where is the Gandhi Bazaar located?

Mumbai’s Gandhi Market is readily reachable from many locations throughout the city.

Rail: The King Circular train stop is not far from this market. From the train stop, it takes 2 minutes to stroll to the market.

By bus: In addition, the market is conveniently located close to important BEST bus stations like Bandra, Dadar, etc. You can get to the Gandhi Market by taking some well-known bus lines, such as the 22LTD, 25LTD, 351, 7LTD, 85, 9, C-10, C-521, etc.

By cab: You can use a taxi to get to the market, but you should avoid driving your own vehicle there because you might encounter heavy gridlock.


Timings of the Gandhi Market

Opening time: 9:00 AM

Closing time: 8:30 PM

Closed day: Monday




What should I do in Gandhi Market?

Here are some well-known stores in the Gandhi Market where you can find great bargains.

  • One of the most well-known shops where you can find ready-made shirts, kurtas, dresses, dupattas, etc. is MK Boutique. All of those come in a variety of colours and patterns. There are also different price points accessible. Be sure to note the shop’s number, 55.
  • Sarnagat Singh Cloth Store: Another well-known retailer of ready-made clothing is Sarnagat Singh Store, which can offer you the highest quality dress fabrics in addition to ready-made clothing. The stores have numerals 95 and 96.
  • Ahuja’s: In Ahuja’s, you can find fashionable kurtas, sarees, and other clothing for ladies. These are all reasonably priced and of high calibre. The store is located at 107.


Gandhi Market In Bombay : Where to eat in Gandhi Market?

Don’t fail to stop at one of the neighbourhood eateries or street food vendors while exploring the Gandhi Market for some delectable fare. Here are some well-known locations where you can find delicious food:

  • Both vegetarians and meat eaters will enjoy the cuisine at the New Dawn Restaurant because it is so reasonably priced. This eatery is well known for its Asian cuisine.
  • The Bake House: If you’re looking for high-quality bakery goods like cakes, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods, you must visit the Bake House. Here, you can purchase newly made pastries and cakes. Everyone can afford the price level.
  • Anju’s Restaurant: This establishment is well-known for both regional cuisine and different Indian specialties. You can pause your buying to sample some excellent cuisine.
  • Tanda ka Funda: The finest item in the tanda ka funda is beverages. In addition to drinks, you can purchase Asian cuisine and fast food at this location.




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