Explore these simple exterior house ideas for your dream home.

When it comes to designing our dream home, we usually focus on the inside design and decoration, forgetting that it is the outside of the home that we will travel up to at the end of the day. A beautiful exterior in India with a stylish window slab design will certainly stand out and represent the home’s outside design.

Explore these simple exterior house ideas for your dream home.

We’ll show you how to locate some basic exterior home designs in this article. These ideas are becoming increasingly popular in basic Indian home exterior design listings.


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Cape Cod is a town on the coast

Since the 16th century, it has been a popular design in the United States. And it is growing in popularity in India. Outside, Cape Cods features a simple home-style without minimal details, such as huge window slabs and simple grey tiles. Which are accessible in India. This is the best house with a porch design in India if you really want a light and airy home.


Exterior with a great contrast

 This is for individuals who wish to make statements. It is among the most modest yet beautiful exterior designs of any Indian home. To make this modest stone, cement, and brick exterior appear beautiful and engaging, a pop-up proposal is to utilize deep black brick and a slanting window grill design.

Explore these simple exterior house ideas for your dream home.


Exterior in the style of a Haveli

This simple Indian house outside design is for those who wish to add a sense of tradition to their home’s exterior. This home exterior design is not only basic, but it also has a vintage vibe to it. With jaali work on the balcony fence, jharokha windows, and a stone-coated façade, it has a vertically climbing facade that emulates the design of previous era Havelis.


The exterior is green.

This basic exterior is ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside. Allow nature to take over and become a part of the house’s exterior! Small and huge shrubs and trees shade the slate stone and concrete residence, which would be enclosed by a metal fence and terrace fence.

Explore these simple exterior house ideas for your dream home.


The outside is contemporary/modern.

A home with a glass front offers a sleek and modern appearance. These homes frequently emphasize a strong connection between the inside and the outdoors, with large toughened glass panels that let natural light enter.


The exterior of a cottage or small town

This house exterior is for those who want a basic look for their comfortable home. This exterior design is characteristic of small towns, with stone, concrete, and plaster walls, wrought iron railing on the terrace, slanting roof covered in roof tiles, porch, stone and grass walkway, and industrial-style lighting protecting the gates. This exterior design is ideal for those in India who wish to add a porch to their property.


The outside has a mushroom tone.

The strong and durable mushroom-toned cement plaster. Delicate simple glass windows and doors, manicured lush green lawn, stone walkway, and white garden furniture give the house an outside modern touch.


The exterior of a farmhouse

These simple and practical homes were initially erected on-farm areas. Farmhouses in India have a variety of porch forms, dormer windows, and native stone or timber. This home’s aesthetic is heavy on basics and worn finishes, with a simplified interpretation of many styles and inspirations.


The exterior has a royal feel to it.

The house’s outside design/exterior gives it a royal look. Which is emphasized by groomed grass, a sun logo inscribed on the stone platform, and a statue of a flying bird above. If you really want to give your home a regal touch, that’s the ideal Indian house exterior design for you.


Lateral Design

Pitman Tozer’s award-winning architectural design in ecological Kebony An 1850s Victorian house was turned into a large. light-filled five-bedroom family home with a roof terrace, a rebuilt south-facing garden, and an exquisite new structure due to clear cladding. This large restoration, designed to meet the needs of a repeat client, optimizes the site’s potential. The materials used in the terraced back expansion and annex blend nicely with the original home. resulting in a smart and cohesive ensemble.


Immersion in the Natural World

This lovely family house on the south coast of the Western Isles was built as part of the Nation Channel 4 show Grand Designs. It merges in with its natural environment owing to beautiful. eco-friendly Kebony wood decking and paneling. Which has been inspired by nature, international modernism, and architect Mies van der Rohe’s renowned Farnsworth House’s open-plan simplicity. “We took our time determining which components to utilize that is both sustainable and enduring,” said architect Linc Miles. We picked Kebony because of its natural looks and lack of upkeep. As an architect and specifier, I hope to work with Kebony again during the future.”


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