Faults In Vastu Shastra That You Should Not Overlook While Purchasing A Property

Faults In Vastu Shastra: While it is impossible for all properties to be completely Vastu Shastra compliant, we have listed the flaws that property purchasers should not overlook.

Is it possible for every apartment place up for sale to meet Vastu Shastra standards? No, it does not! So, how can property purchasers choose which flats to buy and which to avoid based on Vastu principles?


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According to Vastu experts, purchasers should prioritise the most significant Vastu principles and create alternate arrangements or modifications for building features that do not correspond to Vastu.

“The organisation of different spaces in our home should follow Vastu principles.” Otherwise, it may cause mental distress, health concerns, and other problems in the occupants’ lives. “One should purchase a property that meets at least 70% -80% of Vastu criteria.”


Faults In Vastu Shastra: Vastu rules that a buyer should consider while purchasing a property include:


  • ·         Choose a home with all four corners intact, that is, with no corners clipped.
  • ·         Avoid residences with a south-west orientation.
  • ·         The staircase should always be taken clockwise and never in the north-east direction.
  • ·         The kitchen should face south-east or north-west. It should not be oriente north-east.
  • ·         The main bedroom should be facing south-west. It should not be pointing south-east.
  • ·         Toilets should be oriented north-west. It should not be oriente north-east.


Faults In Vastu Shastra: Vastu solutions for properties with serious Vastu flaws

A substantial majority of Vastu flaws may be correct, according to Vastu specialist.

“Problems relating to the incorrect placement of bathrooms, kitchens, or stairs, especially if they are create in the north-east and the main entrance of the home is in the south/south-west direction, cannot be totally remedied without destruction.” 


Faults In Vastu Shastra: Some significant flaws can be fix with pyramids or crystals.


Traditional techniques of correction, such as mirrors, colours, and specific metallic wires, can also be employe depending on the individual circumstance.

One can even destroy the incorrect region and rebuild it appropriately. However, this may come at a high cost in terms of money, time, and complications.


Faults In Vastu Shastra

Another Vastu flaw is the presence of high voltage lines running through a home. According to astro-numerologist. “incorporating a plastic pipe filled with lime, from one corner of the affected area to the other, in such a manner that both ends remain outside by at least three feet each, will eliminate the negative effects of energy generated by the overhead wire.”

Finally, experts advise homeowners not to neglect Vastu flaws that do not need structural adjustments, since they may be remedied by making interior improvements.


Faults In Vastu Shastra: Vastu flaws that you can correct after purchasing the property-

  • ·         Furniture that is oriented incorrectly.
  • ·         Colors that are inappropriate, especially the flooring.
  • ·         Cooking instructions.
  • ·         Toilet basin placement.
  • ·         The puja room was pointed in the wrong way.
  • When relocating to a new house, it is also vital to examine the auspicious time to enter the house, or Griha Pravesh Muhurat, to bring good luck.






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