Feng Shui Flying Star Chart for Structures: Definition, Uses & More

Feng Shui Flying Stars guides you through the presence and variations of both positive and negative energy in your living area, much like a cosmic GPS. These stars function similarly to influences; some may draw positive energies like prosperity and luck, while others may draw negative energies like illness and tragedy.

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According to Feng Shui, these stars on the Flying Star Chart are crucial. Another name for the chart is the Xuan Kong Fei Xing. It has nine stars, each of which stands for a distinct type of energy. These stars move across the nine sectors of a building, creating different energy combinations that impact the overall Feng Shui of the structure.


Feng Shui Flying Star Types

Feng Shui flying stars come in two varieties: timely and untimely. It has to do with how specific stars line up with the current era. Each lead is represents by a number in a system of numbers that is relate to the concept.

Timely stars: Timely stars are great stars that align with a structure to attract beneficial energy. A star is timely if its number coincides with the time of day. For instance, the number 8 star is seen as appropriate and auspicious if the period is 8.

Star of the moment: These stars are, as their name suggests, momentous. They could present difficulties and are less favourable. When a star’s number is out of sync with the present era, it is considers untimely. Any star number other than 8 is deem untimely during the period of 8.


The Essential Elements of Feng Shui Flying Stars

Lo Shu Square: The Flying Star Chart is based on Lo Shu Square, a 3×3 grid with the numbers 1 through 9 as its foundation. There is a star for every number, and the yearly movements of the stars affect the dynamics of energy.

Monthly and Annual Stars: There are two types of flying stars: monthly and annual. The annual stars change positions annually, which affects the overall energy of a building. Monthly stars impact the energy once a month and have shorter cycles than their name suggests.


Flying Star Numbers in Feng Shui 2024

In Feng Shui, the numbers 1 through 9 stand in for the flying stars, each of which carries unique attributes and energies. These numbers are use to indicate positive and negative areas in a chart that is superimpose onto a Lo Shu nine-square grid or the floor plan of a house. The base star, facing star, & seated star are the three numerals found inside each Lo Shu square or palace.

The following is a synopsis of the attributes associate with each flying star:

One: A white star that denotes brilliance and achievement.

Two: The disease star, a black star.

Three: A blue star bringing disputes and legal troubles.

Four: A green star that represents intelligence and knowledge.

Five: The least fortunate star, a yellow one linked to misfortune.

Sixth: A white star that brings job advancement and fortune.

Seven: A red star with robbery and violence on it.

Eighth: A white star that is thought to be the luckiest and is linked to wealth and prosperity.

Nine: The celebration star is a purple star that rules all things lucky.


Layout of the Feng Shui Flying Star Chart

A compass is used to define the chart layout. Each star is represents by a certain number, and the design is typically display on the Lo Shu Square, a nine-grid square. An alternative is to utilise a bagua overlay of the house plan. Each sector or grid square has three numbers that are determine by the compass reading. Like heavenly stars, flying stars are always in motion and undergo ongoing change over time. This dynamic quality gives Feng Shui practice a special dimension.


Determining the Feng Shui Flying Stars’ Course

Flying stars in feng shui have varying time periods; they can move annually, monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly. A lot of practitioners would rather concentrate on monthly and annual charts. These stars have a pattern that resembles the Sign of Sigil or the Symbol of Nine Kings.

Flying stars are use by feng shui practitioners to evaluate the energy flow in a building and determine possible effects on occupants. Flying stars migrate over time, shifting to other sectors and changing the general dynamics of energy, which is reflect in the chi energy.

Among the essential components and factors of Feng Shui flying stars for buildings are:

Annual Flying Stars: It’s important to monitor the annual movements of flying stars. There are workable yearly solutions accessible to deal with possible problems. Ignoring these treatments may result in issues in particular domains, bringing about mishaps, monetary losses, or health problems.

House’s Birthdate: The birthdate of the house is determines when building is finished. This date can change with major renovations, but it normally stays the same.

Customized Perspectives for Every Family Member: When constructing the flying star feng shui chart, practitioners examine each member of the family separately. Every individual is given a personalize chart that shows the best locations at home for different kinds of activity.

House Period Number: The Chinese calendar’s period number, which spans 20 years, is crucial to understanding feng shui flying stars. For example, the feng shui features of a house are shaped by Period 8 (2004 to 2024), which corresponds with the year of completion.


Feng Shui Flying Star Chart Types

Twenty-Year Chart: This serves as a basic guide for selecting the ideal fit for your home or place of business. Using the completion date as the basis for the house’s birthdate, it illustrates how the stars have shaped the structure over twenty years.

Annual Flying Star Chart: They help maintain positive energy in your space all year long. You can improve aspects of your life that are connected to your work, education, health, wealth, family, mentors & relationships by using it to help detect and resolve unfavourable stars.

Monthly Flying Star Chart: Offers insights for particular months by breaking down star activities. It aids in activity planning, problem-solving, and making informed decisions about tasks for your home or workplace.

Feng Shui Flying Stars 2024: The year 2024 marks the beginning of Feng Shui Period 9, which will bring about a dramatic change in energy. Every Feng Shui period has its own distinct features and lasts for two decades. The 9 Flying Star is the most fortunate in the forthcoming period, bringing prosperity and advancement. This position was held by the number 8 star in the previous period (8).

The fire element is represents by the Li Trigram, which is link to Period 9. Prosperity and success are anticipate at this time, especially for women and middle daughters in households. It is also expect that people of all genders would experience renown, happiness, and recognition during Period 9. It’s possible that celebrity influence will increase significantly, with TikTok and other platforms playing a big part.


Conclusion on the Feng Shui Flying Star

An astrological chart is made using Feng Shui flying star to determine the positive & negative energies of a building. It looks at your finances, relationships, success, and health. Flying Stars in Feng Shui help us to orient our environments in a favourable energy.

The Number 9 star is fortunate and offers prosperity and advancement as we approach Period 9 in 2024. This change portends a beneficial period, particularly for women, as well as an increase in everyone’s happiness, notoriety, and recognition. Allow us to accept the good energy and anticipate a time of abundance and health.



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