Increase Productivity & Income By Using Feng Shui-Approved Home Office Colours

When it comes to selecting colours for your home office, Feng Shui concepts can provide valuable direction, regardless of whether you are designing a brand-new space or remodelling an old one. According to Feng Shui experts, the colour that corresponds with the five natural elements & four directions is the greatest choice for a home office. What are the lucky colours, and why are they appropriate for an office setting? Go on to learn everything!

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Colours are important in establishing the mood and atmosphere of any location, whether it be personal or professional, because they have a discernible impact on your thoughts and emotions. According to the ancient Chinese theory of Feng Shui, colours have a significant role in enhancing prosperity, peace, and productivity. Feng Shui has a lot to offer in terms of advice on selecting the ideal colour for your home office. Let’s examine the colours that, according to Feng Shui, a home office should embrace and shun in more detail.


Colours’ importance in Feng Shui

Since colours are thought to have vibrational properties that draw “chi,” or positive energy, and return it to the environment, they play a significant part in Feng Shui. According to the technical principles of this ancient belief system, colours are used to balance out negative energies and increase positivity in an area.

Furthermore, the psychological equilibrium and emotional state are greatly impacted by colours choice. It is important to note that Feng Shui does not support a certain colour scheme that works in every setting. For example, although orange might work well in a living room, it’s best to stay away from it in a home office.

The ideal colours for a home office based on five factors

Every colours has a unique energy that can influence your work environment and is associated with one of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, & water) in accordance with Feng Shui concepts.

Metal element: White

White is a colour of precision, clarity, and purity. It can make your home office feel tidy and well-organized. Make white the dominant colour on your walls & furniture to encourage productivity and mental clarity.


Wood element: Green

Green is a colour associate with life, growth, and fresh starts. It’s the perfect shade to encourage original thought and creativity in your home office. Think about using green paint on one wall or adding green accents with plants or artwork.


Earth element: Yellow

The colour yellow is linked to steadiness, rootedness, and focus. It might improve mental clarity and concentrate in your home office. To bring warmth and harmony, think about painting the walls a gentle yellow or using yellow decorations.


Fire element: Red

Red is a symbol of ardour, vigour, and achievement. It can increase your work’s desire and motivation. To avoid overpowering the room, use red as an accent colour sparingly, such as in furniture or ornamental accents.


Water element: Blue

Blue is a symbol for communication, peace, and tranquilly. It could contribute to the development of a calm and effective workplace. You can paint your office walls in blue colour or add blue accents with furniture or artwork.

Ideal colours for a home office according to instructions

Every direction has a matching element and colour that can improve the flow of energy in the area, according to Feng Shui principles.

North: Blue colour are suggests when working in the north direction, which is connect to the water element. These colours can help with focus and concentration since they represent serenity, clarity, and a sense of flow.

South: Since the fire element is represents by the south direction, bright, vivid colours like red, peach, or purple work best. These colours can inspire energy, passion, and creativity, fostering an upbeat and motivating work atmosphere.

East: Since the east direction is connect to the wood element, colours in shades of green and brown are advise. These colours promote a feeling of harmony and rejuvenation in your home office since they represent growth, life, and abundance.

West: Since the metal element is represent by the west, tones that lean towards white, grey, or metallic are appropriate. These colours can help your workstation feel more organised, precise, and clear, which can increase productivity and efficiency.

Avoid these colours while selecting the ideal shade for your home office

According to Feng Shui, some colours can impede success and attention and have detrimental impacts on the movement of energy. You should stay away from the following colours for your home office:

Black: Black is a strong shade that represents refinement and authority. But according to Feng Shui, black absorbs energy and can produce a suffocating atmosphere. To make a room feel more open and balanced, try painting it with brighter colours like white or grey.

Yellow: Although yellow is frequently linked to optimism and happiness, excessive amounts of it can be overpowering. Excessive yellow in Feng Shui can lead to unrest and worry. For your home office, use yellow as an accent colour rather than the primary colours.

Orange: An energizing and creative colour, orange is highly visible. But according to Feng Shui, it is excessively stimulating for a workplace and will distract employees. For a more soothing impression, go for softer colours like coral or peach.



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