Five Of Indian Cricketers’ Most Costly Residences

Indian sportsmen, from Virat Kohli to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, own some of the most costly and opulent mansions in the nation. Their preferred living arrangements range from posh flats to sizable bungalows or country buildings with cutting-edge automated technologies and modern architecture. Indian cricketers’ lavish and exquisite mansions are listed below with all the information.

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Among Indian cricketers, real estate is one of the most popular investment choices. Mumbai and Delhi house the most of them among the top metropolises as well as in their hometowns, respectively. We give you a behind-the-scenes look at the opulent, magnificent, and pricey residences of Indian cricket players in this post.


Ranchi residence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The list of the wealthiest cricketers in the world includes Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni). While he was a member of Team India, he had a great record as captain. In his native Ranchi, MS Dhoni is the owner of a sizable farmhouse. The house is situate on a seven-acre plot of land. The opulent mansion, which is close to the ring road, features a number of bedrooms and an indoor cricket field. Additionally, it features gyms with huge outdoor spaces and a swimming pool. Additionally, Dhoni’s collections of high-end vehicles and bikes have their own location. Some estimates place the property’s worth at $100 billion.


Mumbai residence of Sachin Tendulkar

One of India’s most well-known players, Sachin Tendulkar, bought a lavish home in Bandra in 2007 and spent four years renovating it. A Parsi family once own the expensive property, which is situate near Perry Cross Road in Bandra. The mansion has five levels and is more than 6000 square feet in size, including two basements. Ivory-color marble flooring and magnificent lights can be found throughout the house. The backyard’s garden area is manicured with palm trees, tropical plants, bushes, and succulents.


Home of Sourav Ganguly in Kolkata

Fans of Sourav Ganguly, often known as the Prince of Kolkata, recently paid Rs 40 crores for a luxurious new mansion on Lower Rowdon Street. The current president of the Board of Cricket Control in India and the former captain of the Indian cricket team once lived in his ancestral home in Biren Roy Road, Behala, and Kolkata.


Mumbai residence of Rohit Sharma

For the Indian squad, Rohit Sharma has scored hundreds of runs and received numerous awards. His family stays in Mumbai’s Ahuja Towers. In 2015, about the time that Ritika Sajdeh and Rohit Sharma became engaged, Rohit Sharma purchased this house. The four-bedroom property, which is on the 29th level, has magnificent views of the Arabian Sea. Like Sharma’s personality, the residence exudes style and sophistication. The 6000 square foot apartment is worth Rs 30 crores. The living room has a majestic 13-foot ceiling, and high-quality wood has been use to embellish the balcony. There is an area for meetings & creative activity in addition to the living quarters.


Home of Virat Kohli in Delhi

The estimated worth of Virat Kohli’s sizable mansion in Gurgaon, a city close to Delhi, is Rs 80 crores. This residence is claimed to have been tastefully create for Kohli and his family and is situated in DLF Phase 1. The house contains a swimming pool and an interior gym in addition to being construct on a 700 square yard land. The house contains a bar, as well as large living and drawing rooms with glass walls. For the inhabitants and visitors in these spaces, wooden furniture has been place up.

Aside from these cricketers, other celebrities have luxurious residences, like Sunil Gavaskar, Suresh Raina, and Yuvraj Singh. The Indian luxury home market is displaying consistent growth, which inspires developers & builders to provide better and more inventive inventory for this market.



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