Hedges : Meaning & The Best Hedge Plants For Your Garden

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 hedge plants to grow in your garden. Continue reading to learn more about hedges.

A hedge is a man-made plant barrier that is typically composed of a row of dense, evergreen shrubs. Hedgerows in the countryside typically contain a diverse range of plant species, whereas those in urban parks and gardens may contain only one type. Hedges are frequently used as fences to keep animals in or out of gardens and fields, as well as borders and screens to separate gardens and fields.

The most common hedgerow shrub is the hawthorn, which has long been preferred for use in rural areas due to its robust thorny branches and dense growth, both of which serve to keep livestock from escaping through the hedges. Except for holly, all trees in a hedgerow are deciduous, which means they shed their leaves in the fall. While some species have been intentionally introduced, others have spread naturally over time.

A hedge is a living, plant-based wall. A hedge’s purpose can be entirely aesthetic, primarily functional, or somewhere in between. Hedges are frequently composed of evergreen or deciduous shrubs that have been shaped and pruned to a specific size and shape. A garden hedge can provide privacy, seclusion, and a backdrop for your flower beds, vegetable plot, or any other type of garden. Instead of costly barbed wire, a well-maintained hedge could provide a formidable barrier.

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15 of the best hedge plants to grow in your garden

Hedges- Antiquorum Euphorbia (Tridhara)

Along property lines in India, farmers frequently plant the spiky succulent shrub Euphorbia antiquorum (Tridhara). Because of its appearance, this plant is frequently misidentified as a cactus. Once established, it can grow to be three metres tall, forming a formidable barrier or hedge.



Hedges- Lawsonia inermis (Mehandi/Henna)

Henna plants have beautiful green leaves and small white to red flowers. The dried leaves of the plant are used to make the powder and paste used as dyes.


Spectacular Bougainvillea

It can be used as a climber to form a strong hedge around your yard. Hot, dry climates are ideal for its growth. We require healthy soil that can hold a reasonable amount of water. Take care not to oversaturate the soil when watering the bougainvillaea. They may be able to withstand drought conditions once they reach maturity.


Morpankhi (Thuja)

It’s a fast-growing plant with dense foliage that makes an excellent border hedge. Regular pruning is required to maintain the proper size and form.



Pedilanthus tithymaloides (Devil’s backbone)

Pedilanthus tithymaloides, also known as devil’s backbone, is a succulent in the spurge family that, despite its lack of spines and leaves, is frequently used as an ornamental hedge. This tough plant can be used to build a thick live fence in a short amount of time. Plant 10-15 cm long cuttings in two rows with a 15 cm space between them.


The Hedera helix (English ivy)

English ivy is an evergreen perennial with heart-shaped, green leaves that are waxy and have pronounced white veins.


repens Duranta (Duranta)

Duranta is a fast-growing shrub with tough, lime-green leaves. It blooms with beautiful blue flowers in the summer, which attract pollinators. The plant is commonly used as a privacy screen in front of houses.



Inermis Clerodendrum (Vilayti Mehendi)

This shrub is excellent for both decorative and functional hedges. The leaves’ green has been polished to a high sheen, making them appear quite nice. Snakes avoid the area because the leaves have an unpleasant odour, and it can withstand dry conditions and frequent cutting without suffering.


Lantana Camara species

Lantanas are vibrant, hardy shrubs. It can reach two to four metres in height as a hedge and forms dense thickets. Under certain conditions, they may take on a vining form. They have tough stalks and occasionally harsh leaves. Those lovely flower clusters come in a variety of colours, ranging from pink to orange.



Carissa carandas (Karonda)

Carissa carandas (Karonda), a thorny, bushy shrub, is frequently planted as a defensive barrier. In addition, the plant bears delicious fruits in the summer, which are highly valued throughout India. The distance between seed rows is usually between 60 and 75 centimetres. Monsoon is also ideal for rooting stem cuttings.


Hamelia patens (Firebush)

Firebush can grow to a height of 15 feet, grows quickly, and has a semi-woody texture. This shrub’s evergreen leaves are covered in red hairs, and it produces orange tubular blooms throughout the summer.


Mussaenda Species

Mussaenda plants, also known as Bangkok Roses, grow well in hot, humid climates. Hot, humid climates are ideal for their development. The large, showy blossoms of the shrub are yellow or pink, with white, pink, or red petals. This plant can grow to a height of two to three metres. Because of their tolerance of cooler temperatures and drier soil, some hybrid varieties may thrive in colder climates. Light trimming would be required throughout the growing season.



Hedges- Jatropha curcas (Mogli Erand, Biodiesel)

Jatropha curcas (Mogli Erand, Biodiesel) is a wild plant that has become naturalised in India but is not consumed by humans. Because the leaves are not eaten by cattle, they can be used as a living barrier to keep animals out of gardens and fields. When it rains, stem cuttings quickly take root.


Hedges- Tecoma (Trumpet bushes)

Tecoma is an evergreen hedging shrub with yellow bell-shaped flowers. This shrub, which can grow to a height of 20 feet in India’s tropical environment, blooms all year.


Hedges – Murraya paniculata (Kamini, Kunti)

Murraya paniculata (Kamini, Kunti) is a tall shrub that can reach heights of three metres or more. It is possible to see beautiful dark green, glossy, and pinnate leaves. After a rainstorm, fragrant white flowers bloom. With proper care, this plant can be pruned into a tall, beautiful hedge.




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