Holi Festival Vaastu Dos and Don’ts

Kharghar Holi Festival : As the Holi festival, which we will celebrate on March 8, 2023, draws near, one can already sense the energy in the air. The festival will be equally joyful for all of us if we celebrated responsibly, notwithstanding how warm and passionate the holiday mood is. Both astrology and vastu recommend a number of dos and don’ts for both potential purchasers and current homes.



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Housewarmings are strictly prohibited during Holashthak, according per Griha pravesh.

In Sanskrit, the eight days preceding Holi, or Holashthak, are regarded as unlucky. According to the Hindu calendar, these days include Falgun Shukla Ashtami, Navami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, and Purnima. One should not schedule any auspicious events, such as Griha Pravesh or house-warmings, during this time. The Holashtak will begin on February 28 and last through March 7 in 2023.

Don’t start the process of buying a house.

You shouldn’t start your property purchase during the Holashtak time either. Even if you have decided on a home and are ready to buy it, wait until after this time to sign a sale contract.

Kharghar Holi Festival

Make a thorough cleaning before Holi.

To lessen the negative effects of the eight-day period and protect the health and wellbeing of the household, deep cleaning your home is strongly advise.

Take extra care to tidy the house’s northeast side.

Positive and forward-moving energies are form, according to Vastu, in the north-east direction. The perfect spot for a temple at home is there. Lord Shiva resides here, and Lord Kuber is in charge of this direction. Moreover, Vastu advises that you clean this side of the house well before the Holi holiday.

Avoid new purchases.

For the Holashtak season, avoid making any new purchases for your house as well. Astronomers caution against it.


Take out of your home anything that is outdate or unneed.

Make sure to get rid of all outdated and useless stuff from your house before the Holika Dahan (the fire-burning ceremony performed on the eve of the Holi festival). This is especially true with antique furniture pieces and broken electronics that collect dust.



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