How difficult it is to find the right balance between luxurious and affordable flats in Thane

Why invest in Thane?

The selection of the right location is crucial during property investments. It is important you choose a location that has good connectivity and infrastructure. A spot that ranks high on Thane’s list of real estate investors. With rising prices and a scarcity of options, it has become almost impossible to find an affordable housing option in Mumbai. This pushed home buyers to move outside of the main city and look at options like Thane. In Thane, affordable homes have rapidly rising absorption rates. Currently the price of a 1BHK flat in Thane is close to Rs.60-70 lakhs, which only gets more expensive with every day that passes. The Tata, Godrej, and Lodha group are some reputed builders who launched their project in the city of thane.

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Today is Mumbai’s new property hub for both luxury and affordable homes.

This town in Mumbai is popularly known as the city of lakes and is adorned with magnificent architecture, iconic structures, and wide expansive roads.

Once a barren land has been flooded with skyrocketing houses, services and people in the last few years.

Population growth has also led to an increase in the demand for real estate in Thane, thus further increasing the rate of development as well as the property prices in Navi Mumbai.

Navimumbai city, located in the north-eastern part of Mumbai with more than 30 lakes and famous ranges of Parsik and Yeeor hills, has gained immense popularity over the past few years for investing in real estate.

With hardly any space left in Mumbai, and provided that investment in real estate in Mumbai is very costly. Under Construction Projects in Thane has now become a home buyer’s preferred location for buying affordable flats as well as luxury flats.

Thane is considered the third most developed district in Maharashtra state and tops the real estate chart by giving higher returns to homebuyers who have invested and are planning to invest in property here.

Affordability is the key subject highlighting Thane’s residential markets, and the demand for luxury housing has stepped up into current years as well.

Navi Mumbai has developed from a small town to a well-constructed town in recent years.

Properly maintained roads and flyovers, and rapid developments in infrastructure make Navimumbai the first choice for homebuyers and families today.

Thane is one of the top places for spending money on real estate investment in India over the next few years.

With many IT parks, business zones and shopping malls emerging in Thane, many new housing initiatives are taking advantage of the twin elements of social infrastructure, business, and industrial growth and, of course, better job levels and opportunities in this area.


luxurious, and affordable, flats in Thane,

img2: find the right balance between luxurious flats in Thane


The road surrounding Thane-Ghodbunder is also a prominent residential and industrial hub. The location close to Kolshet Road is also a great area to invest in. There are also several IT hubs developing at the location.

Real estate builders and developers are gradually picking up on the growing value of Thane and have started launching various affordable and premium real estate projects in Navi


In this city, Navi Mumbai’s luxurious residential market has become a shrine for everything fine and elite.

Navi Mumbai’s affluent locations attract different businessmen, actors, industrialists, and luxury housing entrepreneurial honchos.

Homebuyers are now ready to pay huge sums of money to own a luxurious Navi Mumbai apartment.

Flawless road and rail connectivity and the increasing start-up hub make Thane City a magnet for young enthusiasts to get drawn to the busy city through their enthusiasm and ambition.


Top Residential Areas to Invest in Thane by 2020:

With India’s accelerated urbanization pace, the traditionally preferred property investment locations are rapidly becoming saturated and increasingly expensive.

While most locations are out of reach for a large segment of buyers, other emerging areas are coming to their rescue. The sub-markets that captured the buyers ‘ attention offer a marked price advantage over the established sites. The projects that have come up in these sub-markets not only comply with the recent laws on development but are also equipped with contemporary amenities. All these “pull-factors” result in a good sales momentum, irrespective of the selling level.


Best investment places in Thane:

Thane is one of the few cities where the price of resold apartments is as high as the price of new flats. Each year, the capital values in Thane rose at a healthy rate of 6-7 percent. The top three areas drawing real estate investors in Thane include:

  • Ghodbunder Road
  • Asangaon, and
  • Kalyan


Navi Mumbai Property Rates Commercial / Residential January – 2020

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