How do total station surveys work?

Total Station Surveys: A complete station is a piece of modern surveying gear that combines an electronic distance metre and an electronic theodolite. A telescope that can be moved is used by a theodolite to measure angles in both the horizontal and vertical planes. These are typically two different types of manual instruments called transit and non-transit, both of which rotate in a full circle in the vertical plane.

Total stations use distance metres and electronic transit theodolites to measure any slope distance from the instrument to a given location. They therefore integrate two pieces of fundamental surveying equipment into a single unit and, when used in conjunction with other technologies like mapping software, may offer the “whole” surveying solution, encompassing both measuring and mapping.


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How has surveying changed?

The creation of total stations has greatly increased surveying sector productivity in the following ways.

Increased precision:

More precision is the first thing we need to talk about. While theodolite coordinate measurements are made using the standard method of trigonometry and triangulation, angles are determined using electro-optical scanning with a high degree of accuracy—up to 0.5 arc-seconds. Moreover, conventional theodolites need a line of sight between two locations; however, a total station may now use GPS technology to include hidden sites in the survey.

Efficiency and functionality:

Efficiency and functionality are other elements that boost productivity. One advantage is that numerous total stations, such the robotic Leica Viva TS15 from Jurovich Surveying, are available. This means that instead of the usual two surveyors on the field, they might be operated remotely. For instance, the robotic controller might transmit the total station’s view to a surveyor working at a distance, enabling him to make adjustments and collect measurements without needing to go back to the total station.

Technology for capturing images:

Technology used to take pictures In addition, total stations are outfitted with state-of-the-art image capture technology that can record any image or screen view from the surveying site, obviating the need for pricey site visits and producing high-resolution images of the site’s circumstances.

drafting and recording:

Paper field notes are not necessary thanks to the computerised documentation and sketching features of a complete station.

Data Distribution and Storage

The data from the total station can be move to other computer systems for distribution, archiving, or usage with other applications like mapping software. In the twenty-first century, total stations have replaced the manual theodolite as the surveyor’s principal pitch tool.

Surveyors may now create a map of a location in three dimensions instead of two dimensions, as was the case in the past with surveying equipment, thanks to the whole station’s operating concept. The name 1-Point reflects this capability since each point determined by a thorough surveying method is regarded as one dimension and designates a distinct location on the ground.

Total Station Surveys

A total station offers excellent precision and range due to its lenses, adjustable vertical laser levels, and bubble axes. To determine the levels and distances of the locations it is station in. The equipment heavily relies on geo-radar and time signals.

To measure heights or sections of items, the prism use in triangulation and quick placement to establish angles is use. The complete station is use for a wide range of engineering and construction jobs in surveying. Businesses that use total stations include those in civil engineering, architecture, traffic engineering, construction site engineering, and airport planning. In transportation management systems, it is also use.

Survey of total stations: types

For total surveying stations, there are many different types of total stations. The most typical kind is a complete portable station. Which can do photogrammetric analysis and has an internal or external antenna. The mobile station is another kind that has a motorised platform attached to it so it can move. The final station provides continuous service from a fix point and is support by a tripod.

Four different types of total stations are classified:

  • using complete stations to scan
  • robot-equipped stations overall
  • Autolock total stations
  • machines that calculate totals

Applications and use

The most popular surveying tools are total stations and paired wire levelled distance measurement equipment. Because surveying tools provide an accurate picture of any property, border, and vegetation, land surveying is the basis for real estate, engineering, and other professions. Due of their ease of use, these surveying techniques are commonly refer to as “stations.”

A surveyor can use a total station to calculate elevation, level, angle, and distance at a particular spot. The total station is a tool use to establish the vertical and horizontal datums in a given area. These instruments can vary in size depending on the type of survey being conduct, with options ranging from small portable devices for public use to enormous mobile total stations utilise for  long-term surveying or construction.

Surveyors use a total station as a tool to measure distances and heights. A telescope, Vernier scales, and a coordinate system for calculating relative vertical position make up the device.



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