How Should Philodendron Be Grown & Cared For?

Our gardening guide will teach you how to grow and care for philodendron, a popular foliage plant.

There is a reason why philodendron has remained a popular indoor plant. This low-maintenance, highly adaptable foliage plant comes in hundreds of varieties and helps keep your home green and cool all year. Philodendrons, a large genus in the Araceae family, boast nearly 500 species of evergreen shrubs, trees, and climbers with glossy, leathery leaves and arum-like inflorescences containing small flowers. It’s no surprise that nearly all beginners find this house plant incredibly simple to grow. This guide will assist new gardeners in better understanding their plants.

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Philodendron: Key facts

Common name


Botanical name

Philodendron spp

Plant type




Soil type


Soil ph



Tropical Americas, West Indies


Yes, the plant is toxic for pets and people


The name of this architecturally impressive plant is derived from the Greek words philo (love and affection) and dendron (tree).


  • Varieties of indoor philodendrons
  • Vine species
  • Non-climbing types


How do you grow philodendron?

  • Seed
  • Cuttings
  • Layering


How should a philodendron be cared for?


The plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight. The philodendron is best kept on a window sill. When several of your plant’s leaves turn pale, it’s a sure sign that your philodendron is getting too much sunlight. Long and leggy stems with sparse leaves indicate a lack of sunlight.



Philodendron, like most house plants, requires a moderate amount of watering. Allow the top 2.5 inches of the spoil to dry out before watering the plant as a general rule. The pinnately divided leaves would droop if overwatered or deprived of water. You’ll need to measure the soil dryness to figure out what’s causing the droopy leaves. During the winter, you can reduce the frequency of watering. Soggy soil will cause the roots to rot.



A monthly dose of a balanced liquid foliage houseplant fertiliser containing macronutrients like calcium and magnesium would benefit your philodendron in the spring and summer. During the fall and winter, this feed should be scheduled every six months. In the absence of fertiliser, the leaves and plant will not grow to their normal size.



These plants thrive in humid environments. If you live in a dry climate, you may need to spray the plant with water. Another option is to place the pot on a tray with pebbles and water. In the summer, mist the plant twice daily.





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