How to Apply For Government Homes in Mumbai Via E-Sampada?

The e-Sampada portal was launched by Housing and Urban Affairs in 2020 to offer a single online platform for booking all services linked to the allocation of government home quarters and estate services.

For the officers and departments of the Indian government, it promotes convenience of life because all the services can be conveniently accessed online on a single platform. The Directorate of Estates’ four websites (,,, and and two mobile applications (m-Awas and m-Ashoka5) have been combined into one in order to create “One Nation, One System,” allowing all services to be provided on the same platform. NIC created the app e-Sampada, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

In Mumbai, you must use the General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA) webpage if you’re looking for government housing. Through the E Sampada or EAwas Mumbai website, you can access this portal.

These central government buildings in Mumbai are maintained by the Directorate of Estates and the Central Public Works Department. These central government residences are allocated through the Automated System of Allotment (ASA). Officers in Mumbai can apply for GPRA Mumbai residences through the recently developed E Sampada system.

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How to Log Into Your GPRA Mumbai Account?

  • Visit the GPRA Mumbai’s official website as a first step. Once there, select “e-Awas” from the menu.
  • You will then be directed to a website where you can request a login ID by filling out the GPRA Mumbai form.
  • Fill out the form completely, and then submit it. Within a few days, an email containing your login information should be sent to you.
  • You can access the website and begin filling out the application form once you have your login ID.
  • Ensure that you complete all the essential fields and submit all the required files.
  • All you need to do is wait for the committee to make a decision after you’ve submitted the paperwork.

How to Apply For Government Homes in Mumbai  Via E-Sampada?

What Is The Procedure For Submitting An Application For Government Quarters In Mumbai?

The E-Sampada portal, created by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, intends to speed up the application process for government housing in Mumbai. What you need know about the procedure is as follows:

  • Either use an ID and password provided by E-Awas to log in, or choose “register now” from the Mumbai ASA portal to get login information. Before you start the application process, make sure you have all of the necessary documentation available.
  • Your form will then be deliver to the administrative officer for online verification before being sent to the Directorate of Estates for approval.
  • Your account will give you the ability to choose your preferences once you’ve been add to the waiting list during the monthly bidding period. Once you’ve logged in, you may view all the units that are available and submit an application for the one that most closely matches your needs.
  • Additionally, you can check the status of your application to find out whether it has been accepted or not.

Do you have to take the government apartments that E-AWAS Mumbai has offered you?

The applicants will be barred from receiving any additional allotments for a period of 3 months if they refuse the dwelling that has been assign to them. In the event that the initial allotment does not fit the applicant, they may request a change of accommodations once. The allottee will not be qualified for another change if they reject the new allocation. With the new ASA Portal, applying for government housing in Mumbai is now simpler than ever.

Applications receive up until the final day of the month will be taken into account for the list for the following month.

Priority for ASA house allocation

You can utilize the Automated System of Allotment to submit preferences (bids) for the distribution of houses (ASA). This is how:

  • Utilize your User ID and Password to log in to the E-Awas portal.
  • Pick ‘Allotment’ from the menu selections on the screen, followed by ‘Allotment Preference’.
  • From the available selections, pick the kind of house you want to bid on.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the house’s location.
  • Once you’ve entered your bid amount, click “Submit.”

During the bidding process, candidates are free to make as many changes to their ideal home as necessary. On the final day of the bidding, at 5 p.m., applicants who express preferences will be allocate. All types of housing are eligible for online bids from the 5th to the 14th of every month. But each month’s allocation will take place on the 15th.

How Do You Ask For A Different Accommodation?

You can use the e-Sampada portal to request a change of accommodations if you’re unhappy with your existing one.

  • To request a change in accommodations, just sign in to the e-Sampada portal, select the “My Requests” tab, and then click the “Request Change of Accommodation” button.
  • After that, a form asking for your current residence, the new address you want to relocate to, and the explanation for your request will be present to you.
  • Send a paper copy of the application—which must be forward by his or her office—to the regional offices in Mumbai.
  • Candidates can specify their preferences for locations throughout the bidding period for a certain type of lodging as part of the bidding procedure, pending availability.

Your application will be sent to the relevant authorities for review after you submit the form. Please keep in mind that you might not always acquire the accommodation of your choice. Although the procedure is typically simple and quick.


E-Sampada or E-Awas the Mumbai e-governance programme makes it easy for employees to receive government housing. The Central Government must, however, follow the application deadlines and supply the Directorate of Estates with all necessary data.






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