How to Change the Marketing of Real Estate in 2020

This is how real estate marketing has shifted in 2020 & what to expect in the near future.

The year 2020 has created unparalleled obstacles for both the real estate industry in India and around the world. In only a few months, the sluggish speed of digitization has gained steam and this pattern now seems irreversible.

How to change the marketing of real estate in 2020

Zoom calls are now being taken over by home-buying choices, inventory collection is now available online, and web tours are completely virtual these days. In this case, marketing is one thing that has absolutely improved. The system of attracting, educating, and convincing home buyers have been interactive.

Investors are now open to shopping for their dream home online in a market like India, where the confidence deficit is high, especially in Noida and Gurgaon. All of this can be credited to effective marketing campaigns developed by some of India’s largest real estate brands. Here’s a glimpse at how real estate marketing has evolved and what to expect in the future in the year 2020.

Marketing guided by information

The phrase ‘knowledge-led marketing’ was almost non-existent in the pre-COVID-19 period, as buyers used to focus on advice from friends and family who had previously been in similar circumstances or purchased a home.

The new standard, however, moved the onus to the brands to educate home buyers about the property market and other relevant things. This appeared to be the most cost-effective way to create leads for real estate firms and to develop themselves as opinion leaders in the industry, from knowledge-based webinars to generating relevant content through blogs and YouTube videos.


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Marketing on social media

The time spent online grew dramatically when more individuals moved to remote jobs. This opportunity was taken by real estate brands to boost their social media reach by investing on social media advertising and also generating more content for their feeds.

Although there were no face-to-face meetings, people sought encouragement on social media, which not only increased brand recognition but also helped these businesses engage more personally with their prospective clients.

In comparison, many brands have kept their audience occupied with online quizzes, rivalry, and other engagements to learn their home buying experience and put them in the marketing funnel correctly. In contrast with other campaign strategies, these fun forms have often been used to reveal their new product launches and improve the retention value of the company.

How to change the marketing of real estate in 2020

Revamped email marketing

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, as individuals grew used to the new standard, email marketing remains one of the most helpful ways for real estate marketers to give their future buyers daily alerts on investment prospects.

Email marketing had a different sense in the last few months, whether it was a webinar video that they skipped or a content item that might be important to them or even project creation status, which was more thoughtful and fitting than standard spam marketing mailers that sometimes ended up in the trash.

Technology marketing by Real Estate

Technological progress is one thing that has fascinated home buyers the most. The higher the technology, the greater the likelihood of drawing customers, from simulated walk-throughs to aerial drone shots of the project site.

Since home buyers still want to see the neighborhood, the place, and the facade, these live drone shoots serve the purpose before they even look inside the house. In reality, real estate brands showcase the features of the community through drone technologies and advertise it on social media, to market the lifestyle provided by the project. For buyers and sellers alike, this technique often saves a lot of time.


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